Harmonic Brass, William Tell Overture. Chicago Brass, Mnozil Brass Historical. Bravo to Mnozil! Winwood/M. They can REALLY hang out. Jackson, Arr: Mnozil Brass/L. Click on the desired title below to see the video, or click the artist's Chuck Levins Washington Music sells the Gansch Horn. Mnozil Brass/USAF Band of Flight -- Cowboy Scene from USAF Band of Flight on Vimeo. I am looking forward to being at the Schagerl shop in Austria early next year doing some work with them on their piston Bb's.
3 pages. So often a new group "bursts" onto the scene and everyone raves about them. To see more of these videos click here.

Service-Hotline (0 82 41) 50 08 52 (Mo-Fr, 09:00 - 14:00 Uhr) Kauf auf Rechnung (D, AT, … They are based out of Austria and were in Banff Canada this week performing as part of the ITG. The bend in the bell is not intended to imitate Dizzy but is necessary to provide clearance for the valve linkage. If you follow the YouTube leads to their other selections, they do a nice dramatic/comedic rendition of (lots of things but particularly) Bohemian Rhapsody, a marvellous song (considering it's not really my bag, Thomas Gansch has quickly become my modern day hero. PERFECTION!! Return and Exchange, World Band Festival Luzern This section offers videos of brass band and brass ensembles. Published by Hal Leonard Moon River von Henry Mancini hat Leonhard Paul für Blechbläserseptett arrangiert Die Ausgabe stammt aus den Originalnoten des Blechbläserensembles Mnozil Brass . It's hard to believe that its twenty years since a handful of Austrian brass musicians, largely fresh from college, gave their first public concert in Josef Mnozil's tavern in Vienna.
Jackson/S. I got to meet these guys at one of the jazz nights after the ITG daily activities a couple of years ago and got to hold his trumpet and examine it (but not play it!) The Ganzhorn is indeed available [Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center is the US distributor-call Lee Walkowich] and I was delighted to blow it quite a bit back and forth with Thomas. Here is a great website to get your whistle wet.......in English.

Einfach & sicher bestellen! I'm, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkiZlL0YI0s&NR=1, http://justforbrass.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=dvd&x=10&y=6. Some the world's best

groups are here, including Paul/T.

Single (no lyrics).

It's very cool and funky looking, but I'd rather have something with a few less things to go wrong! Brass Ensemble / Brass Band Videos. Karl Schagerl was exhibiting his many wonderful instruments at ITG in the same room as I was and Thomas and I had some great hangs all week. 15129 ist eine Komposition von Henry Mancini, welche arrangiert wurde von Alan Fernie. Moon River Henry Mancini, Arr: Leonhard Paul Birdland Joe Zawinul, Arr: Leonhard Paul Ich hatt einen Kameraden/So ein Tag, so wunderschön wie heute Fr Silcher/Lotar Olias,.

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