7, The theory of the relationship between literature and film was valuable in identifying some of the issues in the adaptation process, as there was a fundamental difference between these two media. The source of this research data is a document consisting of Laskar Pelangi novel text, Laskar Pelangi film, and other related documents, such as books, journals, and magazines. Marbán José M., Mulenga Eddie M., Pre-service Primary Teachers Teaching Styles and Attitudes towards the Use of Technology in Mathematics Classrooms. The fee, the salary (Dialog at the minute of 19.49), (Teacher Mr. Bahri): "I have been offered to teach at Bangka Elementary School".

(24 The results of this study indicate that educative aspects of the Laskar Pelangi film are an exemplary teacher, loyalty, morale, the importance of ideal formal education, and inclusive education. (Mrs. Muslimah): "I do not like it, Sir, they underestimate Aaron" (Mrs. Muslimah showed her disappointment to Mr. Harfan Headmaster). Therefore, the school did not close with very few students.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston Inc., New York.

3. This group of children is called a Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Warriors) by their teacher, which became the title of the novel as well as the film. Authors are requested to check plagiarism at their end also to avoid any unpleasant situation. (2) A critique of public awareness of the importance of education, and discrimination of the lower class. Then, found Harun, is a hero for the nineth of his friends, Ikal playing role as major character actually is not the character who brings the main theme wished by Andrea Hirata to convey, and Bu Mus and Pak Harfan who have created didactic world which is hardy found nowadays.

The first edition of the novel was published in 2005, and was written by Andrea Hirata. Lagu ini merupakan komersial yang lumayan sukses di tangga lagu Indonesia, berhasil menduduki posisi #6 di Inbox, #4 di Dahsyat, #2 di MTV Ampuh, #1 di Klik dan On The Spot.

Lagu ini sendiri bermakna tidak jauh dari film Laskar Pelangi, yaitu mengajarkan bahwa kita tidak perlu keliling dunia untuk mencari yang terbaik, karena negeri kita sendiri sudah kaya akan yang terbaik. (Mrs. Muslimah): "Sir, I forgot to separate the test paper.

The book was published in multiple languages including Indonesian, consists of 534 pages and is available in Paperback format.

Miles M.B., Huberman A.M., Sage Publication: Beverly Hills; 1984. Because of her sincerity and passion is their teacher, the students were motivated to learn and got the achievement that could bring the name of the school through various events.

Mus, they think his son will be better to be a coolie to support his family ".

(Mr. Harfan): "Zul, you've helped, do not worry.


(Teacher Mr. Bahri): "Mus, no one wants to send their children here. During the transformation of a story from one form to another, there is a basic question of adherence to the source that can be lost.

Given the values contained in the novel, it is worth if the Laskar Pelangi film serves as an educative media for the community. Literary worked as a reflection of socio-cultural circumstances that had great potential in influencing the changing character of a person.
(3) The process of novel ecranisation is so successful that it does not diminish its meaning, although we find a little change, this is understandable because to pursue the duration. Here is the data cutting. Essentially, literature should be both entertaining and useful. Adventure, Drama. Despite the poor environment, there was a group of children who keep fighting for their future destiny by taking education in a school with inadequate facilities, and unfit environment for the school. "Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia" adalah lagu kelima dari album kompilasi Ost.

3 (2019): May Riri Riza, Interview with Riri Riza: I wanted to do this story because it’s culturally rich and close to me, Berlinale 09: First titles announced for Panorama section. Authors are advised to prepare the manuscript as per the guidelines decided by the journal. Literary experts and observers, teachers, and community leaders, including leaders in Muhammadiyah organizations who held Muhammadiyah schools as the setting of the story in the novel, were interested in reading this novel, especially after it was being produced and adapted into a film that was very popular too. Submitted manuscripts must be the original work of the author(s) and only unpublished manuscripts should be submitted. Validity and reliability data were attempted through source triangulation, and informant reviews, and based data. 12,13 A film was an entertaining narrative about the characters that contains artistic documents of time and place. As if it had become a necessity that the best-selling and popular literary works in the community so that they have many fans, it is required to be adapted into a film. As in general, the popularity of literary works in the form of novels and short stories will be a special attraction for people to see the results of their adaptation in the form of a film. Laskar Pelangi by. Matandare M. A., Botswana Unemployment Rate Trends by Gender: Relative Analysis with Upper Middle Income Southern African Countries (2000-2016). Laskar Pelangi film is chosen as the sample of this study by purposive sampling because it is very monumental and has many audiences. Vol. ". From this theory, it can be said that literary works have benefits to the audience, especially with regards to the values to enrich the insight of knowledge and experience in life. Laskar Pelangi film is an ecranisation is very famous for the beauty of the story in the novel can be visualized well through the pictures and dialogues of the character casts.

Mira sendiri tak berani memasang target bahwa film ini harus melampaui prestasi yang telah diraih film Laskar Pelangi, yang telah ditonton oleh 4,6 juta orang. Moreover, having proved that the Laskar Pelangi film has a high number of fans.

The observation result showed that: (1) From the comparative analysis it is found that there are differences in the novel plot and the film.

In June 2020 it is ranked in Q1 by Scimago.

Film ini memadukan 12 aktor Indonesia yang dikenal dengan kemampuan akting mereka dengan 12 anak-anak Belitung asli yang bertalenta akting. Highly recommended.

They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tenth student so that the school is not being closed. Holt, Rinehart & Winston Inc.: New York; 1981.

However, the highest grossing film of all time in Indonesia is currently Habibie & Ainun (2012).

A film is also a form of a message that consists of various signs and symbols that form a system of meaning so that it can be interpreted by people differently, depending on the reference and thinking the ability of the person.

The informants argued that the beauty of the story and the moral message through his novel can be delivered well to the audience through a film. 21,22,23. This film is good to watch for everyone of all ages. In addition, it was not shown some of the novel stories in the film, the story of Trapani and his mother undergoing treatment at Zaal Batu.

The phenomenon of the successful film adaptation has happened since it was held Academy Award in 1927.

The other source of data is the informant consisting of the readers of the Laskar Pelangi novel as well as film audience at XXI Cinema in Solo Square Surakarta. Laskar Pelangi dan merupakan singel ketiga dari keseluruhan singel penyanyi Gita Gutawa.

Will, we teach them, Sir? (3) Value of human relationship with God: faith, piety, and trust.

social condition on as reflected in andrea hirata’s ’s novel, “laskar pelangi” a thesis by : hengky laksama ana simaibang reg.no. Therefore, it is interesting to research.

Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and only the extremely hard of heart would not have to wipe tears from their eyes at the moving finale. Results: The results of this research are first, the community has good reception about ecranisation of the best-seller Laskar Pelangi that being box office film.

In discussing the film adaptation product through novel ecranisation, it is necessary to see how the theory of adaptation is used as a basis for transforming the text form (in novel or short story) into visual form in the film.


This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of, Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Veteran Bangun Nusantara Sukoharjo University. Film ini juga ditayangkan ulang di beberapa stasiun televisi nasional Indonesia. 25​. ECRANISATION OF LASKAR PELANGI NOVEL AND ITS FUNCTION AS EDUCATIVE MEDIA (STUDY OF LITERATURE RECEPTION).

The author tells about the life of his high school in Belitung through this film, after previously telling his childhood through the film Laskar Pelangi which successfully attracted the attention of many people and won many awards. The differences plot also shown in the additional variations of the display in the film, which does not actually exist in the original novel. Lagu ini juga terinspirasi dari Ikal dalam film Laskar Pelangi yang sangat terpesona dengan kuku dari A Ling, dan mengatakan bahwa ia tidak perlu keliling dunia untuk menemukan kuku terindah, karena kuku terindah tersebut sudah ia temukan sendiri. Besides entertaining, literature could also be useful.

Berpedoman pada nilai agam, budaya, pancasila, dan ... Educational values of characters in the novel (the study of character education in the novel Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata). Many novels are known in Indonesia. For example, the novel adaptations into a film from abroad, such as Harry Potter based on a novel by J.K. Rowling, and The Lord of the Rings from Tolkien's novel. This moral value appears at the minute of 38.24 scenes, at the dialogue between Mr. Bahri and Mrs. Muslimah about the offer to teach at another better school. Of course, this is not a simple job, because it requires a process that is far more creative and constructive than simply translating the text in simple, because there are many aspects to consider. Then, it was chosen four key informants who have criteria of a certain age and education level to conduct in-depth interviews to obtain comprehensive and varied information about the society’s receptions of Laskar Pelangi film. In addition, there are some basic elements of film making, for example, in the film required the existence of teamwork.

The story in this novel begins with a Muhammadiyah Elementary School in a village that is about to be dismissed by the Ministry of Education because its students are only 9 students, not even achieved 10 students as the minimum number. Redvall E.N., Wayne State University Press: Detroit; 2012.

Mira Lesmana, 19 In the making of films, the ability to determine the choice of scene, duration, background, atmosphere, and various matters relating to the displacement of the language code in the display code or images. Interview with Riri Riza: I wanted to do this story because it’s culturally rich and close to me, 07 January 2009 The film is referred to total artwork, or collective art, which its success depends on many people (the whole team). "Kita enggak berani memasang target, karena penonton kita memang sulit ditebak.

Oxford University Press: Oxford; 2011. Battistich VA, Character Education Partnership: Washington, DC; 2005. The moral message, that development, education, and welfare cannot be spread evenly by all of the people in Indonesia.

All articles submitted to HSSR are subject to double-blind peer and editorial reviews.
(Teacher Mrs. Muslimah): "So you have the heart to leave Muhammadiyah. Finally, Lintang, that poor child was able to show his achievements as a champion.

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