It overwhelms and distorts the discussion of whether James might surpass him as the greatest player in modern history -- or if he already has. LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan Comparison Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and playoffs stats and other data put side by side. LeBron is a different weapon on defense -- more of a rim deterrent, offering more positional flexibility. Other what-ifs dare you to imagine an imperfect Jordan: Would Chicago have lost one (or two) Finals against the mid-1990s Houston Rockets had Jordan not left to play baseball? The numbers were basically identical. (Jordan scored every Chicago point in that 4th quarter -- all nine -- before Paxson's shot.).

Jordan is the alpha competitor. And boy would it be a delight to watch prime Jordan -- one-time Defensive Player of the Year, an award LeBron has never won -- fly around in this era of loosened defensive rules. He was selfish. McGrady played against Jordan only eight times, three coming in MJ’s final season with the Bulls and five coming in his comeback with the Wizards. We found the thoughts of 11 Hall of Fame players, many who have faced both Jordan and James at some point.

That gave LeBron one more postseason walk-off shot than Michael Jordan, who of course played fewer playoff games than LeBron -- 81 fewer after James and the Los Angeles Lakers clinched the franchise's 17th NBA title Sunday. Rodman was critical in getting Jordan to the Bulls’ final three championships. McGrady and Pippen don't care.

LeBron's era might be softer, but it is also more strategically complex. Wer der beste Basketballer aller Zeiten ist, muss am Ende des Tages jeder Fan für sich entscheiden.

", Pippen dismisses the numbers as merely proof that LeBron has played too many close games. He was perfect: 6-0 in the Finals, and into retirement -- coaxed by Jerry Reinsdorf's refusal to honor a champion -- before the Bulls could decline.

Nichols gives it one more try: "But he's done it more than the other guy!". Besonders bemerkenswert: Die Nummer 23 der Bulls verbuchte diesen Wert in einer Zeit, in der es auf dem Court noch deutlich rauer zuging als heute. They go one-on-team, with layers of help blocking every corridor.

", "We're talking about making the shot," McGrady responds., — The Crossover (@TheCrossover) May 21, 2018.

The reactions of Pippen and McGrady are telling. LeBron's most famous Finals shot might be a long 2 to put Miami up four with 27.9 seconds left in Game 7 against San Antonio in 2013. 2 all time in combined regular season and postseason points.) Durant and Green are not guarding people. Divide their cumulative advanced numbers by games played -- both regular season and playoffs -- and Jordan outproduced LeBron on a per-game basis by a small margin. LeBron is not a Michael Jordan type. LeBron scored or assisted on 29 of Miami's final 38 points (if you count LeBron passes that led to shooting fouls), including the first 17 as the Heat erased a 10-point deficit.

Then he’s going to pass.

New York led the 1993 conference finals over Chicago 2-0. The Bad Boys eliminated the Bulls again in 1989 (six games) and 1990 (seven games) on their way to consecutive titles. He bulldozed for two go-ahead layups in the last minute of regulation.

But why’s he got so much disdain for LBJ? Jordan verbesserte seinen Punkteschnitt in den Playoffs von 30,1 auf 33,4 (LeBron: 27,2 auf 28,6) und traf sage und schreibe die Hälfte aller potenziellen Game-Winner bzw. • Lowe: The GOAT debate is different now Surprisingly (or maybe not, given how many of those asked were victims of Jordan’s greatness), nine of the 11 picked Jordan. Getty Der Grund, warum die meisten Beobachter ihn im "GOAT"-Rennen vor LBJ sehen. He’s not looking to make his team better.

O’Neal played against Jordan in the 1990s, helping to deliver the KO punch in the 1995 playoffs that ended Jordan’s comeback season in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

That 2013 Miami-Indiana series stands out on LeBron's record, too. The Paul George/Roy Hibbert Pacers stepped into the void, and pushed Miami -- including in a seven-game conference finals in 2013. There is an amazing clip from ESPN's The Jump in April 2018, the day after LeBron James' fourth career postseason game-winning buzzer-beater -- a 3-pointer that put his Cleveland Cavaliers up 3-2 in their first-round series against the Indiana Pacers.

Jordan has two of the NBA's rare walk-home shots -- including the levitating dagger over Craig Ehlo, a basket so majestic and portentous it is known simply as The Shot. Dazu bleibt er seinen Chicago Bulls bis zum Spätherbst seiner Karriere treu. Do you prefer peak value or long-term near-peak consistency?

Some ex-teammates who were not fond of Jordan's tactics have acknowledged he might have helped steel them.

Truth leaves Jordan perfect, and LeBron now 4-6 in Finals.

Look again at that photo of LeBron surveying Golden State's defense.

I came of age as a fan in the Jordan era.

The 2011 series is the stain. The Chicago Bulls were invincible in two of Jordan's six title runs. Jordan's career low in the Finals was 22. Nah, man. Jordan seemed inhuman -- impervious to fear.

The statistical comparison is now a wash. By advanced metrics, Jordan's best seasons were a tiny bit better.

They did not feel uncertain to a lot of contemporary observers (this one included). You saw how hard he wanted it. "I like winning by 10," he says.

But McGrady and Pippen are onto something vaguely real when they suggest LeBron's big-shot profile feels different than Jordan's -- regardless of whether that feeling leads toward greater truth. Derrick Rose's knee injury undid the Bulls. Almost every top-10 all-time player has one postseason when it feels impossible to beat his team. He gives James plenty of credit, but ….

LeBron upended norms about "loyalty" and teambuilding. If Green hits, LeBron is a hero -- author of his own Jordan-to-Kerr pass.

Powered by. Perhaps.

He’s a 10; there’s a lot of seven or eights out there, but not nines or 10s. When I look at LeBron, he’s not what Michael (Jordan) was as a player. That said, isolation scoring is paramount late in big games. During Jordan's six title runs, the four highest East seeds aside from Chicago posted a .640 combined winning percentage -- with an average net-rating of plus-4.8 points per 100 possessions, per ESPN Stats & Information research. LeBron won a conference finals game -- Game 1 against Indiana in 2013 -- with a layup at the buzzer. Für viele Fans wird er zum Hassobjekt. Jordan golft mit US-Präsidenten, dreht ein Musikvideo mit Michael Jackson, strahlt auf Müsli-Packungen und Getränkeflaschen und spielt in Hollywood-Filmen mit. Jordan would have taken more 3s today. That season's Phoenix Suns, with the MVP in Charles Barkley, gagged away Game 6 in Phoenix -- with Game 7 looming there -- before John Paxson's title-clinching triple. Michael Jordan was involved in a controversy only once, in 1993 when he was seen gambling in Atlantic City the night before a game. But Allen still picked Jordan as his GOAT. Johnson would not definitively say that James is the better player but he held open reachable criteria for James to get there: winning another two championships. Für jeden Gegenspieler ist er die sprichwörtliche Pest, von den Fans wird er dagegen vergöttert. Look deeper, and you see a volume of high-stakes, late-game dominance to rival Jordan.

Sowohl Jordan als auch James haben 13 Playoff-Teilnahmen auf dem Konto. LeBron scored 40 on 15-of-21 shooting, including two rampaging go-ahead, super-clutch layups in the last 100 seconds. It’s two different animals. There is a chance, maybe a good one, LeBron drives this GOAT conversation closer to a consensus than anyone would have imagined possible a decade ago.

Forbes 100: Die bestbezahlten Sportler 2020, Dennis Rodman: Superstar, Paradiesvogel, Skandalnudel.

You said he couldn’t do it, and he came out he won. (Jordan) takes everything personally. That man saved basketball when basketball was on the verge of losing it. Jordan has a small edge in postseason steals, LeBron a smaller one in blocks.

Many of those teammates have said Jordan's upbraiding would not have had its intended effect without Pippen's nurturing leadership counterbalancing it.

I think if you want to start a team, I’m going to go with LeBron because of him being able to take lesser talent and elevate those guys… Because of his pass-first mentality, being able to elevate his team in terms of their style of play.

The sheen of Jordan's perfection glows brighter with time. LeBron never had that. You look at Jordan: six-time MVP, six-tie champion, never lost, 10-plus (All-NBA) defensive teams, also won the Defensive Player of the Year, which LeBron has never won.

Mittlerweile wird er von vielen Fans geliebt. passive-aggressive. Would you have him barrel into four bodies and throw up some flailing floater? Jordan gewann nur zwei seiner drei "Endspiele" und markierte dort 33,7 Zähler im Schnitt. He scored eight points in one game. MJ, that is probably the weakest part of his game, he didn’t pass a lot.

In Game 7, LeBron canned three long 2s in the last 5:40 -- including the series-clincher.

So smooth, so at ease. Ganz anders sieht es bei MJ aus. Stay on current site or go to US version.

For me on my books right now, I would say Michael [Jordan] was the freakiest player in the game. James shot 0-of-4 in the wild last 4:15 of that game. At minimum, it's a debate now. It has been overshadowed by Irving's shot and LeBron's block, but James scored 11 of Cleveland's 18 points in the fourth quarter of Game 7 in the 2016 Finals -- including eight straight in the middle to turn a four-point deficit into a two-point Cavs lead.

So sehr Jordan in der Crunch Time in den Playoffs auch auftrumpfte, so sehr überzeugt auch James.

It’s not exactly a fair comparison because they are very different players, but that’s the state of the argument. Check out all our Finals coverage here. (He also committed two addled turnovers in the last minute of regulation that nearly cost Miami the game.).

Wer hat die Nase im "GOAT"-Rennen vorn? Dank ihm dreht Cleveland als erste Mannschaft im Endspiel einen 1:3-Rückstand. LeBron's ceaselessness must be heard.

Fine. Boston aged fast.

Maybe it's a matter of taste.

At least not after 1988, when the Detroit Pistons bullied Chicago 4-1 in the conference semifinals. Man, come on, man.

LeBron was bad -- passive, uninvolved. For some, perfection is all that matters.

He cannot erase it, outrun it.

When the Warriors threw this defensive alignment at LeBron in the final seconds, he lasered an impeccable pass to George Hill: The Warriors fouled Hill.

The 1998 Indiana Pacers had the Bulls on the ropes in Game 7 of the conference finals. Würfe in den letzten 24 Sekunden eines Spiels (9 von 18), das noch nicht entschieden war.

As one executive opined this week: "Jordan was the better isolation scorer, but LeBron is better at everything else.".

But the abolition of illegal defense has turned isolation basketball into a chore. And this was with Magic and Bird still in the league! Beide haben in der entscheidenden Phase der Saison schon schier Unmenschliches geleistet. Most of the discussion of the differences between the Jordan and LeBron eras has focused on the physicality of the 1980s and 1990s. Michael is thinking he’s gonna score 50 on you. Sieben Mal musste der "King" in ein Do-or-die-Spiel, fünf davon gewann er. His most famous Finals moment is a defensive play -- his epic chase-down rejection of Andre Iguodala in the frantic waning minutes of Game 7 in 2016 against the Warriors. If he wins one more title, and has maybe two more seasons almost on par with this one, the grounds for Jordan as the greatest ever -- the criteria by which he "wins" the debate -- will get precariously narrow.

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