Dia debut dalam drama “Memorist” (2020). Dia sedikit lamban tapi dia suka bercanda. However, when they’re executed poorly, fans can turn into evil mother-in-laws (shi-eo-meo-ni, 시어머니) overnight. Hello, thank you for your comment! It is the romance comedy of a top star re-writing K-Pop history and his anti-fan who is a magazine reporter. Dia adalah gadis biasa yang tidak buruk juga tidak baik. 'The stories of those around me' pleasee... How about Annarasumanara? Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) from Wanna One will play Gong Joo-young, and Lee Ruby (이루비) will play Wang Ja-rim. The drama will air on KBS. 11- "Tomorrow"/ Schedule status: Unconfirmed. It tells the story of Choi JoonWoong (a boy of 27 years old) that cannot find a job when everyone finds one. She tries to remove the curse. The ONLY one i`m actually looking forward to is "So I Married an Anti-fan" but a couple do look interesting ..its kind of a shame that more of the top rated webtoons would be very hard to adapt though... Wow sooo many Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) from Wanna One will play Gong Joo-young, and Lee Ruby (이루비) will play Wang Ja-rim. Dia adalah sahabat JaRim yang atletis dan santai. This Webtoon is driven by the narratives of each episode, whereas the drama focuses on how main characters solve cases. “Love Revolution” adalah webtoon populer di Korea yang dimulai pada tahun 2013 yang ditulis oleh Lee YongKa. Drama 30 episode dengan durasi sekitar 20 menit ini dibintangi oleh Park Ji Hoon However, the drama was turned into a standard love triangle, with the producer’s strange obsession over Seo Kang-joon (서강준) who played the supporting role of Baek In-ho. Cheese in the Trap may look like a regular romantic comedy, but it’s a “dark campus battle romance” according to the Webtoonist. King Kong / “Love Revolution” Webtoon / Naver x Dispatch The popular teen webtoon “Love Revolution” is adapted into a drama. Ep.36 Senang Bertemu Denganmu, Nona! i read news that this webtoon will get adaptation. Drama Korea Love Revolution (2020) : Sinopsis dan Review. Dia adalah aktris pemula King Kong oleh Starship yang lahir pada tahun 2000. The webtoon "A Bitch and a Punk" also called "YeonNom" (in Korean "연놈") will be adapted into a drama. Syuting akan dimulai pada bulan Juni dan mereka berencana untuk menayangkan drama di paruh kedua tahun ini. Hello, thank you for your comment. Love Revolution is one of the most popular teen romance Webtoons. Dia adalah seorang siswa sekolah menengah 17 tahun yang pada perbedaan penampilannya yang dingin dan tajam, memiliki temperamen yang panas. It tells the romance story of the perfect empress of the East Empire named Nabie. Choi TaeJoon Profile: Actor From "Suspicious Partner" To "So I Married An Anti-Fan", Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors According To Kpopmap Readers (August 2020), 21 Dramas Of 2020 Based On Webtoon - Announced, NCT's JaeHyun & Park HyeSu Spotted Filming For Drama "Dear.M", Netizens Amazed By Kim SeonHo's Parking Skills On The Set Of "Start-Up". Many fans are looking forward to this K-drama. We've updated! I loved the Webtoon for its solid storyline and ending. LOVE REVOLUTION. Dia adalah seseorang yang suka berterus terang dan mengungkapkan cintanya yang tak ada habisnya. Will he prove to be a help to Gong Ju Young in his quest for Wang Ja Rim’s heart – or a hindrance? 4- "The Remarried Empress"  / Schedule status: Unconfirmed. What Are The 7 Actors Of "Extraordinary You" Doing One Year Later? In 2020, a lot of drama was announced to be based on webtoon.

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