have extensive experience with the division of military retired pay in divorce. This is based on a recommendation by the Military Retirement Modernization Commission which conducted a long-term study of the military retirement benefit and made a recommendation to Congress. Under the old system, the annuity provision was 2.5% for every year of service. The Ins and Outs of a Direct Home Sale, 5 Reasons Some Military Families Buy Their Homes, How to Buy a Home in a Time of Economic Uncertainty, If you entered prior to September 1980 you are eligible for the, If you entered between September 8th, 1980 and August 1986 you are eligible for the, If you entered after August 1986 you are under the. There will be no back pay but matching contributions will begin on enrollment. In any event, thanks for your service and good luck with that new career. If not, here are some tips you might find helpful. Age at retirement: 42 The lesson to be learned from this is that when you search job sites, be as specific as possible about your skills. Benefits. * In addition to the annuity, servicemembers have been able to contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the equivalent to a military 401k account, as an additional means of saving for retirement. If you were in the regular service, such as the regular Army, and entered service before September 8th 1980, you will be eligible for the retirement plan called the Final Pay Retirement System. That means that if you contribute at least 5% of your base pay to the TSP, the government will double that money by contributing another 5%. The military would match up to 5% of your contribution, after of 2 years of service. Read more. The new annuity benefit is 2% per year of service. Military Retirement Calculator - Compare military retirement pay against different retirement dates and ranks, estimate future pay for 40 years after retirement and automatically calculates early retirement pay if you enter a retirement date that is less than 20 years of service. From offices in Fairfax, Arlington, Manassas, Leesburg and Fredericksburg, we represent clients across Northern Virginia. For example, if you were to search Monster.com by “Any Job Title,” the skill “computer maintenance,” and “Any location,” you could find more than 40 pages of jobs listed though many of them might be only sort of in the area of computer maintenance. The current military retirement system is basically what is known as a "defined retirement system". I have 7207 points for retirement… so would i be eligible for an AD retirement? Here is another example, this time of an enlisted couple who both retired from the military and had their story featured in CNN Money.They both are military retirees who will receive a combined $58,500 per year in military retirement pay, in addition to other military retiree benefits such as medical care. This is because you will now be able to match your experience and skills against specific types of jobs. Contacting us via this form does not create an attorney-client relationship with Livesay & Myers, P.C. And if you entered the service after August, 1986, you can choose from the High 36 Retirement System or the Career Status Bonus/REDUX (CSB) retirement system.

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