Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. That perhaps is preferable to watching them French kiss. I found the one woman who doesn't poop!" he was completely understanding and even felt bad that my anxiety was causing me so much discomfort. If its the former, well, then the answer is pretty simple. You get to make your own choices about what constitutes intimacy at every level of your relationship, and no one can make those "peeing in front of each other"-type decisions except you. Unfortunately, this problem isn't getting any better and I'm starting to worry for my health. What she said was "is it normal to be so paranoid and anxious about pooping around your significant other" it’s like weird? But seriously I don't even want my parents to know about it, I'm so self-concious :P but the shower thing suggested above it one I myself have used before (lol I LOVE finding out that people I don't even know do exactly the same thing as I do) and also I put toilet paper in the bowl so there is no sound :| because that to me is the worst part. Given how close we were, I am perplexed and hurt about Erica’s absence. Poop at work, poop at home, poop in a box, poop with a fox, but, most importantly, poop when you have to poop at your significant other's house. Now I'm ok so long as there's a tv on outside or he's playing video games with the volume up while i've got the shower on. I wish you the best ( won't be easy). Like TheJackel said, it's all in your head. Two of my boyfriends broke up with me over something like this. I like being a lady in front of him especially lol :), Your welcome When accidents happen the best thing you can do is just laugh it off and tell yourself it's no big deal, We both had a good laugh even though I was totally embarrassed! for those of you who have said that you don't want to go to the bathroom and you are spending weeks with your boyfriends. then she demanded i taste it. You'd be constipated for days which is unhealthy and extremely uncomfortable. It was terrifying. EXTREME POOP PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!! Thankfully, it didn't scare him away — we just celebrated our five-year anniversary. YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM A MENTAL PROBLEM DIRECTLY RELATED TO BAD UPBRINGING FROM A VERY EARLY AGE. my boyfriend dies the same thing. :) Thanks! Anyone else would know what I said makes sense. But it's pretty important to both of us to have absolute bathroom privacy (I like to use my poop time to read six month old copies of Vogue), and so we don't poop or pee in front of each other. No sploosh. Guys don't fart." Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! He hasn't seen u pee yet? Having the total bill be a whole dollar amount is my slight OCD quirk. I came trudging out, filthy water dripping down my legs, and announced lunch was over. i really like him but i think thats wierd. But if you're just avoiding pooping due to some misguided ideas about how women are supposed to act, or what makes you sexy, I beg you to give the issue another consideration. And farts aren't that bad. There’s nothing rude about what you’re doing and if your girlfriend is so concerned about this harmless quirk, she should be the one whipping out her credit card. But this sounds like a festival of passive-aggressiveness. My response is that I am a courteous customer, a good tipper and that any extra money is good for the waiter/waitress. Be professional and friendly and wrap up this brief conversation by thanking him for his understanding. A: I suppose you could tell her that the party this year is going to be casual so you’d appreciate if she’d wear a Hefty bag. I tried to jokingly fart around one of them, and he stopped laughing and his face immediately looked serious. Relevance. What would you do in my situation? Everybody farts. Then by time you come back around to health, you'll just be glad you can function normally. Or if he gave her an ultimatum..haha. Aha :) I guess it was bound to happen at some point but thankfully it was just in front of him. Unfortunately, youth of today in the internet age lack the common sense and intelligence to make informed decisions and think that the answers they seek are going to come from a place like this. -'s shop - (Go here for all concert ticket info)Follow me on all the things! When we have anxieties and phobias around a certain issue we think about it constantly, while the people without them never think about them. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Some people worry that admitting that you poop is the death of romance — the end of all mystery and sensuality in your relationship, and the beginning of engaging in behaviors like pooping with the door open while you discuss the various ways you feel disappointed by Gotham. One time when she was taking a dump & I was with her she asked me why I never went to the bathroom when she was around, I told her I dont know & she was coaxing me to tell her, al. So remember: pooping at your love's house doesn't signify or symbolize anything, except that you are comfortable with who you are, and also that you had some lentils with dinner. And there's me laughing whenever I burp or fart in front of the guy I'm with! If your boyfriend has any respectability, he will accept your need to poop as perfectly natural and healthy, and thus will not bother labeling it as "gross and unfeminine.". God that is absolutely ridiculous. That is the most sick thing I've ever seen. My mum has a lot of wind and just farts in front of all of us and i've grew up with my dad and bro loving fart humor so i just fart in front of them aha, although my dad is still conflicted and tells me off for farting but he can't say nout when he makes rotten smelling farts even when he's standing at the kitchen door when i'm in there like i don't get it... he laughs and jokes stinking me out but kinda treats it like it's "unlady-like" when i fart... but the other times he's not like that, confused... lol, it proves it's just embedded old age beliefs. You need to be comfortable! If you really can't be your best self when anyone knows that you're pooping, fine (but do know that holding in poop can create health problems from hemorrhoids to sphincter damage). After pee there's like nothing more embarrassing. In the beginning, I would ask him to do something on his own for a bit like go on the patio to smoke or read a book or watch tv while i would run the shower and use the toilet. This is a playground not a qualified source of information. Try having him watch tv really loudly while you have the shower running. have you done that in front of anyone? YOU CAN!IMPORTANT: If you want me to write you back I ONLY will if you send a self addressed envelope WITH A STAMP! Well... you might get married one day, and then the jig is up! Now if you can figure out how to do a google search, enter keywords related to info you are looking for. But please don't insult my intelligence with this bullSHIT story. Let'r rip ladies! What are your thoughts? So you're on vacation, running around like crazy trying to poop in a Panera Bread, or the Louvre, or literally any place where your honey isn't. So embarrassing though! Should I suck it up and go to the funeral out of respect for my other relatives? He squeezed my stomach to try to get me to fart? He teased me about it afterwards and was like "You're too pretty to fart." Q. So embarrassing? The other boyfriend heard me in the bathroom. Obsessed with travel? Later that day, we were greeted by his dog, who had a white string hanging out of his mouth.

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