in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gist said that Sprewell would not be interested in signing for any team's $5 million mid-level exception, calling that amount "a level beneath which [Sprewell] would not stoop or kneel!". Prior to the 2002–03 season, Sprewell reported to training camp with a broken hand, which he claimed occurred when he slipped on his yacht; the Knicks fined him a record $250,000 for failing to report the incident to them. Latrell Sprewell. Latrell was born in the beautiful city of Wisconsin and completed his education from Washington High School. When offered a three-year/$21 million extension ahead of the 2004-2005 season, Sprewell swiftly turned it down, offering up what many think was one of the most ridiculous and insulting explanations in NBA history. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. During his tenure, he played 77 games with an average of 15.4 points per game in his rookie season. Latrell Sprewell was in a consensual sex relationship with a female named, Candace Cabbil, who is also a mother of his three children. Er war ein Flügelspieler (Guard/Forward), der vor allem von seiner Athletik, Schnelligkeit und Vielseitigkeit lebte. We appreciate your understanding. Right, Born: In the years that followed, things only got worse for Sprewell. Sprewell then sought a restraining order along with "civil remedies" against the accuser. [2] In a 1993 practice, Sprewell fought with Byron Houston, who was 50 pounds heavier than Sprewell and had what many teammates described as a Mike Tyson-like demeanor and physique. It was not his first violent incident with the Warriors; in 1995, Sprewell fought with teammate Jerome Kersey and returned to practice carrying a two-by-four, and reportedly threatened to return with a gun. Click Season link for player's season game log, College Basketball at, Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history. Although he was very successful as a basketball player there were also some scandals involved in … With a 58–24 record, the Timberwolves qualified for the 2004 playoffs as the top seed in the Western Conference. One month into the 2005–06 season and without a contract, Sprewell's agent, Bob Gist, said his client would rather retire than play for the NBA minimum salary, telling Sports Illustrated, "Latrell doesn't need the money that badly. September 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer Basketballspieler. He spent three months under house arrest as part of a no-contest plea.[2][4]. [11][12] In July 2009, a Westchester County, New York mansion owned by Sprewell went into foreclosure status,[13] but that action was dismissed on motion of another party's attorney. Unfortunately, Are you a Stathead, too? [3], Sprewell was suspended for 10 games without pay. Play-by-play data available for the 1996-97 through 2019-20 seasons. I got my family to feed.”. [6] On September 6, police declined to press charges. However, despite another impressive season from Sprewell the Knicks would lose in the first round to the Toronto Raptors in five games in those 2001 playoffs. That season, Sprewell made NBA history as he hit 9 of 9 three-point shots in one game, making the most three-pointers without a single miss for the first time en route to a season-high 38 points versus the Los Angeles Clippers. After Sprewell was yelled at by Carlesimo about his passing, he snapped. He landed a glancing blow at Carlesimo's right cheek before being dragged away again by the assistant coaches. Ses stats royales (21.7 pts, 5.7 rbds, 5.2 pds, 2.9 ints) ont fait de lui un All-Star alors que la NBA avait « oublié » son nom sur les bulletins de vote. The record has since been tied twice by then-Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon. His yacht was repossessed. When Carlesimo yelled at Sprewell to make crisper passes (specifically asking him to "put a little mustard" on a pass),[1] Sprewell responded that he was not in the mood for criticism and told the coach to keep his distance. Free shipping . document.write(currentYear); Many pundits felt that signing the volatile Sprewell was too big a gamble for the Knicks to take, but Sprewell himself vowed he was a changed man. Former NBA star Latrell Sprewell is the latest professional athlete to run into post-career financial problems. Player stats broken down into various categories; i.e. Claiming to feel insulted by the offer he publicly expressed outrage, declaring, "I have a family to feed." He was involved in illegal activities si… It was a decision that would ultimately cost Latrell Sprewell his career. I’m at risk. They’re not doing anything for me. Latrell ended his career as a professional basketball player in 2005. He sought to vacate the arbitration contract under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. His performance would improve over the next few years, leading the team in scoring and playing for the Western Conference All-Star team in 1994, 1995, and 1997, scoring 24.2 ppg in 1996–97, fifth in the league.

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