As an apomorphy of the clade, orchid flowers are primitively zygomorphic (bilaterally symmetrical), although in some genera, such as Mormodes, Ludisia, and Macodes, this kind of symmetry may be difficult to notice. After ripening, they blow off like dust particles or spores. In Paphiopedilum (Venus slippers), the lower two sepals are fused into a synsepal, while the lip has taken the form of a slipper. Orchid flowers are believed to be a longevity tonic usually used by the people of China. The family encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants. Orchids flower can be utilized to prevent premature aging. For other uses, see. Many grow in the understory of tropical forests, producing delicate blooms in a wide array of colors. The other important use of orchids is their cultivation for the enjoyment of the flowers. As the chance for a seed to meet a suitable fungus is very small, only a minute fraction of all the seeds released grow into adult plants. Orchids have developed highly specialized pollination systems, thus the chances of being pollinated are often scarce, so orchid flowers usually remain receptive for very long periods, rendering unpollinated flowers long-lasting in cultivation. The sepals are usually very similar to the petals (thus called tepals, 1), but may be completely distinct. [13], A study in the scientific journal Nature has hypothesised that the origin of orchids goes back much longer than originally expected. The leaves of most orchids are perennial, that is, they live for several years, while others, especially those with plicate leaves as in Catasetum, shed them annually and develop new leaves together with new pseudobulbs. The cells of the root epidermis grow at a right angle to the axis of the root to allow them to get a firm grasp on their support. Apostasia and the Cypripedioideae have two stamens, the central one being sterile and reduced to a staminode. The following list gives a rough overview of their distribution:[citation needed]. These flowers have earned the reputation as difficult to grow, probably due to their need for filtered light and high relative humidity. Orchid templates (download below!) Orchids can be found in paintings worn as a corsage. Developing Orchids - Just How To Possess Orchid Bo... Symbolism and Uses of Black Orchid Flower. At the upper edge of the stigma of single-anthered orchids, in front of the anther cap, is the rostellum (5), a slender extension involved in the complex pollination mechanism. It symbolizes. The fragrance of orchid flowers is used in perfumes and beauty products. Most manufacturers pod receives their orchid at a time and you want to grow the seeds. They lack endosperm and must enter symbiotic relationships with various mycorrhizal basidiomyceteous fungi that provide them the necessary nutrients to germinate, so all orchid species are mycoheterotrophic during germination and reliant upon fungi to complete their lifecycles.

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