The very first season of Junior Masterchef Australia was premiered on September 12, 2010 and so far it has completed 2 successful seasons which winners detail is given below in the post. The judges urged Claire to be more confident about her food, and while there was a lack of balance in her main, the techniques she displayed in making the solid dessert and brilliant Mousse were enough to save her from elimination, leaving Courtney the second finalist to be eliminated. MasterChef Australia 2010 finale episode saw Adam Liaw as the winner of the show. Ultimately, Adam and Callum were the first told that they had made the Final 3, leaving Claire and Jimmy in the Bottom 2. While the judges loved the Roast Beef from Claire's main course, they were disappointed with the Red Wine Sauce, calling it "vegemite-y." Claire was the first to present her dishes and the concept of her book which she named 'From the Hearth,' full of gutsy, honest and timeless food. In Series 1, all the contestants from the losing team had to vote off someone from the competition. Although Adam correctly identified all three, Callum only named the tartare sauce correctly. Georgia, an 11-year-old dynamo with a passion for her grandma’s Sri Lankan curries, has been crowned the winner of Junior MasterChef Australia 2020.

Adam, Callum, Claire and Jimmy moved on to the next challenge. MasterChef Australia Series 2 Winner.

Adam correctly identified the first two while Callum could only identify the starfruit. Sakai's appearance also compelled Adam to later tell through the Telegraph, "(Iron Chef)'s the first (show) that entertained rather than educated. Your email address will not be published. Under the following cloche were carrots, which contestants had to julienne, brunoise and turn to the judge's standards. The Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010 caused filming to be delayed.[5]. George Calombaris, Matt Moran and Anna Gare. Callum Hann and Courtney Roulston appeared on, Donna Hay – Top 50 Pressure Test 1, Celebrity Chef Challenge 3–6, 8, 10 onwards, MasterClass 10, Matt Moran – Top 50 Pressure Test 2, MasterClass 1, Celebrity Chef Challenge 6, MasterClass 7, Celebrity Chef Challenge 7, Finale Night, Peter Gilmore – Pressure Test 1, MasterClass 6, Finale Night, Philippa Sibley – Celebrity Chef Challenge 2, Shaun Presland – MasterClass 3, Celebrity Chef Challenge 12, Justin North – Celebrity Chef Challenge 3, MasterClass 4, MasterClass Reunion, Adam Humphrey – Celebrity Chef Challenge 4, Lovaine Allen – Celebrity Chef Challenge 4, Peter Kuruvita – MasterClass 5, MasterClass Reunion, Frank Camorra – Celebrity Chef Challenge 5, Warren Turnbull – Team Challenge Reward 8, Martin Blunos – Celebrity Chef Challenge 9, Mitchell Orr – Celebrity Chef Challenge 10, Adriano Zumbo – Pressure Test 9, Finals Week Elimination 1, Christine Manfield – Pressure Test 10, Masterclass 13, Alla Wolf-Tasker – Signature Dish Challenge, Jacques Reymond – Signature Dish Challenge, This page was last edited on 21 August 2020, at 21:11. [2] He will be replaced by Matt Moran. The second season of Junior MasterChef Australia was won by an 11-year-old, Greta Yaxley. Airing from 20 June, the remaining eight MasterChef contestants travelled to London for the first stop in "Euro Week". In spite of this, her main was not ready on time, delivered 15 minutes late. Jimmy’s choice of ingredients created many issues for the other contestants, and even for Jimmy himself. Three different sauces were under the next cloche: tartare, hollandaise and romesco. Another change to the show is the reward for winning a Celebrity Chef Challenge.

[4] The show also features a trip to Disneyland California. Claire had first pick and selected the main: a Roast Rack of Lamb with Mushrooms, Broad Beans and Polenta. She subsequently ran out of time in her plating up, failing to complete all the elements of her dessert. Despite a slow start, Callum handled the pressure well, methodically working through the technical elements of his dessert. Instead, in Series 2, the elimination process has changed. This was problematic in that it removed the contestant from the show altogether, meaning they didn't keep themselves in the pressured situations that the others had. Taking into consideration the faults in both Claire's and Jimmy's dishes, Jimmy was eliminated. George noted that he would be pretty disappointed if he got that recipe from her book. Adam faced problems with smoking his trout, and preparing the amount of pastry needed for 35 people. Out of all the Celebrity Chef Challenges, only Marion managed to win the immunity pin by defeating a Celebrity Chef (Adam also won an immunity pin, but not by defeating a Celebrity Chef). Adam’s complex dishes: Oeufs Mollè with Soubise, Gorgonzola Gratin and Tuile, and Candied Tomatoes in Muscat Sauce with Ginger and Salt Granita, proved to be too complicated, and while the judges admired his ambition, he overdid it ending up with unbalanced flavours. Courtney was deemed safe and Alvin became the first finalist eliminated. There is a very high chance that Dev could be the winner of Junior MasterChef Australia 2020. Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 Winner. Sakai was invited to "do the honors" of beginning the challenge, and he borrowed Takeshi Kaga's famous exhortation of "Allez cuisine!" Adam Liaw is now the popular television show host of his series, Destination Flavour.The MasterChef Australia season 2 winner has written five books, The Zen Kitchen being …

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