2. Therefore, proceed with maxing Weapon Booster to decrease the delay of both active skills. Added Advanced Final Attack – Reinforce (+10% Damage) Finally max Final Attack. Aca boss damage is lv155 and regular damage is 183. Level 30: Power Stance Rate: +60%, Enrage

@all: The following items have been updated. Final Damage: +2% per level.
1. Weapon Mastery (Removed Accuracy) Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Intrepid Slash Boost

Level 1: Raging Blow Monsters Hit: +2, Raging Blow – Reinforce From level 200 to 210, you’ll be staying the Vanishing Journey of the Arcane River.

b4 Combat Mastery skill was lvl 10 and not request Mastery Books Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4 is an excellent training spot from level 155-165.

At first I wasn’t sure, but that’s how it is for me in game.

From time to time I still use Combo Fury and I use Dash all the time. 7. You will be awarded with experience points and game items on winning the battle. 2. Burning Soul Blade | Sword of Burning Soul Level 10: MP Cost: 15, at 100% chance, cancels some buffs. -No good recovery skill , easy die vs high level monster or boss

Raging Blow – Extra Strike (MAX) Level 1: Advanced Final Attack, Attack: +20, Advanced Final Attack – Opportunity Likewise, if you have lots of buffs from the beginning on the regular servers and strong leveling items, you can go to the training spots a couple of levels earlier. @perception5: Thanks for the correction! Combo Fury is not spammable since it consumes a Combo Orb which is generated through using non-combo Active Skills such as Brandish and it has a slight delay when casting twice within the same period.

9. With Dark Knight, you do not really need to pay attention to HP (Health Points) since you are constantly siphoning enemy health to replenish yours instantly, that’s a bonus = reduce hp potion consumption and decreases risk of dying in the heat of battle!
@gtshs: I could not tell which 1 is stronger since I only played Dark Knight. If you can’t find a map listed above, open the world map by pressing W, search for the map in the search bar located at the top, and then double click it the map name for directions. I thought it is supposed to hit 9 times as stated in your guide?

Level 30: Advanced Final Attack, Advanced Combo, Puncture. 5. Explanation: Add them according to the recommended Hyper Skills above :), @toushirou3: I have answered your question in http://ayumilove.net/maplestory-hyper-skills/#comment-110378.

Hidden Street Unbalanced Time is another hidden map located in Ludibrium.

4. Hey Ayumi, I really love your guides and they’ve helped me out a ton. Trio #2: Combo Fury / Rush / Shout @Jinwei: For me I would personally max ACA aka Advanced Combo Attack for more stable damage (higher minimum mastery) + faster combo proc rate + higher damage per orbs.

Level 20: MP Cost: 19, Damage: 258%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Rush Fighters specialize in 1-2 handed swords and axes and/or shields.

The Arcane River features a system similar to Star Force, as you need a specific amount of Arcane Force for each map in order to deal normal damage to enemies. Level 1: MP Cost: 33, at 28% chance, cancels some buffs.

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