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Original American Chestnut Log CabinClick here.

Please check back frequently to see our inventory of log cabins for sale from complete vintage log homes and cabins to cabin flooring, fireplaces, stoves, doors, hardware, stone and barn siding. More information. Email: antiqueww@gmail.com Phone: 612-281-9330, Email: antiqueww@gmail.com Call: 612-281-9330.
Sleeping lofts were incorporated if a roof was high enough.

The log sizes vary a good bit, but many have a hand hewn face that is close to 12″ in width.

Nearly all of the structures in New Sweden were built with logs, from sheds, barns, homes, trading posts, schoolhouses, and taverns, to churches and the royal governor's two-story home residence. One evening a few days before he was schedule to aid in the disassembly, he looked over the hill to see the 18th century barn burning! These woodsmen were experts at building sophisticated log structures that had evolved to include square hand hewn logs with double-notch joint systems.

As the newspaper article above states, the main home was built in the William Penn Plan architectural style of a rectangular floor plan with a massive, triangular-shaped central chimney that ventilated every room in the home.

The cabins listed below are no longer available but have many logs available and could potentially put together a custom package for you.

We grow up with images of frontier heroes building them, founding fathers growing up in them, and an enduring dream of escaping to the warm allure of one. Built in the early 1790s for wealthy landowners on Kentucky frontier, The Old Hill Place was considered one of the finest and largest log homes in the region. Often these are great deals for just the right situation.

Lofts for sleeping and food storage were often added to maximize space. Since the cabins were covered with clapboard in the early 1800s, the original hand hewn Chestnut logs have been extremely well preserved from exposure to the elements.

18' x 20' 2 story circa 1850 with oak and poplar floor. Saddle Notches/Special Notches $5.00 - $7.00 each Hand Hewn $ .75 to $1.75/LF, Depending on log size. The abundance of public log buildings sprouting up in America’s forests for all to visit caught the eyes and imaginations of the American public and led to a yet another revival of the tradition of log construction, reinforcing the future of modern log architecture. 16' x 20' 1 1/2 story with huge poplar logs. In the case of The Old Hill Place, which was hidden on a country road, only locals and historians knew of its existence until very recently.

15 x 22 One and a Half Story Hand Hewn Oak CabinCLICK HERE FOR DETAILS, 16 x 20 One Story Hand Hewn Oak CabinCLICK HERE FOR DETAILS, Custom Built & Sized – Hand Hewn Log CabinsCLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Like the Swedes and Finns, these early German settlers brought with them a long tradition of log home building. As soon as they were able, settlers would build dwellings with square hewn logs.

As Swedish, Finnish, and German families migrated west, along with Irish and Scottish families who had adopted their architectural traditions, log buildings became more numerous, expansive, and diverse. Well Preserved with hand hewn joists. FULL ROUND LOGS Call to order 330-488-3142 . These buildings make great garden sheds, guest houses, B-and-B suites, or even kid’s playhouses. More information. We will list your building on this site for free, however we ask for an on-your-honor commission from the seller if you sell your building to lead from Antique Woodworks.

When the Irish, English, and Welsh Quakers arrived in New Sweden, they quickly adopted the Swedish and Finnish style of log construction as a way to efficiently and cost-effectively build shelters from readily available resources that were well suited to the Pennsylvania climate.

It’s a wonderful thing to build timeless pieces to last generations.

This symbolized a significant shift in traditional log architecture as resorts and lodges incorporated expansive and lavish designs while still maintaining the rustic appeal of the early American log buildings. We can build you a custom sized log cabin with all original hand hewn log house logs.

The notched joints allowed the logs to be stacked horizontally without the use of wooden pegs or nails (nails in pre-1850s America had to be hand-forged, making them expensive and heavy). When the first national parks and forests were signed into being during the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, log architecture was chosen because it blended into the heavily forested natural environment and could be sourced locally.

This was usually a single-pen cabin ranging from roughly 12 feet square to a 20 by 24 rectangle. We have seen historic cabins restored as entire wings of or additions to luxury residences or even reassembled and featured as part of the architectural design inside a Twitter office building. This was a common practice when entire villages would move their dwellings to a new location.

Founded in 2004, Antique Woodworks is a small mom and pop shop that works hands-on to individually craft everything that we sell. Sliding board shutters, animal skins, or semi-translucent greased paper were used for window coverings. 18' x 18' 2 story with addition, circa 1820. A typical building process was as follows: The intended permanence of these dwellings can be seen in the quality and attention to detail in their construction. Most standing old barns are valued in the $300 to $3,000 range for salvage. Prices by the linear foot at milled direct pricing. Or, follow this link for a custom built Oak log cabin that we now use as our office.

In fact, a neighboring historic home to The Old Hill Place in Kentucky had such an incident occur.
This log cabin features the traditional “saddle notch” style of log fitting. Phone: 970-963-7326

I found some great resources on where to buy logs for my log cabin and I want to share what I learned with you. The first task was to cut down trees to clear the land and provide building materials. Its hand hewn, cathedral notched character tells a documented story of fine craftsmanship and 18th Century life. However, we ship everywhere across the nation including but not limited to: California (CA), New York (NY), Texas (TX), Pennsylvania (PA), and Florida (FL). We can ship all of our products at very reasonable rates — sometimes for less than your local sales tax. WELCOME TO ANTIQUE AMERICAN LOG CABINS Specializing in the recovery and restoration of old log cabins and hand hewn timber frame barns. We Can Find It!

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