Denethor was negative, hopeless, and totally convinced that Sauron could not be stopped, so what did he do?

Trunchbull despised children and yet chose a profession devoted to them, which also allowed her to subject her students to torturous punishments. July 26, 2020 - 17:36 / Administrator User. She exercises near-absolute power over her patients and their access to medications, privileges and overall basic needs.

She was a bitter woman who despised children and even turned her back on her own family.

Even Lord Voldemort, for all his villainy, really doesn't generate the level of hate to make this list. But in my opinion she wasn’t much of a heroine and was sometimes hard to root for. On top of all of that, Lisa take the brunt of the blame for cheating and Mark solely blames her for his death. He refused to stand up for himself or take responsibility.

She put a ton of lives in danger by being with Edward Cullen (including her own)— and made him choose between her and his family.

She's the ultimate "It Girl" with looks and money, but she makes her fellow classmates' lives a living hell. His relationship with her is enough to make us dislike him, but when the ship begins to sink, his true colors come out even more. We've put together a list of the top 17 most hated characters on TV and film for you guys. I hated him. Life seems completely perfect until he has an encounter with another woman, Alex. Arguably the most hated and loathed Star Wars characters ever (and one of the most despised in general), Jar Jar Binks was initially created for comic relief but was instead met with overwhelming disdain by fans.

On their heads be it. Gene Hackman as the corrupt president would have eventually been exposed, but those around him who fed off his position of power would have assisted him in fomenting evil, its tentacles reaching in myriad directions for some time to come via dirty deals and cover-ups. William Zabka & Martin Kove as Johnny Lawrence & John Kreese. Account active

He refused to give aid and became totally unwilling to help, even when everyone else was seemingly giving up everything.

After being the source of Harry's parents' demise, Voldemort uses weak individuals and magic to slither his way back to torture Harry and everyone at Hogwarts everytime we think he's gone for good. The character has no redeeming qualities and he is both amoral and ruthless, and Joaquin Phoenix's acting and talent makes him that much more intense and villainous. By the way..... Sam was the real hero of Lord of the Rings.

Voldemort felt he was the greatest wizard of all time and deserved the recognition; I suppose of all the characters mentioned, he is truly the most evil as he had no qualms in killing even innocent babies.

He made cheap shots, plain and simple. To say Alex is unlikable is an extreme understatement. Rachel M Johnson (author) on March 02, 2020: @HI, I definitely agree Bella isn’t nearly as bad as many of the others on this list! For five movies, Bella Swan was a damsel in distress choosing between two men— Edward or Jacob. She seduced dad Nick Parker, and planned to marry him for money and send the girls off to a boarding school far, far away. His vile and true colors begin to truly show when the ship begins to sink; he frames Jack for theft of the Heart of the Ocean necklace and also tries to shoot at the pair in a jealous rage. Gwen needed to be knocked down a peg.

Though on the outside she looks pleasant and proper in pink, Dolores Umbridge is most certainly the furthest thing from it. Jar Jar Binks is the Wrong idea. The character's horrific crime spree is showcased in the film, as are his attempts at rehabilitation.

They hide behind a facade of gentleness and self pity that feeds off the sensitivity and desires of others to protect them from the harsh realities of life. After all, any woman who has a secret cupboard with glass and nails sticking out known as the chokey, more than deserves to be on this list. His thick accent was disrespectful and his scenes in the film were ridiculous and irking for many moviegoers.

Gandalf mentions several times the unfortunate life of Gollum... that perhaps he was MEANT to find the One Ring and keep it safely hidden away until circumstance allows Bilbo to find it, take it to the Shire, give it to Frodo, and make its way to Mount Doom. And that's not cool. Melanie was close behind.

Jar Jar binks - Star Wars episode 1 the phantom menace suggested by Guy Bishopp.

Everything's happy, they create a plan to get their parents to fall in love again, and bam… enter the young, beautiful blonde bombshell here to destroy any hope of that as she seduces the money bags father into marrying her.

Arguably the most-hated character in film history, there probably isn't much that's new that we can say about this alien. They are usually extremely capable, well organized, always volunteer, and others think they are heaven-sent.

They took someone who turns into the biggest, baddest villain in the galaxy, and made him whiny and flat on-screen. The character has been widely rejected and ridiculed, with many people believing he was introduced solely to appeal to children. If you are going to ask me for an evil person you have to ask me for someone who cannot under any circumstances justify, even in the twisted recesses of their subconscious, the horror and pain they mete out to the innocent. A classic example of old-school Hollywood racism, Mickey Rooney's portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi, Holly Golightly's landlord, has since been protested and criticized. since. Subscriber There are probably worse things in life than being force-fed chocolate cake, but her personality was as wretched as her messy, top knot bun.

He was taught many unethical battle moves by John Kreese, who encouraged his students to fight dirty and win at all costs.

(Warning: This list does contain spoilers.) They are so loathsome, whether because they're immensely annoying or horribly villainous, that throughout the entire movie we're rooting for them to just be gone already. Beware both types of evil, but be especially wary of the Ashley Wilkes in society and in your daily lives. Annoying, yes, but hated....really doesn't belong in the same category with the two I mention above. She completely abuses her power, and during her tenure at Hogwarts Umbridge subjects the students to cruel and abusive punishments. She's been writing about music and entertainment online for over two years. Everything about A Clockwork Orange's Alex DeLarge is unsettling and downright freaky; he is a sociopath who enjoys robbing, raping and assaulting innocent people for his own amusement. And that is so evil and frightening because I have no doubt it has happened, and will happen again, in the lives and environment of the privileged and wealthy. Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge. Some of them are not even aware of their own evil and believe their narcissistic "my way or no way at all" is a mandate from God.

I really don't think there can be an … Let's take a look at who else made the list. Her inhumane treatment of innocent and helpless patients makes her without a doubt an intensely hated movie character. Ah yes, the classic tale of twins separated at a young age that find out about each other later in life. The Parent Trap introduced the world to Annie and Hallie, two mischievous twins unknowingly separated at a young age and reunited later in life.

The dystopian environment he lives in makes his behavior and the film all the more unsettling, and his desire for ultra-violence and to simply wreak havoc makes DeLarge a completely savage individual. The movie focuses on Amy, a normal mom who's completely overworked and dealing with marital issues when she decides to let loose with the rest of the "bad moms." Gollum was a character that created mischief and mayhem, and presented many hurdles for Frodo and Sam to overcome in The Lord of the Rings. Mrs Bette Davis playing the role of Baby Jane in the classic movie Whatever happend To Baby Jane . Agatha Trunchbull was the headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School, making the lives of all the students and our heroine Matilda herself miserable.
He committed so many unfathomable atrocities to the innmates, such as exploiting prison labor for public works, accepting bribes and laundering money. Her excessive demands and humiliating treatment of Andy makes her extremely unlikable and downright cruel, even though at times the character does show signs of emotion and civility. The character was absolutely ruthless and completely damaged, making her a perfect contender for this list. And you can give me Gene Hackman as the President of the United States in "Absolute Power."

Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Between classics from our childhood and new releases, there's always those characters that are so good at making us dislike them.

She crushed the hopes of anyone who watched.

), Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy them!

Things come to a head when the friends are on their way to rescue a member of the club from the clown, but have to take on Bowers first. He lied to Johnny's face about sleeping with Lisa and after the damage was already done, he tells Lisa he doesn't want to be with her anyway. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

The Warden truly deserved a far worse fate for his evil behavior in the film.

Like what you see here?

It's the same dilemma I have with Judas... he HAD to betray Jesus before Jesus could be arrested, tried, crucified, rise, ascend. A wimp, a selfish cowardly despicable mouse of a man who not only leaned on the women in his life, he hopped upon their shoulders and allowed them to carry him through life. Nothing.

Rachel M Johnson (author) on September 05, 2020: Hi Michael, I appreciate your input! There are some movie characters you loathe and hate with a passion, whether it's because they're tried and true villains or simply because you just love to hate them. Gladiator's Emperor Commodus is the twisted and power-hungry son of Marcus Aurelius, whom he murders to gain power and become emperor.

If you've seen "Frozen" you're likely more than familiar with the devastating plot twist — that Hans truly never loved Ana at all and was just using her to ascend to the throne. The character began to stalk her once lover Dan Gallagher, becoming unhinged and obsessed when he tries to move on from the indiscretion. Disappointing photos show what your favorite movies and TV shows get wrong about living in New York. He got in the way, and there was pretty much nothing that could make people like him. The Ashley Wilkes' will suck the life from you and you will never know until the lid of the casket is being nailed shut. Mr. Yunioshi is an infamous film character and his appearance in the classic is widely debated by many.

When his son is brought to him seemingly just knocked out, he assumes he's dead and burns him. Worst of all, he sabotages the electric chair and makes Del have an extremely painful and long violent death by burning alive. Many fans of the franchise were not impressed with the version of Anakin, with blame placed on both the casting choice and George Lucas's writing. There is a little poem I came across once that reminds me of these people: Nurse Ratched never showed a single tooth during the whole movie, I don't think. Thank you Rachel and it's my understanding Bette Davis and Joan Crawford weren't fun Of each other in real life.

He's manipulative, controlling, and even slaps Rose. Hi Mr. Ottman, you are so right!

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