The imagery is commonly referred to as "the great Harlot who sits on a scarlet Beast." Recall that the New Testament is packed with Jesus facts dealing with his birth, his miracles, his disciples, his death and his ultimate reign over good and evil. All rights reserved. King Herod was also called "Herod the Great.". According to the book of Acts, Stephen served as a deacon in Jerusalem and was accused of blasphemy. In the book of Luke, baby Jesus was presented at the Temple in Jerusalem when Simeon saw him. In the same Ephesians verse, wives are encouraged to obey their husbands. 10 quiz questions all about the New Testament.

Use this New Testament Bible trivia quiz to test kids in on their biblical knowledge in Bible classes, devotionals, and at Bible camp. HARD. If you have a pretty good understanding of the aforementioned, you are sure to gain at least 11 wins with this Good-book teaser. Rhoda is a woman who is only mentioned once in the New Testament. This happens in front of the disciples before a cloud hides their view of Christ. Q3.
Religion Quiz / Bible Books - New Testament Random Religion or Testament Quiz Can you name the books of the New Testament? The book of Matthew states that the two "straightway left their nets" and followed Jesus. The verse reads: "And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl.". 9.) This is a chance for you to brush up on certain obscure biblical names that you don't see too often. Simon Peter and Andrew were brothers who were called to follow Jesus at the same time. This quiz has been taken 59997 times, with an average score of 59.58%. Print this quiz and the answers.

The horses were pale, black, white and red in color.

She chose the head of John the Baptist, and her request was honored. The disciple Thomas was given the nickname "Doubting Thomas" because he doubted Jesus's resurrection at first. 4.) 7 Min, TRIVIA 1.) She was the mother of John the Baptist. John the Baptist is described as wearing clothes made of camel's hair. Click here. The dove displayed in Christian artwork usually symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The book of Revelation gives explicit details on what will ultimately happen in the end times. 10.) Which of these books comes first in the New Testament (relative to the others)? B. Nicodemus. Congratulations! The biblical books Luke and Acts give detailed accounts of Jesus's ascension into heaven. The name of this miracle is "miracle of five loaves and two fish." The book of Ephesians often details how Christians should behave within the home. In the book of Revelation, when the Lamb of God opened the first four seals, the four horsemen appeared. What is the very last word in the Bible? His seven sons all tried to exorcise a demon out of a man in Ephesus.
The Holy Spirit is another term for Holy Ghost. How many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? 2. New Testament Bible Trivia Quiz for Kids. Q5. His "Gospel According to Luke" is the third gospel and the longest of the four. He is reported to have observed Jesus's resurrection and ascension. There are four gospels in the New Testament. A mighty angel cried with a loud voice to initiate this part of the revelation. privacy policy

John the Baptist describes the Holy Spirit as descending from heaven like a dove. Jesus said, “Ye must be born again” to … A. Gamaliel. She was present at Jesus's crucifixion and his Resurrection.

The birth of Jesus is also referred to as the nativity of Jesus. Sceva was described as a Jewish chief priest in the book of Acts. Which of these are NOT books in the New Testament? Trivia Bible Quiz Questions And Answers. He begins his letter by immediately rebuking Galatians for their alleged hypocrisy. God isled John, isolating him on Patmos so that he could receive a monumental prophecy. Sprinkled throughout this New Testament quiz are easy, somewhat easy and not-so-easy questions designed to boost your score while challenging your biblical knowledge. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. And how do you use a proper noun? How many books are there in the New Testament? The book of Acts recounts that in her excitement upon seeing Peter as she told others of his presence, she forgot to open the door for him. John preached repentance for the forgiveness of sin through baptism. 1. Salome, the daughter of Herodias, was able to choose anything she wanted as a reward for her dancing. Eutychus fell asleep during Paul's discourse, and he also fell down from a loft.

Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This New Testament Quiz. This vision was given to John by the "angel who had the seven bowls.". Playing quizzes is free! More recognizable notables should trigger some of the particularly prominent events of Christian culture. Bible scripture asserts that non-believers and sinners will suffer the Apocalypse on earth, while true believers will join Christ. Q4.

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