Counters Starlight Sweety. Consume 1 Blue Gemstone to place a barrier on the ground. Allows your Elemental Spirit to have more MaxHP, and reduces your own SP Consumption. Another consideration for it is that it will boost your damage when not using a converter. Endows an ally's weapon with Earth Property. Getting at least 3 max charges makes it usable, anything over that makes it better. These are the stats that I'm currently running with. Recharge time isn't as important as max charges, but getting one at around 9 or less is ideal to let you use it more often. It increases The Pioneer's strength, staying power, and overall combat efficiency. :> I've been playing Sorcerer for a while, and I thought I'd share some stuff I've learned, lol. Allows autoattacking and moving while casting spells. slotted(!!!) Only one of Volcano, Deluge, Violent Gale, or Land Protector can be cast at a time by the same player. I do have a question though. I prefer using Fireball, which does damage in an area, when I fight Undead monsters to level, since a lot of them tend to be both Undead Race and Element.

If you watch the WoE section of the video, I time my ACs to secure coins I normally wouldn't have gotten. I saw videos of CN whales using this to deal 7 digit damage. The less you die, the less work your AB will have to do. Once you've send all of the item to Naru, it will be exchange for a collectible item. Level range to join the first bracket of Gramps quests. Not super recommended, but usable if you want to make a VCT% build. Broken equipment while CCd means you can't pop repair alloys. When you're still a Sage, all I usually do in gramps parties is use Fire Wall to keep things away from yourself and other support classes. Then at Crystal Star, press the + for the remaining item to finish the Star Crystal Quest. There's no point in using this skill!!! Monster Drop (Cecil MVP in Bio 3/Wolfchev).

It may be the master of Porings, but... it's still a Poring. For example, if you have 200 SP and your target has 50 SP, afterwards you have 25 and your target has 100. Mechs are one of the few classes that benefits from using Mastering Star because of the LUK Switch runes giving us extra value for each point of LUK. I'm really happy that this rune exists, but more on that in the discussion below. Im planning to create my own mech soon, but why chosen armor or saints rather than greed shirt? Reduce damage taken at the cost of losing SP every time you are hit. I'd list them but honestly you might want to check out. Water Element units will regain a % of their maxHP every couple seconds, while Fire Element units will lose a % of their maxHP every couple seconds. Lower levels give lower ACD, so you can actually spam level 3 faster than level 5. Gives up to 5 INT. Reduces damage from demihumans by an entire 10%, and you can Malangdo enchant it with DEX, INT, or MDEF, depending on your preference. Although Sorcerers's base HP is one of the worst, having a bit more HP will allow you to not die when sacrificing your own HP in Health Conversion. Keep in mind that the cast range for this skill is incredibly small. Usable for PVE and PVP. Beast Mask - Best one you can buy for Zenny. Doesn't need to be refined for bonuses. The second thing I wanted to discuss is the Energy Cannon Rune, which I will refer to as EC Rune to save a few keystrokes and also because it sounds like "easy."

Thunder Taiko - Best offensive option for Photon Cannon. Lude Star Card - Cheaper compared to GTB but no drawbacks. Ventus level 1 on Defensive Mode will let you run fast and dodge things.

Kind of like Pneuma, but only reduces ranged damage instead of dodging it completely.

Vagabond* or Mastering*, I got the same question on youtube, was that you?

Will override other Endows and Aspersio. Thanks for this guide! Really inspired me into getting back in ROM after a year of hiatus. Shadow Gear: Sorcerer Shadow Glove + Book, Upper: Ceremonial Crown, Celestial Coronet, Antiquity Cap, Spell Circuit, Old Wind Whisper, Illusion Morpheus's Hood, Wickebine's Black Cat Ears I'm not even gonna mention that card in the card section but I'm just gonna tell you that here. For Spellfist builds, or if you're leveling by killing Water element mobs before you become a Sorcerer.

Seeing as it costs almost 100m for a small gain, I would suggest skipping it if your main focus is to boost Arm Cannon damage. Use on Varetyr Spear/Wind Psychic Wave/Lightning Bolt Spellfist builds. So you press your hotkey, hold shift, and then click on your target. Decent for starting out and leveling, but best to switch this out later on for something more useful.

When you get to level 99, you can do one of 2 things: Leave your gramps party and Transcend at the Job Changer. Even vs attacks that do "non-reducible damage," Energy Coat will reduce it. If you don't happened to have a Green Ferus Card on hand, this card is fine too for support builds. For early game, this is one of the best free(!) Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks.

I'm just joking at this point but if you really really REALLY wanna max out your SP, throw a Abandoned Teddy Bear Card (20% SP) on this. Do you want more staying power? See Damage Formula in Additional Material.

Combo Effect: AGI+5. All these cards will give you 30% resistance from a specific element. The way it works definitely changes my playstyle during WoE and WoC. Halves the variable cast time of the next 5 skill casts. Each cast has a chance to give you a skill called "????" You can also enchant this for a couple extra DEX or INT. Acc: Battle Chips, MIR, POM King Schmidt's Divine Power Insignia (Mavka/Headless Mule/Elvira). Higher levels give a larger pool of possible skills. You may want to ask your party's healer if you have one to heal you up. You can find below the monster, its quest item and spawn location. The ATK is negligible. When the compounded shoes' upgrade level is no greater than 4, these bonuses are increased to Max HP +8% and Max SP +8%, and adds SP and HP Recovery +5%. This is the reason why I didn’t include it in my guide because it’s very impractical. Nova Shop (Slotted via Spiritual Auger, also from Nova Shop), Has a slot, gives INT. I'll post another writeup/guide when I make it :D. Vaga gives around +10% atk easily but its too expensive. Ragnarok Online M:Eternal Love database and resources. Sometimes Dark Priest, Roween, Kaho, Neraid, and Shinobi from this board is in the Gramps map. Each cell of Fire Wall will break after a certain amount of hits. To tame a pet, a Cute Pet Taming Item must be used. Monster Drop (Pom Spider/Sage in Biolabs), This used to be the best weapon for Psychic Wave, but now, 160 MATK, 3 INT, and 3 DEX. Nice for Spellfist builds, combo it with Double Cast. Cheap and usable on a lot of classes, Asgard's Blessing will help you stay alive and healthy. 2 slots on a level 4 weapon makes this a good candidate for putting. Increase Damage Based on Monster Property Cards, Increase Damage Based on Monster Size Cards, Increase Damage Based on Monster Type Cards, MorbidCoffee/Lesson 1.1 - Raid Preperation and Gear Progression, MorbidCoffee/Lesson 1.2 - Forming a Raid and Class Roles, MorbidCoffee/Lesson 1.3 - Loot Rules, Etiquette, and Raid Lockout, MorbidCoffee/Lesson 1.4 - Acquiring your first piece of Raid Gear.

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