Private school principals must ensure the admissions process is effective. You’ll have plenty of competition because it’s a well-compensated, prestigious position. Therefore, before you can become the principal of a school, you may have to work for years in other jobs. Typically, teachers become principals, though principals occasionally decide to return to teaching. Principals in the top 10 percent of schools earn more than $129,480, while principals in the lowest 10 percent earn less than $58,300. But you’re not confined to an office — principals often sit in on classes, host school assemblies, attend off-site meetings and represent their school at conferences and local or regional events. You will teach for years for the chance to one day move into an academic administrative role, and from there you may have the opportunity to become a school principal. Education consultant: School principals can become education consultants if they want to tackle challenges at many kinds of schools and education systems. An endowment usually is invested in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments whose asset values increase over time. In any case, private school principals are ultimately responsible for deciding which students to admit to their school. Click or Tap the Button Below. Like a public school principal, a private school principal is responsible for the academic performance, administration and public image of their school. Depending on the type of school you lead, consider the following organizations: Graduate education programs, such as the Master of Education and Doctorate of Education, help students cultivate executive leadership traits such as critical thinking, creative problem solving and informed decision-making. Other private schools are secular, typically with executive boards composed of prominent alumni, major donors and other stakeholders. Public school principals supervise elementary, middle and high schools that provide a free education to children in the school’s district. They are responsible for ensuring their school runs smoothly, remains safe, and provides an excellent learning environment for its students. Some states also require librarians to pass a standardized test. As you think about becoming a public school principal, make sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with the job. The endowment also generates investment income that can fund capital projects and other supplementary expenditures. Private school principals must report to such boards on their school’s status and success in fulfilling their educational mission. Elementary School Principal Degree Programs, Middle School Principal: Career and Salary Facts, Public School Principal: Salary and Career Facts. Higher education administrator: School principals can work at institutions of higher learning if they make connections with administrators at the college/university level. Like a public school principal, a private school principal is responsible for the academic performance, administration and public image of their school. Headmasters' Compensation: Which Head Is Paid the Most? The Principal is one who is to lead the school on a day-to-day basis and must lead first, and before all things, spiritually. Regent University responds quickly to information requests through this website. One of the primary duties of a school principal is to oversee the educational objectives of the school. Private school principals lead elementary, middle and high schools that are unaffiliated with government agencies. Private school principals must report to the organization or individuals responsible for establishing and supporting the school. Most principals start out as teachers. The BLS projects student enrollment will grow more in the West and the South while holding steady in the Midwest and declining in the Northeast. As principal, you’ll typically work out of an office in your school’s main building. As of May 2015, the BLS estimated that elementary and secondary school principals earned an average salary of $98,750 ( They must maintain and advance the image and reputation of their schools. What Are the Duties of a Principal at a Private School. A bachelor’s degree is required, although a master’s is preferred. Educational Administration for Special Education, Education Administration for Higher Education, How to Become a School Principal in 5 Steps. Principals must ensure their school follows regulations set by local, state and federal authorities. And your job performance will have to be consistently outstanding if you want to outcompete other candidates for principal jobs. School Principal: Career Profile, Job Outlook, and Education Requirements, Principal and School Administrator Master's Degree. The Position Profile . Research what it takes to become a private school principal. In that case, private school principals may be accountable to religious authorities. What Are the Requirements to be a High School Principal? In public school systems, principals might receive direction from the superintendent's department and members of the local school board on objectives. Subscribe Today! Teaching Careers and Professional Development, Continue reading to learn more about public school principals, Educational and certification requirements, Pros and cons of being a public school principal, Continue reading to learn more about private school principals, Pros and cons of being a private school principal, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools (NASASPS), Research Education Specialist Degree Programs, Research ALL Degree and Certificate Programs. What Education is Needed to Become an Immigration Lawyer? Where Can I Earn a Master's of Math Education Degree Online? NATURE AND SCOPE OF JOB: The school Principal serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe traditional Catholic learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the school. And you have to take the lead in planning Back to School Night and college admissions/jobs fairs. Here are three more estimates of the annual salary of a public school principal: The job growth trajectory for public school principals is slightly below average. Master's degree programs are typically completed in two years. What is a Private School Principal? However, public school employees generally earn more than private school employees, and some estimates suggest this is true of private school principals as well. Degrees programs in education leadership or education administration are the most relevant to the position and are widely available at the master's and doctoral degree level. As the principal, you are the face of the school. A school principal salary varies based on the area of expertise, level of experience, education, certifications, and other factors.

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