The traditional long-form, Archibald, may seem fusty to many Americans, but makes a wonderful choice for those who love off-beat vintage names.
Pronunciation: K L IH F er d Origin: EnglishMeaning: A combo of the words for cliff and fordFamous Namesakes: Rapper T.I. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Pronunciation: ER n uh s t Origin: GermanMeaning: Unsurprisingly, it means earnestFamous Namesakes: writer Ernest Hemingway, actor Ernest BorgnineGeneral Overview: There is the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of being Earnest. @tori101 Alfred is at the top of our list if we ever have another boy! Archie was in the bottom U.S. top 100 during the late 19th century. Pronunciation: s IH d n ee Origin: FrenchMeaning: wide island in a river, a name for Saint Denis Famous Namesakes: Actor Sidney Poitier, director Sidney Lumet, writer Sidney Sheldon, hockey player Sidney CrosbyGeneral Overview: A unisex name that can be shortened to Sid, though the girls' name is often spelt Sydney, like the city.

The Victorian nickname trend that’s hot in the U.K. is getting attention in the U.S.—for girls. She’ll get used to the new title in no time! Hewie / Huey – Forget Donald Duck’s nephew or the 80’s pop star. I don’t think of Alfie as a name but a nickname, I also don’t like the name Alfred but my dad my have to do with that. Pronunciation: h AW r uh s Origin: LatinMeaning: from hora, meaning time (as in the word hour)Famous Namesakes: The ancient Roman poet Horace, US basketballer Horace GrantGeneral Overview: Coming from the name Horatius - which you might also like to consider, Horace is the name of characters in Harry Potter and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Some dog name generators offer the possibility to choose if the list of dog names will be inspired by a book or a TV show, or even by your favorite meal. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Howie. Howard for a middle want a first, you have Ethan which is a good choice. Is it Lewis but spelt so it wouldn't be recognizable? When it comes to the science of dog names, avoiding names that sound similar to commands you’re teaching your dog is a must. Choose one of the charming western dog names like Boomer, Missy, Pistol or Croc. One is in his class and goes by Howie. Pronunciation: F EE l ih k s Origin: LatinMeaning: luckyFamous Namesakes: Composer Felix Mendelssohn, Australian actor Felix Mallard, cartoon classic Felix the catGeneral Overview: The female version is Felicity.

Pronunciation: S EE s uh l Origin: Latin or WelshMeaning: Either from the Welsh for sixth child or the Latin  for blindFamous Namesakes: Hollywood moviemaker Cecil B DeMille, royal photographer Cecil Beaton, actor Cecil BaldwinGeneral Overview: Another grand old English name, there are Cecils in Oscar Wilde's Lady Windemere's Fan and E M Foster's Room With a View. Can also be spelt Melvyn, as in Oscar winner Melvyn Douglas. ", but that also has the sense of "He's such a Wally.". Have American’s thought of Frankie?

Pronunciation: V IH n s AA n t Origin: LatinMeaning: Like Victor, it means to conquerFamous Namesakes: painter Vincent Van Gogh, actor Vincent Price, the real first name of rocker Alice Cooper, one of Mary and Frederik's childrenGeneral Overview: Alternatives are Vin, Vinny, Vinnie (like actor Vinnie Jones), or Vince (like actor Vince Vaughan). Many were once popular in the U.S. and have comeback potential. You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Howie on Nameberry. If you didn't find an alternative name that you like better than Howie, try our name generator.It allows you to go beyond the similarities of a name, which can provide a lot of inspiration! Or some say derived from the same word as mortuary, mortal - an association with deathFamous Namesakes: philosopher Mortimer J. Adler, Australian-born artist Mortimer MenpesGeneral Overview: The famous Mickey Mouse could have been named Mortimer after a mouse Walt Disney owned as a child if Walt's wife hadn't talked him out of it. Pronunciation: b AE z uh l Origin: GreekMeaning: royalFamous Namesakes: actor Basil Rathbone, cheeky puppet Basil Brush, Fawlty Towers's hopeless hotelier BasilGeneral Overview: The name of the herb has royal and religious significance for the Greeks. If you don’t have an idea for any good puppy names and your dog naming muse has left you struggling with dog name meanings, a name generator might be the answer to your prayers. Unique Dog Names. What do you think of the name Nasty Dogface for a sexy stripper girl. 2) Morton Howard. I’m surprised Marty and Martin aren’t used more often, but then it’s familiar to me because I have a relative named Martin who goes by Marty. Knight, Donald Trump has a grandson Theodore, children's author Dr Seuss was a Theodor (no e)General Overview: Can be shortened to Theo (like Divergent's Theo James), Ted (like the character in How I Met Your Mother) or Teddy (like the US president who gave his name to stuffed bears).
Pronunciation: r EH j uh n uh l d Origin: GermanMeaning: ruler's decisionFamous Namesakes: Music man Elton John's real name is Reginald Dwight.General Overview: As the nickname Reggie, it's a character in Riverdale/the Archie comics, also Kim Kardashian's ex, Reggie Bush. Also i really don't like Howie, so if you go with Howard just call him that ( in my opinion) 0 0.

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