you get 2 cluncky summons with low duration and another buff that covers the whole map red and make it harder to see. Doesn't mechanics have that op 5th job where a whole station comes up and deal shit tons of dmg? She initially has very little room to re-position while locked in Trinity's animations, but with 5th job, she can activate her invincibility, and freely burst for 10 seconds at a time meaning she can reliably output her theoretical DPS in that window. Tornado: Big AoE damage around your character, great for bossing. Makes farming a whole lot nicer than pre 5th, especially on small maps like chu chu. 7 . Then you hit 5th job and start zipping around the whole map cutting everything with assaulter. That's just another glorified FMA on a big ass cooldown that sees barely any use outside of bossing. Since were already used to using shadow veil (4th job), the skills we unlock don’t change the play-style much. Trio #1: Beyond Blade/Final Blow/Final Attack, Trio #2: Smash Swing/Hunter’s Prey/Maha’s Domain, Trio #1: Paralyze/Flame Haze/Mist Eruption, Trio #2: Inferno Aura/Megiddo Flame/Meteor Shower, Trio #1: Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb/Lightning Orb, Trio #1: Finishing Blow/Dark Shock/Condemnation, Trio #2: Dark Genesis/Sweeping Staff/Battle Burst, Trio #1 (Bear Mode): Paw Swipe/Lil’ Fort/Fishy Slap, Trio #2 (Leopard Mode): Three-Point Pounce/Thunder Dash/Macho Dance, Trio #1: Magnum Punch/Double Blast/Revolving Cannon, Trio #2: Shotgun Punch/Bunker Blaster Explosion/Hammer Smash, Trio #1: Orbital Flame/Blazing Extinction/Ignition, Trio #2: Towering Inferno/Cataclysm/Cinder Maelstrom, Trio #1: Hurricane/Final Attack/Quiver Cartridge, Trio #2: Arrow Platter/Arrow Stream/Phoenix, Trio #1: Octopunch/Buccaneer Blast/Dragon Strike, Trio #2: Power Unity/Nautilus Strike/Spiral Assault, Trio #1: Cannon Barrage/Cannon Bazooka/Rolling Rainbow, Trio #1: Rapid Fire/Broadside/Majestic Presence, Trio #2: Eight-Leg Easton/Ugly Bomb/Nautilus Strike, Trio #1: Dark Impale/Gungnir’s Descent/Nightshade Explosion, Trio #1: Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset/Crescent Divide and Solar Piece/Styx Crossing, Trio #2: Flicker and Bluster/Moon Cross and Sun Cross/Impaling Rays, Trio #1: Execution/Nether Shield/Infernal Exceed, Trio #2: Lunar Slash/Thousand Swords/Armor Break, Trio #1: Demon Impact/Demon Lash/Cerberus Chomp, Trio #1: Phantom Blow/Blade Fury/Asura’s Anger, Trio #2: Sudden Raid/Final Cut/Blade Clone, Trio #1: Mana Burst/Earth Circle/Wind Circle, Trio #2: Dragon Breath/Dragon Master/Dragon Spark, Trio #1: Rai Blade Flash/Shinsoku/Rai Sanrenzen, Trio #2: Hitokiri Strike/Summer Rain/Tornado Blade, Trio #1: Raging Blow/Rising Rage/Final Attack, credits to AsianRookie, cattharis, PokemaniacGRAZED, Trio #1: Starline One/Starforce Salvo/Singularity Shock, Trio #1: Gigas Wave/Wingbeat/Tempest Blades, Trio #2: Infernal Breath/Stone Burst/Blade Burst, Trio #1: Vanquisher’s Charm/Orochi/Tengu Strike, Trio #2: Nimbus Curse/Demon’s Fury/Shinigami’s Haunting, Trio #2: Trainwreck/Kinetic Combo/Mental Break, Trio #2: Spectral Light/Morning Star/Death Scythe, Trio #1: Snipe/Piercing Arrow/High Speed Shot, Trio #1: Homing Missile/Massive Fire: SPLASH-F/IRON-B/Distortion Bomb, Trio #2: Support Waver H-EX/Magnetic Field/Robo Factory: RM1, Trio #1: Ishtar’s Ring/Final Attack/Elemental Knight, Trio #2: Spikes Royale/Wrath of Enlil/Unicorn Spikes, Trio #1: Radiant Cross/Four-Point Assault/Royal Guard, Trio #1: Quad Throw/Assassin’s Mark/Showdown, Trio #2: Dark Flare/Death Star/Sudden Raid, Trio #1: Quintuple Star/Shadow Spark/Shadow Bat, Trio #2: Dark Omen/Shadow Stitch/Dominion, Trio #1: Blast/Divine Charge/Lightning Charge, Trio #1: Mille Aguilles/Tempest/Carte Noir, Trio #2: Carte Finale/Impeccable IV/Penombre, credits to Masterobert & GreatThiefPhantom, Trio #1: Spirit Claw/Bomb Punch/Fox Spirits, Trio #2: Soul Spirit/Spirit Trap/Soul Incarnation, credits to payandwin, ddares, MakingMarios, Trio #1: Assassinate/Shadow Veil/Sudden Raid, Trio #2: Boomerang Stab/Dark Flare/Meso Explosion, Trio #3: Savage Blow/Midnight Carnival/Phase Dash, Trio #1: Shark Wave OR Lightning Punch/Annihilate/Gale + Typhoon, Trio #2: Ascension/Thunder/Thunderbolt OR Deep Rising, Trio #1: Wild Arrow Blast/Final Attack/Another Bite, Trio #2: Exploding Arrows(Jaguar Rampage)/Hunting Assistant Unit/Sonic Roar, Trio #3: Paw Swipe/Drill Salvo/Jaguar Soul, Trio #1: Song of Heaven/Trifling Wind/Storm Bringer, Trio #2: Triangulation/Pinpoint/Aegis System, Trio #3: Quicksilver/Diagonal Chase/Combat Switch, Trio Skills: Pierce Thrust/Spin Cutter/Rolling Cross/Rolling Assault/Wind Cutter/Wind Strike/Storm Break. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Spiked bat and hyper are still more impactful skills, and the comboing playstyle is very much the same. If they are good mobbers (Kinesis, I/L, Illium, Kanna) then they'll get even better mobbing but with some great damage values. They have without a doubt the best "3 5th job skills" combined if you were able to give a rating to each 5th job skill.

Pirate (Buccaneer): Id argue they have the most class defining fifth job of all the classes. Kinesis and ice lightning as standouts who heavily benefit from their fifth jobs.

I've heard Hero, Shadower and Corsair have pretty interesting and game impacting 5th jobs skills but yea who else has got them sweet 5th job skills. Mage (all of them): tbh same.

Jobs that shine due to their 5th job? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Assuming 3 essential skills labeled A/B/C, you would need two or three nodes, one from each category, in the following perfect configurations to max those three skills: The trios in this guide are sorted according to absolute ideal conditions such that if a character were to only have space for one set of trios, the three most essential skills to its class are contained within that trio. In addition to new V skill nodes and special skill nodes, all classes are now able to acquire enhancement nodes that boosts the damage on existing skills from 1st to 4th job. F/P gets 3 pseudo-FMAs at 5th job. Non-bolded skills are recommended but optional skills that can be changed based on your preference.

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