js.src = "https://connect.facebook.net/es_LA/sdk.js"; We went to the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna today.
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Covid-19 will probably be the first cause of death in the country. Your premium period will expire in 0 day(s), GrabFood launches ‘Makanthon’ culinary festival to support local food sellers, ‘Perempuan Tanah Jahanam’ dominates 2020 FFI Awards with 17 nods, Fortnite could soon return to Apple iPhones: Report, Mexico urges Austria to return Moctezuma's headdress. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); In addition, 63,117 more deaths than expected among women were registered, equivalent to 234 deaths of Mexican women in excess per day or 10 per hour.

Claimed since 1991, Mexican authorities are now looking to repatriate the jewel of their heritage for 2021, in time for several significant milestones. 2020 is a year that will mark a dimension of death and disease out of all the demographic inertia that we have experienced in the last 30, 50 years “, said Mario Luis Fuentes Alcalá, researcher at the University Program for Development Studies (PUED) of the UNAM. The piece has been in Europe for a long time, for more than 450 years. FB.init({ In April 2013 the museum was renamed as Weltmuseum Wien. Because if you move it it will be damaged and nobody wants that. say, 455 excess male deaths, every day; 19 every hour. The pandemic generated a synergy with structural situations of poverty, marginalization, overcrowding, a huge lack of income and this synergy obviously caused what we know, which is that in the most vulnerable places is where there have been more deaths, because there it is again the issue of structural inequality in health services ”, raised Fuentes Alcalá. They have disappeared because they were moved and thus they deteriorated. Discussions and new questions arise all the time, and we are open. Heldenplatz 1010 Vienna, Austria +43 1 534 30-5052 info@weltmuseumwien.at During the health emergency there have been an excess of 718 deaths a day, 30 every hour, one every 2 minutes. The director of the Vienna Art History Museum defends that it is possible to “share” the Mesoamerican treasure “without moving it” due to its fragile state, Restoration work on the Plume of Moctezuma, in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna, Cuartoscuro. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was transferred to Vienna and exhibited in the Belvedere Palace. Important collections include Mexican artifacts, such as a unique Aztec feathered headdress; part of James Cook's collection of Polynesian and Northwest Coast art (purchased in 1806); numerous Benin bronzes; the collection of Charles von Hügel from India, Southeast Asia, and China; collections from the Austrian Brazil Expedition; artifacts collected during the circumnavigation of the globe by the SMS Novara; and two of the remaining rongorongo tablets.
This feaethered headdress, or kopilli ketzalli currently sits in the Vienna Museum of Ethnology. It is no surprise that the plume is very special to Mexican citizens, as it is to us as well. In addition, it is made mainly of organic material, such as feathers, and has more than 1,500 small pieces of gold and silver. It has been documented for more than 400 years in a collection of this type, in which non-European pieces played a very important role. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Restoration work on Moctezuma’s Plume, at the Vienna Museum of Ethnology. We made a special display case to preserve it and, for example, if there is an earthquake in Vienna the box compensates for the vibrations and the plume does not move. The Weltmuseum Wien is one of the most important museums of ethnography in the world.

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