Lucy Rose offered followers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her new video. Combining your promotional efforts with a brand or other artist of equal or bigger reputation can at least double your reach and prospective impressions. Polls are also available on Instagram through Instagram Stories. In 2016, Drake appeared on Saturday Night Live announcing a new song titled ‘more than a meme’ in which the Canadian Rapper asserts that his rise to fame is based on more than his popularity as a comedy icon on forums & social networks. In fact, their loyalty and love of Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor came in handy when it was time to market Nine Inch Nails’ 5th album, Year Zero. As it turned out, both albums were released on the Universal record label, meaning that this whole release-day war was nothing more than a publicity stunt manufactured by the label to sell more records. Try to use hashtags relevant to your music, or at least to music in general, otherwise you could be perceived as spammy. But when their next albums were released, the heat was turned up a bit. This link contained album information such as the title and track listing. Or have you had success implementing any of these ideas? 5. Buying music–a delicate and dying past time in the digital age — has had to adapt some traditional marketing concepts surrounding the artist and their product, to result in return. That's much more reach than simply posting a video. You can set up pre-order through the best music distributors and labels. As the music industry becomes more and more saturated, music marketing is becoming very difficult for a lot of artists. 50 Cent even commented saying that if he were to sell less copies than Kanye, he’d retire from music, a statement which he was contractually obligated to retract. By doing this, your fans are prepared to see it premiere and you seem more … Fans were confused, was this the ‘album’ that they had been waiting for? However, hosting Q&A sessions, where you speak directly with your followers is arguably a more engaging way to go live. When bands record an album, they want the public to buy it; that’s just simple economics at work. Give your fans an insight into life behind the scenes. Beyonce’s Surprise Album Fans despaired and wondered when and if the second half, entitled Jenny Death, would be released, even creating a hugely popular hashtag of ‘#jennydeathwhen’. When the album was released though, they were met with the information that it was all a red herring and in fact the album did actually include titles like ‘4 bit 9d api+e+6’ and ‘fz pseudotimestretch+e+3’. It’s also important to bear in mind that most social users are active from their phones, and might not in an ideal location to listen to the audio on your video. World Health Organization’s COVID-19 PSAs. If you’re a smaller or niche artist, the below strategies won’t be all that useful to you. Aphex Twin is a strange entity, as bands go. GIFs and short video content have a reputation for achieving the highest levels of engagement. For instance, if a musician wins an award, completes a successful Kickstarter campaign, or does something else of significance, a press push with the news can help keep awareness of the band high while giving your music campaign a defined purpose. UK Hip-Hop artist Lee Scott has been releasing his own unique brand of music since early 2006. The aforementioned article contains information on how the music industry has fundamentally changed for artists, specifically niche artists, in addition to an array of tips and tricks. Not satisfied with changing the way albums were marketed, Radiohead changed the way albums were bought just seven years later. If there’s only one or a small number of winners, you could offer a bigger prize to draw in the punters and escalate the potential publicity. Here a few tips to help make your social media promotional campaigns a success... Use our free social media planner to create a solid strategy. Share with us some ways to achieve that. There are many more excellent examples of music marketing at it’s best, but for the sake of keeping this article concise, we’re going to cut it here and leave the rest of our findings for a future post. Fast forward to the 13th December 2016, exactly a year after Ed’s last post on social media, he puts up an image of a plain light blue square, which marked the beginning of the promotion for his newly announced album, Divide. With the success of games like Pokémon Go in recent years, the idea of media changing based upon your location probably sounded like some of technophile fever dream to the masses back in 2013. – EMILY MCDONAGH MUB,  , Fear-based Marketing in Practice: 4 Examples, Content Marketing Examples That Date Back Over 300 Years, Why Marketing Degrees Are Practically Useless: & How They Can Be Fixed. 2000’s Kid A was already highly anticipated, but Radiohead’s decision to market the album entirely online, making it the first album to be done in such a way, made the anticipation that much greater. Furthermore, the slow release created anticipation within the fanbase which generated social buzz and PR opportunities. For example, if your music PR team confirmed a premiere on a high readership blog, you could get the publications logo and add it to a press image of yourself and share it on your socials. When they announced the release of In Rainbows, they decided to take a completely new approach. Millions of € in royalties paid out to artists just like you. Scroll down to discover some of the best social media post ideas to help you reach and engage with your followers. In early 2007, fans started noticing certain letters on the band’s shirts were highlighted. In January of 2015, the group suddenly released an instrumental album entitled Fashion Week, made up of songs which spelt out the letters ‘JENNY DEATH WHEN’ acrostically. Hailing from a career as a radio DJ, Khaled grew his original audience utilising tactical partnerships and musical collaborations with famous artists such as Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross. Company No: 03976764. Bursting onto the scene with their highly acclaimed fusion of hip-hop, punk, and electroclash, the group have had a short, but intense history.

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