"Энциклопедический словарь конституционного права". Mostly made up of the Volga Basin and centered around the river of the same name, this wonderful region is home to some of Russia’s most important cities, and acts as the industrial heartland of the country.

Besides the obvious Moscow, which is the capital of Russia with over 10 million population, there are several very large cities with population over 1 million and myriads of big cities with population over 500,000 people. The Central Black Earth region covers Lipetsk, Oryol, Tambov, Belgorod, and Kursk in Russia. Federal Districts: The Federal Law was amended on 27 May 2014 to include new types of municipal divisions:[8], In June 2014, Chelyabinsky Urban Okrug became the first urban okrug to implement intra-urban divisions. Here's a quick snapshot of the most inhabited Russian cities according to 2002 census. Essential Facts About Russia's 21 Republics. Закон №706-ЗО от 10 июня 2014 г. Russia is so large that it covers 11 time zones. It has invested heavily in the metal and machinery industries. In addition to basic geographical information, you will also find stories about culture, life, history, sightseengs and things to do in Russian cities. This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 03:46. For economic and statistical purposes the federal subjects are grouped into twelve economic regions. Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest city in the country and Europe, and one of the largest cities in the world. Указ №900 от 27 июль 1998 г. will be able to visit Russia using a single e-visa ($ 40, up to 16 days, all regions) issued online for tourist, business, humanitarian, and guest trips. These subjects are of equal federative rights in the sense that they have equal representation (2 delegates each) to the Federative Council of Russia.

Thus far we have described 81 regions, oblasts, krays and 116 cities, towns and settlements of Russian Federation.
The central economic region is located in the central European part of Russia. The region accounted for 5% of Russia’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) in 2008. Закон №17-ЗС от 3 июня 2014 г. Just send us a note. In the course of the Russian municipal reform of 2004–2005, all federal subjects of Russia were to streamline the structures of local self-government, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of Russia. Each district includes several regions, such as oblast, republic, krai, okrug. It covers an area of 484,000 km2 and has a population of 30.5 million people. [9], Federal legislation introduced on May 1, 2019, added an additional territorial unit:[10]. The unemployment rate is about a fifth higher than Russia’s national unemployment rate. Other industries include food and wood processing, cement industries, and pottery industries. The West Siberian Region is one of the largest economic regions in Russia. While the implementation details may be considerably different, in general, however, the following types of high-level administrative divisions are recognized: Autonomous okrugs and okrugs are intermediary units of administrative divisions, which include some of the federal subject's districts and cities/towns/urban-type settlements of federal subject significance. Surrounding Kuban River is a black-earth area which promotes farming of sugar beets, sunflower seeds, wheat, rice, and tobacco. This particular email address can only send and receive emails to other users within the Treutlen County domain. Вступил в силу 13 мая 2000 г. Опубликован: "Собрание законодательства РФ", №20, ст. Федерального Закона №243-ФЗ от 28 сентября 2010 г. Федеральный Закон №136-ФЗ от 27 мая 2014 г. The transport infrastructure is well developed thereby promoting trade between the cities and towns in the region. Central Russia (Central District) Russian South (Southern District) North West Russia … The region’s economic activities are lumbering, fur trapping, machine production, hunting, and fishing. It covers an area of 2,427,200 km2 with a population of 12.1 million inhabitants. Russia consists of 8 federal districts, that are divided into 83 “subjects”. The region is rich in minerals and ores such as bauxite, manganese, gold, nickel oxide, and potassium salts among others. [13] Each military district operates under the command of the district headquarters, headed by the district commander, and is subordinated to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This soil type has high mineral and humus content. Russian map general info. «Об общих принципах организации местного самоуправления в Российской Федерации», в ред. Our visitors have left 271 replies, reviews and impressions about Russia.

As of September 30, 2020, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of foreigners legally working in Russia decreased to 1.8 million (one year ago - 2.3 million). 523 questions about Russia were asked and answered. Вступил в силу со дня официального опубликования. The employees’ wages are higher than the nation’s average wage. All federal subjects are of equal federal rights in the sense that they have equal representation—two delegates each—in the Federation Council (upper house of the Federal Assembly). For now RussiaTrek.org site team is working on adding various entertaining and useful content about Russian regions and cities and about Russia in general. The economic growth of the region is also high compared to other economic regions and the nation as a whole. Russian cities, towns and regions in alphabetical order. The central economic region is located in the central European part of Russia. Moscow, Russia. Because of its large size, Russia is divided into 83 federal subjects (members of the Russian Federation) for local administration throughout the country.
Today's Russia consists of seven federal districts. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 worldatlas.com, Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones. There are different kinds of “subjects”: 46 oblasts

At approximately 6,592,850 square miles, Russia is the world's largest country based on area. Russia consists of 8 federal districts, that are divided into 83 “subjects”. The total population of Russia is 145,166,731. No documents confirming the purpose of the trip are required.

Статья "Административно-территориальное устройство". [1] However, two of these federal subjects—the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol—are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. Moscow refers to global cities having a great influence on the world... More... My relatives, friends are living/going to live in Russia, My relatives, friends were living in Russia/USSR/Russian Empire. Russia's republics are thus able to set their official languages and establish their constitutions. Since 18 March 2014, the Russian Federation consisted of eighty-five federal subjects that are constituent members of the Federation. «О статусе и границах Челябинского городского округа и внутригородских районов в его составе». According to the law, the units of the municipal division (called "municipal formations") are as follows: The economic activities in the Volga-Vyatka region include farming of rye, oats, barley, wheat, fodder crops, and rearing dairy cattle. All rights reserved.

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