I'm still puzzled by the title of the film, however. The place is chock-filled with specific and meaningful artifacts, each of which speaks to us — at least, those artifacts that we are able to register as the camera and the dialogue whirl by. David Kelsey 1y @Bill Green Thank you for the clip of the great performance. We bid you welcome. That night Mata meets the athletes, and, jealous, they fight each other.

Such flat disregard for the spoken word by the characters in "Million Dollar Legs" makes it such a side-achingly funny film - just watch the scene where the President attempts to employ Migg as his Privy Councillor - there's a three-way conversation taking place where the President's words are totally ignored by the young lovers! I find it kind of interesting the print ad lists the actors in three sizes. This is a land where all the girls are named Angela. But Stillman — who clearly knows this world — was looking at something more like the disintegration of civilization. Never before in a film has "I love you" got such repeated laughs. Only Tweeny takes a wrong turn with his sample case and bumps into Angela (Susan Fleming, a quite personable and appealing actress who quit the business in 1936 to marry Harpo Marx), and the two instantly fall in love at first sight. WC Fields, in contrast. Best athlete of them all turns out to be the strongman president — none other than W.C. Fields, who here incorporates his old vaudeville routine juggling Indian clubs. The lad fell in love with the President’s daughter (Susan Fleming, soon to become Mrs. Harpo Marx) when he accidentally banged into her in the street and remains here to woo her. I wish I could find all of the lyrics to this.

It was not written for the Marx Brothers. After her diving success - where she shows off her legs - could her pins be the titular money-making legs?? The dialogue between the pair is at times unconnected and seemingly ignored - for example, Migg's declaration of "I love you" nearly every time that the pair appear on screen together is rarely answered by Angela. Angela tells Migg to give them a pep talk and kisses him. Chief Exports - goats and nuts; One such example is when the President asks his daughter what her boyfriend is called. For example, Migg accidentally drops the musical score to an old Klopstokian love song written on the skin of Angela's dead grandfather into a lake (don't ask), only for Angela to perform a perfect dive off the bridge that they are standing on into the water, to rescue the beloved music. Featuring Max Davidson and Edgar Kennedy.

Film #4 - Should Second Husbands Come First? Mata gives in, and Angela wins a medal.

Migg's solution to Klopstokia's massive debt is that the country should enter the Olympic games of 1932, held in Los Angeles, and win a shedload of money after cleaning up - you could say, sweeping up - on the medals front. Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's daily series benefits The Actors Fund. She had made a splash on Broadway the year before in Harold Arlen's first musical, You Said It!, singing "Sweet and Hot." Then again, I'm puzzled easily, and it seems the very spirit of the film to give you a title with very little direct meaning. All the men of this tiny nation are named "George" and all the women are named "Angela". It could still work. She soon retired to marry another scene-stealer, Adolph Marx (better known as Harpo). The President says the country needs money and tells the cabinet to get it. Find out what you can do. Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. The actors are, each and every one, magical; it's just that kind of film. I haven't obsessed over every scene in this film; to do so would rather spoil the fun of watching it, so on that note, I suggest that you go and watch/re-watch it. Okay, so Klopstokia could only work in a silly campaign. They are used here under the fair use banner for the purpose of review. It's down to Angela to go and fight Mata (winning a medal for diving in the process) and drag the beaten spy along to the Klopstokian dressing-room so that she can confess that she didn't love. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). "I have done all I can...in public.". Yes. The Marx brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, are funny to an eight-year-old and to an eighty-year-old. He was at the time a popular Paramount lead comic actor. Migg's boss, the rich Mr Baldwin (George Barbier) shakes hands with the President, throwing him over and onto the ground in the process. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

She: "I love you, too." Elegantly descending the staircase to the tune of. He can be reached at Ssuskin@aol.com.). They live in their own Manhattan castle, in the form of a wonderful old corner brownstone. Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's daily series, benefiting The Actors Fund, commemorates Veterans Day. The song is "I'm in Love with a Tune.". Migg's reward will be that he will gain the President's consent to marry Angela. The cabinet plots to overthrow the President and take over the mines. A Klopstokian love song is pure Dada. You get used to it. replies Angela. General Wikidot.com documentation and help section. Klopstokia is a corrupt, divided and nearly bankrupt nation.

Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. Sign up for exclusive discounts and save up to 50% on tickets! While visiting the mythical country of Klopstokia on business, brush salesman Migg Tweeny (Jack Oakie) collides with a young woman (Susan Fleming) on the street and the two fall instantly in love.

Luckily one day a travelling brush salesman played by Jack Oakie comes to the capital and falls in love with the daughter. An entirely different slice of New York — real, or perhaps imagined — is served in the 1990 sleeper Metropolitan [Criterion]. He also played in The Jazz Singer. Something does not work as expected? When Migg asks the President about Angela, he has him removed. ), The Mankiewiczes, of course, went on to legendary films.

Gorgeous girl and sensationally good pianist. This is one that's been eluding me forever. You're very welcome. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible).

He: "Yes." Paramount decided they wanted a comedy tie-in to the 1932 Olympics and this is what they got. Even if he's now worth millions. Visit PlaybillStore.com to check out theatre-related DVDs for sale. In Klopstokia brush manufacturer Baldwin (George Barbier) boards ship.

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