Abraj Al Bait, also commonly known as Makkah Royal Clock Tower, which refers to the clock tower in the middle of the complex, the building is also informally called Mecca Clock Tower or Makkah Clock Tower. Another fact about the Royal Makkah clock tower is that it has a height of 601 meters (1,972 feet), 120 floors above the ground and 3 floors below the ground and contains 96 elevators in all that provides easy access to and from Masjid Al-Haram. Four colossal clocks are mounted at the top of the towers. Stefan Kratzmeir, FOGTEC Fire Protection, Mar 2020 – CTBUH Journal 2020 Issue II, Jan 2020 – The museum has 4 levels, the visit starts from the highest level. The parking garage of the building occupies 4 floors, capable of holding more than 1000 vehicles. It offers 9 restaurants, 24-hour concierge services, and free Wi-Fi in all rooms. The hotel has two large prayer rooms for men and women relatively. 28 Nov 2018 With all these giant buildings connected together, Abraj Al Bait appears very imposing and magnificent, far more majestic than Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang. Mecca is not a city that out with secular, there are lots of coffee shops and McDonald’s restaurants within the city, and some other signs also indicate that it is a modern city, including the hotel in Abraj Al Bait, 76 high speed elevators in the hotels are providing comfortable and convenient feeder service. The first 5 floors at the bottom of the Makkah Clock Tower are used as a shopping Mall, the layout and style of the mall is similar with the traditional shopping markets in Arabia world. The seven towers of the building rest on a 15-storey and 115m-high podium, which houses a grand retail area. Another fact about the Royal Makkah clock tower is that it is the tallest tower in the world, the clock is visible from 17 kilometers away. Abraj Al Bait was completed in 2012. As of 2019, the museum and the viewing deck attract about 1200 tourists every day. The owner of the Abraj Al Bait complex is the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, which is operated by Government of Saudi Arabia. It opened to public on May 6, 2019. Mar 2020 – The highest habitable floor is at 450 meters, and the highest accessible floor for visitors is at 393 meters. GUTMANN AG. Oct 2011 – – SEE ALSO: Highest observation decks in the world. The third floor is dedicated to time measurement, the exhibits introduce the instruments and methods used to determine time in ancient times. Designed with comfort in mind, the spacious residences are a perfect home for pilgrims and families who desire to enjoy the serenity of the Holy City from their rooms. CTBUH Research, Vertical Transportation: Ascent & Acceleration The floor of the Makkah clock tower is so vast due to the fact that it has around 120 floors. 12 Sep 2017 Height: Observatory. Abraj Al Bait was developed as a component of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project, the purpose is to increase the subordinate scope of the area of the Grand Mosque, as Abdullah the former King of Saudi Arabia had always been trying to change and improve the cityscape of Mecca. Most of the people don’t know a fact that there is a prayer room inside the Crescent of Royal Makkah Clock Tower. In Mozilla Firefox, click File - Page Setup then check the Print Background (colors & images) box. The tower was developed as a component of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project and provides comfortable accommodations for devout Muslims that make the journey to the city every year during the Hajj period. But to a large extend the appearance of the tower is influenced by renowned Big Ben Tower in London, but much more huge and mixed with Islamic elements. The tallest tower housing the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel is locat… Another unknown fact about the royal Makkah clock tower is that it has the largest floor area up to a size of 1,500,000 m2. Aside from the park, there are 2 helipads on the roofs of Maqam and Qibla towers respectively, which are two podium buildings right beside the Central Clock Tower. The most outstanding feature is not its height but also bulk. Abraj Al Bait is a megatall building complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. At the heart of the holiest Islamic city, Makkah Royal Clock Tower brings an air of modernization to the bustling historic center of Mecca. Many people don’t know the fact about Royal Makkah clock tower that it is the second most expensive building in the world. The back row: there are 5 buildings, from the left to the right are Maqam Tower, Hajar Tower, Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower(Clock Tower), Zamzam Tower, Qibla Tower. Reality, The Global Tall Building Picture: Impact of 2019, The Global Tall Building Picture: Impact of 2018, The Middle East: 30+ Years of Building Tall, The Global Tall Building Picture: Impact of 2017, The Middle East: 20 Years of Building Skyscrapers, The Tallest 20 in 2020: Entering the Era of the Megatall, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, King Abdul Aziz Endowment Tower, Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, Bartenbach; The size of the giant clock face of Makkah clock tower is 43 meters in size, 23 meters in length and weighs about 21 tons. Mobile : +8801877773480, Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download, The only survivor of the 2003 Sudan plane crash performs Hajj, ১২ জুলাই থেকে টাকা ফেরত নিতে পারবেন হজ ২০২০ সালের নিবন্ধনকারীরা : ধর্ম মন্ত্রণালয়. The historic Ottoman-era Ajyad Fortress was demolished to make way for the tower. The complex also provides Islamic museum, lunar observation area and a prayer room with a space of 10,000 people. The base of the whole complex covers an area of 34,794 square meters, the floor area of the building reaches up to 1.57 million square meters, could accommodate about 100 thousand people, by contrast Willis Tower in Chicago could only accommodate 20 thousand people. The clock tower project was completed in 6 years. From the picture above we can see that Abraj Al Bait consists of seven separated high-rise buildings, roughly divided into front row and back row. Please enable printing background colors and images to preserve the full website experience when printing. The Makkah clock tower is adorned with 98 million mosaic tiles with 24 karat gold leaves. In Google Chrome, click Print then check the Background colors and images box under the Options section. It provides a captivating view of the Holy Kaaba. For this special location the authorities even demolished a hill and a fort on it. 494.4 m / 1,622 ft Height: To Tip. Height: Architectural. The unique location and the significant height of Mekkah Clock Tower make it the city's new landmark. The viewing deck is on the forth level, on the balconies around the bottom of four clock façades, offering 360 degree views of the city of Makkah.

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