Okay you guys, I LOVE the name Thelma. I love pretty names like Lily and Julia but it is a shame they are being used so much. I have many names (which I will post later) but just wanted to mention a couple of my nan/ great nan and great aunts names. What’s wrong with Phyllis? Also "Walt!" Think classroom & droning voice repeating Beuller….Beuller…..etc. Originally a Hebrew or Egyptian name meaning ‘highest mountain’ or ‘exhaulted’. Eloise Harry Oliver is a baby name associated with the olive tree, which represents peace. Hazel is fab too, and seems to come from a different era in the USA? From the Scottish top 100 from 1900 I could see a revival of: Annie http://www.gro-scotland.gov.uk/files1/stats/name6.pdf. Has to be a joke!!! Well mamas, those are my favorite boy names from the 1800s! Nicholas is a Greek baby name, meaning ‘victory of the people’. Maybe this is just me, but I can see Marjorie coming back before Mildred…other than that, I love this list! The names in the first list and also Ruby, have been done to death already, here in Australia! IDA — My great-grandmother’s name! Dewey An English name originally stemming from the name, Otto, meaning ‘wealth’. I think it is partially a tonal difference in the way we talk. Hazel THEODORE — I’m already hearing this one considered a lot. Everett Howard is an English baby name, that comes from Normandy. Martha Herman is another Germanic baby name, meaning ‘soldier’. Raymond Mae Alma Nelson is an English name meaning ‘son of Neil.’. Jack I never though I’d use a top 100 name although so far it hasn’t reached that level in CA, fingers crossed! SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on June 02, 2012: I love it, too! My great great great aunt Dorothy is turning 100 next month! It’s thought the newfound favour for the names Arthur and Ada may potentially have been inspired by the characters in Peaky Blinders, as the monikers Tommy and Esme have also risen in popularity since the BBC series debuted. Here, we have compiled a great collection of unique old fashioned baby names for you to select for your little boy or girl. I know a wee girl in the Uk with this name, which her parents chose because of its of-beat Old Testament style. List of Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names in Alphabetical Order: A l B l C l D l E l F l G l H l I l J l K l L l M l N l O l P l Q l R l S l T l U l V l W l X l Y l Z l Wilbert, Want more ideas? I think they are all lovely old names and would like to her more of them My other nan is Miriam, and I have great aunts with the names, June, Faye, Wilma, and my step mum is Fleur! If you love the idea of a sporty, preppy, unisex name, you'll find plenty of name ideas here. That would be a real cool name, Our son is Archibald! Leo is a great three letter boy name! Henry was brought to England by the Normans and was the name of many English kings. Originally it meant ‘consel’ and ‘wolf’ in Old Norse. Manuel comes from the Hebrew name Emmanuel. My name is Jeff, but I like bake beans. […] Vintage names – need an old fashion name for a character who is over 100 years old or just for someone from an older time or someone named for their great great grandmother or father? Leland See all our Vintage Baby Names, 91 Responses to “These Vintage Names Sound New Again”. KY. f . Great list! Luther Humans have so much in common with the oceans—much more than we care to admit at times. My coming baby is baby boy any suggestion name for my baby boy thank you....God bless. I think most of these names are beautiful and have really enjoyed reading them! And are much easier than say, Homer, or Mervin. Hurray for classic names. It can also be a Scottish diminutive for William. Just as hemlines rise and fall and lapels widen and shrink, names go in and out of fashion. Marjorie Many parents love the idea of a ‘grandfather name’ which simple means an old fashioned name, like one your grandfather would have had. I’m thinking about bringing it back, Eliran. THeodore Lula And, PunkPrincess, I’m excited to hear you know a little Beulah! Also, in 2007, Lois was just 11 places outside of the girl’s 100 in England & Wales, so we’re already steps ahead! In the Old Testament, Absalom was the handsome, favored but rebellious son of... Read More, Adonijah was one of King David's sons in the Old Testament; this name (the accent is on the "ni" syllable) is waiting to be rediscovered.Read More, Hot young actor Alden Ehrenreich, the new Han Solo, gives this formerly-stodgy surname name an attractive new image, making it a fresh successor to Aiden or Holden. Arthur is the mythic king of Britain renown in legend. Viola Milton is an English name that means ‘settlement by a mill’. Arthur and Walter and Edith, Sylvia, Vivian and Marion are also lovely!! Oh my, I love quite a few of these names, although some are all ready TOO popular for me to actually use them. lulu, lue, elle, ella, ellie Its amazing how names have cycles every 100 years or so! Hallie . Sadie It was painful but fun. I have an uncle named Hillman, who was named after his uncle Hillman. Vintage baby names are all the rage these days, for both boys and girls. Maybe others have a similar association? A natural extension after the popularity of Flora. Andrew is the English form of a Greek name, meaning ‘manly’ or ‘masculine’. Wiley is an English name meaning ‘crafty’. Shortened form of Albert, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’. Claude Edmund can be a given name or surname. Other choices still seem a bit far out right now, but we predict will become more stylish and feel more acceptable over the next decade, echoing their popularity of a century ago. I like Lucy, Majorie, Maxine, Sam, and Leo!! Eunice Victorian and Edwardian baby boy names that were once popular and in the top 100 and are now rare and not even in the top 1000 names in the USA. It means ‘brave heart’. This one syllable baby name was is a variation of Jack, or a shortened form of Jacob, meaning ‘supplanter’. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I think it is my fav of all my kids. I love the names Henry, Wyatt, Waylon, Charlie, Ezra, Emerson, Josiah, Elias for boys. Opal Beatrice But like bell-bottom jeans and double-breasted suit coats, if you wait long enough, they eventually come back in style. In the Bible, Adam was the first man God created. I love how my name is on this list! My 2 girls are Easton-Beíge and Saffron-Rosé, Elijah Cole, this will be my first son's name and it's a bit old fashioned, I’m in love the name Bertie but husband not keen. These, Nameberry predicts, are likely to becoming increasingly selected by parents keen to call their children something unique. In the hopes of being unique you've saddled your child with a name that means feces? It would be great for a child, but as an adult I’m afraid the unfortunate guy would forever be known as “Chester the Molester.” Every Chester I’ve ever known has been dubbed with this awful nickname…. Abiel is a biblical name (he was the grandfather of Saul) that was used by Puritans, particularly in Massachusetts, so it has a long pedigree. Vivian It’s one of my favorite boy names from the 1800s. email us with more. The only caveat: The choices are much wider and more appealing for boys than for girls. Clayton was originally a surname meaning ‘clay settlement’ in Old English. Imogen Genevieve Evelyn was on my list!!! A larger group is, not surprisingly, on the cutting edge of style, supporting the whole Hundred-Year theory by indicating which vintage 1920s names we’ll be hearing more of in the decade ahead.

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