Elma Do you have any other comments or feedback? I have been a regular listener of your fantastic podcasts since 2018 and I am the one who requested an episode on the topic of “articles” a couple of weeks ago. Why would you want to get on board early and spend even more time sitting in that cramped little seat. So the idea behind these text adventures is that you read through some text on a webpage and there are certain words highlighted which you can click on for extra information and every now and then you have to make a decision which can affect the way the story turns out.

Anyone writing essays at university should be well aware of the importance of paraphrasing so you don’t commit copyright infringement. Muhammad Ali & The Rumble in the Jungle, 331. You need to be able to understand that much for your brain to work out the remaining 20-40% that you don’t know. The boeuf en croute is fantastic. Look in the fiction and non-fiction categories. The argument is that you learn a language when you can understand it, and the process of getting to fluent speech comes first through a lot of exposure to the language, at the right level. Also, some of the examples are a bit weird, which can make them slightly confusing (“The snakes’ hisses”?). Some things, yes, everyone agrees on, more or less. Good evening, madam! Not at all. Check out BBC podcasts on different subjects and shop around a bit. I would say the passive knowledge is the vital one because ultimately you just want to be able to feel that language is right or wrong without thinking about it.

In summary, it might lack the seriousness and full commentary that some people expect from this kind of book at this kind of price, even though I like it. Being thrown in at the deep end, or if you just have to use English at work it could either be a big stress for you or a huge opportunity to just go for it. Most of the doctors and nurses have gone home for the night, but a few. For me the main examples were when I gave my university students presentation tasks to do and they literally just memorised a page from Wikipedia and then recited it to the class with absolutely no effort to even care about or think about what they were saying.

If other people like the books then why shouldn’t you? An Unedited Ramble (March 2020) Never Explain, Never Apologise? Normal speech, which is a bit random, contains things like sentences that don’t end, false starts, moments when people talk over each other, moments of humour or spontaneous reactions and tangents in the conversation. It’s important to have a bit of self-discipline and I’m talking to myself there as much as I’m talking to you. Anyway…. When I decided to do this episode I thought (and it’s always like this, with these rambling episodes as I’ve come to call them) I decided initially to just talk without preparing anything in advance. Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken. One of my aims in the beginning was to get people listening more, and it’s working. As you know, plural nouns in English have S at the end. So they’ve been preying on academics, scientists, surgeons, historians and so on. Just give me your first impressions.” She said “I really like the pictures. Reading and writing deal with the written word of course.

Nobody is going to encourage us or give a hug or give a kiss. It may come as a surprise to some people, but Spanish language classes are most popular in U.S. college/university campuses. That can be difficult because you have to deal with another queue, and then go through x-ray security, which means taking everything out of my backpack, separating all the baby food and water for the milk, take JNR out of the pram, fold it up and put it through as well, then coax my daughter to walk through and pretty much command her to stand in one spot while you get everything off the trays and your belt on and keys in your pocket and everything.

256. Perhaps think of it like this – what is the kind of English you want printed on the back of your head (on the inside)? They’re exactly the same thing. Anyway, let’s talk about specific productive skills – writing and reading, and how to work on them. www.grammarly.com/blog/what-is-the-oxford-comma-and-why-do-people-care-so-much-about-it/. It’s not standardised like writing. Maybe the last time we were going through the airport and she was holding her doodoo (a teddy bear) . Please read the RULES before you start (you can see them below). When I talk in episodes of this podcast I am sure that some people don’t notice what the method is. I try to always address my listeners and think about what it’s like for you and hopefully this keeps you focused, which is good for your English. Run run run run run run. Ideally you’ll have a teacher to proofread your work, correct you and give you feedback.

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