They would be able to fracture their soul into manifestations to assist them, exploiting their splinters and individuality. One exception is the Württemberg pattern where the Obers are seen riding on horses. they tend to have ‘masks’ to hide their insecurities. They become part of the Knight, given life through their soul bond. This weapon would be extremely malleable, able to change styles very quickly. Their soul manifested weapon would be perfect, but would take a great deal of stamina to consistently use for extended periods of time. A fully realized Knight of Heart’s soul would be nothing short of a swiss army knife of gadgets, all showcasing their greatest personality traits. At higher levels items would effectively be sub-sentient, having a will and personality, but not actually capable of complex thought. In Latin and French suited tarot decks, the knight ranks between the knave and the queen. [3], sfn error: no target: CITEREFParlett2008 (, "Andy's Playing Cards - page VI - The Visconti Tarots - part 4", "Andy's Playing Cards - French and Belgian-Genoese Cards",, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 12:57. They could convert their soul into any of their strifekinds very quickly. The decision of a partner in society is always left to The Lady's Choice. Since the bound item is now a piece of the Knight, it would take extra effort for them to manifest a magic ability. This materialization wouldn’t last that long.
Iron Heart- attack damage and defense triple when defending yourself (and those you are soul bound to), Daydream Division- you can switch from your real body to your dreamself whenever you want to.

Customize your avatar with the Knight of Heart and millions of other items. Among French playing cards, the knight (chevalier) can only be found in tarot decks. The Knight of Heart exploits and uses their inner malleable soul as different tools symbolic of their personality. One who weaponizes soul and personality so that they can protect themselves and their team. Many early tarot decks had added female ranks into the face cards including the Cary-Yale deck which added queens, mounted ladies, and maids as counterparts to the males. At higher levels, when they learn to actually accept these personalities and parts of themself, each splinter would grow to deviate in their own way. As they progress further, their items would become an extension of the Knight, becoming soul bound. Each could develop unique skill sets, fighting styles, and special soul techniques. A soul bound mirror might reflect their emotions. Their splinters might be the ways the Knight views themself. Minor themes of morale, willpower, and intuition. Knights do not appear in German or Swiss playing cards; their place being occupied by an upper knave card called the Ober. It is a standard face or court card in Italian and Spanish packs where it is usually referred to as the 'knight' in English, the caballo in Spanish or the cavallo in Italian. Join Cain, Abel and the crew from Starfighter, on board an interactive adventure. The Knight of Heart manipulates their own emotions and personality for their advantage. A knight or cavalier is a playing card with a picture of a man riding a horse on it. They could control them remotely and move them telepathically. I hope i don't disappoint you. They are an extension of the Knight and thus, act how the Knight feels in relation to them. Customized items would change style and gain special abilities. Mix & match this shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! A soul bound sword might gain a fire status effect. The latter two were transformed into the knight and the knave when playing cards entered southern Europe. The Knight’s soul can make their qualities magical, gaining a special super charged ability based on their features. They pour their Heart into these items and essentially alchemize them with their soul. Just an average guy who is into Homestuck, Steven Universe, Youtube and Gaming. Starting out the Knight would bicker with their splinters as they try to materialize and become their own person. All forms would be equal in power and level because the weapon is inherently reflective of the Knight’s force of will and personality. These very few items would be slightly more useful than mundane versions. it might be that they fear their abilities with their aspect aren’t quite good enough. [1] and ranks between the jack and the queen. As they progress they would learn how to customize items using their soul. A knight or cavalier is a playing card with a picture of a man riding a horse on it. This depiction was inspired by Cego tarot decks during the 19th century. In the original Mamluk Egyptian deck, there were three court cards called the malik (king), the nā'ib malik (viceroy or deputy king), and the thānī nā'ib (second or under-deputy). knight of heart analysis.

In French-suited tarot packs it is usually called the 'cavalier' in English, the chevalier in French or the Cavall or Reiter in German. Your dreamself can split into two. As they progress they would learn to not only feel more comfortable with their weapon, but also change it into other types. Someone who has a wolf theme could shape their soul into a wolf. They would be able to sense their location.

Despite working at the Kingdom of Hearts as a Knight, the brunette has the cheerful mood of a bubbly teenager. At times this cheerful demeanor can be used as a cover up for his other activities. They would be stable enough to stick around for minutes and minutes, existing on their own power, but they couldn’t really stray away from the Knight’s task. As they develop they would be able to splinter more clones, each one having an offshoot of the Knight’s personality. At medium levels the Knight would be able to work with their splinters, actually working as a team and perfectly in time with each other. The splinters would each manifest powers based on their distinct personality. Changes that keep it within the same strifekind, but can radically change the weapon. At medium levels the Knight could conjure personalized tools, effectively bypassing the need for most inventory items or alchemy. The card also features in tarot and tarock packs. Personal traits and motifs would shine through their objects and exemplify the Knights qualities in the most useful ways. They use their aspect as a weapon so that they can protect others. they can also exploit their aspect. Knight of My Heart is a Voltage USA game based off the game A Knight's Devotion by Voltage Inc. ///// The knave is often depicted as a foot soldier or squire to the knight.

A BL game about the adventures of a salaryman who visits a, BxB Visual Novel with Psychological & Horror Themes. The Knight of Heart. One day, you meet a cute boy. At low levels they could branch out a single splinter at a time. A person who has a key theme could summon keys. :P In these packs, it ranks between the knave and the king within its suit. At medium levels the Knight would be able to hold empower their items further, making them far more effective and durable than items of the same class.

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