It tells the story of magician Presto DiGiotagione and his rabbit, Alec Azam. The Blue Umbrella plays on one of its classic themes – the simple desire for companionship – as well as our tendency to see faces in everyday objects. But when it all comes together, the short's lesson is put across in a beautiful way, and the way the moon's brightness is created by the glow from fallen stars is original and sweet. But it has its own unique, almost quaint, and old-timey charm to it that makes it seem perfectly suited for an underdog hero's journey of epic proportions. Through the magic of song and love, they are both joined together as one island above the surface, living the rest of their volcanic island lives in love and song. The 2018 short film Bao is one of Pixar's most emotionally sophisticated films of all time, regardless of the length. BuzzFeed Staff, UK. Riley's First Date? She's been living in a galaxy far, far away since she was 11 years old, though she makes the occasional stop in Themyscira, Hawkins, and Westeros - and she wouldn't have it any other way. The 2003 Pixar short film Boundin' is arguably one of the weirdest shorts the company has ever produced. Boundin' follows the life of a shy little sheep who loves to dance but quickly loses his bravery after his wool is sheared. Reporting on what you care about. But in the case of the 2016 short film Piper, it also certainly helps quite a bit that the central character is absolutely adorable and that the short's storyline is so emotionally compelling. The main character of the short film is an adorable little snowman named Knick who lives inside an Alaska snowglobe. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! The film is so beautifully crafted, philosophically moving, and artfully written that it would make for quite the natural translation to a full feature length. Instead of puppies and kittens, he's making crocodiles and porcupines, much to the horror of his poor stork. In the case of Pixar's truly phenomenal short films, that's most definitely the case. She has been in love with all things film and television since she saw her first movie in theatres at 2.5 years old (Muppet Treasure Island, in case you were wondering). Geri, however, represents a much more light-hearted and whimsical look at the lives of older individuals. All Alec wants is his carrot, but Presto is happy to toy with him to amuse his crowd. Inside Out is one of Pixar's most emotionally gripping movies to date, which is fitting, considering its focus on human emotions and how people process them. 拉塞特 John Lasseter ....executive producerUpload by: Essayjeans (谷雨)If have copyright problem, please contact: (@justqdjing)( The sheep soon regains his confidence and begins to bound around, dancing freely, no matter his appearance.

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