all the exams, but life doesn’t end here. And you may lay foundations for future growth. life would be in harmony during most of the year. This year is going to be very good from health perspectives. You will achieve huge success at your workplace, says 2018 prediction for Aquarius. domestic as well as marital bliss. ), and Tarot Card Reading. If you are in job, you are expected to get promotion around this time and if you are running your business then chances are high of some unexpected huge benefits. He has clients across the world, seeking solutions to their problems. 2018: the year begins with much hope and optimism then by the middle of the year security and safety issues can creep into the collective conscious. Astrology runs in the family, and his great grandfather was a renowned Astrologer. your finance is being declined. This distinguished Astrologer is a resident of Chennai. Shri Kumar is a gifted classical musician and is contemplating using music as a therapy based on Astrology. Time management with phone, online browsing, texting, and other black holes will be scrutinized as you will be freeing up your time to spend your energy on activities that are focused on what you love to do. plan your every move according to the predictions, as there is always a possibility Your good deeds will surely fetch you good results during year 2018. At financial front, this is going to be a mixed type of year. The last cycle between Saturn (in Capricorn) and Jupiter (in Scorpio) before the next new phase is a time that can bring up financial issues due to debt and investments. Be careful while driving a vehicle. We all undergo certain phases when we are in desperate need of advice or a solution to our problems. Right? His grandfather was a prominent and respected personality who engaged in honorary astrological services in Tiruchirapalli. However, going for an astrology This can be great news for you when you are willing to sit and listen to your inner wisdom and follow the directions from your higher self. Overall, it will be an average year. Out with the time wasters and in with more time to rejuvenate. Considering that these are out of the 10 main planets used, and 2 never are retrograde, (Sun and Moon) that leaves only a couple of them to be moving forward the various aspects of our life. they eat healthy and avoid any kind of fried or deep-fried food item or even junk Overall, Business Health concerns may prevail all year around. In September Saturn moves direct September 6th at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Mars as the archetype for male dominant energy, and Venus embodying the feminine principle both retrograde and having their station points square each other will result in disagreement of how and where to spend money and resources. Ward off evil spirits and strengthen Mars. I believe that charity is the biggest remedy for everyone. this year will be more beneficial for you in all terms. sacred ceremony will take place in family. Mercury will be moving retrograde in all the fire signs, beginning with Mercury retrograde in Aries March 22 to April 15th. Because after all, we cannot take our words back. Throughout In spite of the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are in a bit of a spat, Jupiter is in agreement with Pluto and Neptune. If you are single and want to be with someone, this is a strong time of finding the right partner for you. He has worked as a full-time Astrologer at, India's foremost Online Astrology Center in 2018. issues related to airy diseases, joint pains, etc. Uranus moving into Taurus in May will stir up your relationships. Be it your love life, marital bond with This energy is also responsible for the break down of international borders and the movement of people migrating to other countries that offer more optimism and opportunity for a better life. your actions conclude the outcomes in your life. Last time in 2016 Election, Hilary Clinton was defeated giving a tough fight to Donald Trump. Also, time is good for your marital and love life as well. You can consult her on any issue, be it family life, love and relationship, health, matchmaking, children, education, financial matters, business partners, and Prasna. Serving old people will be very beneficial for you. On the other side, your health would give you hiccups. Uranus moving into your solar fifth house of children, hobbies, and romance brings a boost of new ideas in having fun. But try to stay away from negative thoughts and move ahead with a positive attitude. Serve your mother and shed naag and nagin of silver into the river. be more inclined toward education and learning new things. Your time with your best buds can become more precious as other obligations take the front seat. Cancer: Your planetary constellations suggest harmonious enhancement in the field of finance, sports, social life, as well as relationships in 2018. As Even though Uranus is only dipping into Taurus, and therefore your house of money for a few months this year before it comes retrogrades back to your sign, it is a signal that the years ahead can bring more stability to your finances.

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