Ohioans are staying close to their Midwestern roots with blue moon ice cream. Blue moon ice cream seems to be a crowd-favorite in Wisconsin, where it’s the most uniquely searched ice cream flavor. The ice cream is made in house every day, too. Spumoni might not be the most common flavor, but it’s the most popular in Utah. 1843 – Nancy M. Johnson (1795-1890) (it is not certain where she was from – some say New Jersey, Washington D.C., and even Philadelphia) invented the hand-cranked In fact, the Greens' first location was so successful that they decided to open another brick-and-mortar "ice cream lounge." Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Whoa. One of its biggest assets is The STIL, an American "gelato bistro" named for the sweetest things in life. Seven years later, its founders Shane and Raena Mutz, have four wildly popular brick-and-mortar locations (although their to-go pint containers still pay homage to the original food truck). The Distillery District location even has ice cream cocktails featuring locally-distilled rum. You can find Velvet Ice Cream in stores like Walmart, Kroger or CVS. According to Google searches, it’s vanilla ice cream. While it’s a great place to get pizza or spot a celebrity, it looks like New Yorkers are stumped on how to get their hands on black raspberry ice cream. They even sell mail-to-order ice cream sandwich kits. Their most searched ice cream is blue moon. It also hosts Taco Tuesday every week. If you thought the next big holiday after the Fourth of July was Labor Day, you thought wrong. While there are plenty of no-bake desserts to choose from, Nevadans want to know where and how they can get their hands on strawberry shortcake ice cream. What's unique about Martha's Dandee Cream is that instead of menus it has "flavor calendars." Mississippi can’t get enough of the classic vanilla flavor. Peach ice cream is North Carolina’s most uniquely searched flavor, which comes as no surprise considering peaches are one of summer’s best fruits. Iowans are enjoying the chocolatey marshmallow goodness of rocky road ice cream while they’re camping in the backyard with the whole family. It also does flight trays where you can pair four wines (or beers) with four scoops of ice cream. Count on these six "Always Flavors": Beans, Chocolate Chocolate, Cookie Crack, Salt Lick, Cup of Texas and Velvet Vegan. Both locations are open every day of the year except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

When it comes to ice cream, Tennesseeans are sticking with classic vanilla. After enjoying some delicious spicy gumbo and other Cajun dishes, Louisiana residents are looking to cool down with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream. The top pick among US adults is a classic: chocolate ice cream. Inspired by the popular candy bar, Milky Way ice cream is made with chocolate malt ice cream, a caramel swirl and chocolatey chunks. Willie Geist answers Sunday Mail. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, signed a new bill making it easier for small businesses to sell ice cream and frozen treats, a photo of eCreamery fans Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet went viral, Favorite ice cream truck treat? They show an entire month's worth of daily flavors. While New Mexicans might be stumped on how to make rice — their most searched cooking tip — they know what type of ice cream they’re craving: vanilla. Of course, it's no secret that Americans love ice cream. Customers can even create their own flavors (of ice cream, gelato or sorbet) and personalize their own pints. Richardson's Ice Cream, now with two locations, has been the cause of detours for several decades. In terms of flavors, Churn's extensive selection rotates daily, but visitors will definitely count on the cone menu being consistent. Its small menu (which is a good thing since it means you don't have to spend an hour making a decision) changes seasonly. Ahead of National Ice Cream Day on July 19, YouGov asked nearly 20,000 Americans what their favorite flavor of ice cream is.
Molly & Myles is not your mom's ice cream parlor. There's a brick-and-mortar location in Omaha — look for the long line out the door — but you can also indulge in eCreamery by ordering it online. But for a more memorable experience, visit its Ye Old Mill location to take a factory tour and/or attend its annual ice cream festival. Founded in 1861, they are now in the sixth generation of their family-owned business. While there are only a few flavors — vanilla, chocolate, lemon and strawberry are always on hand — customers can add Jarling's signature "cold fudge" or make a "snowstorm." Melt Ice Creams may be housed in an unassuming brick building. Maybe that's because his labor of sweet love was featured on the cover of St. Louis Magazine. Southerners aren’t strangers to good food, filling up on the likes of biscuits, beignets and pecan pie. Bananas make a great addition in pancakes, and the fruit is also a tasty ice cream flavor, just ask the people of Maryland. Or perhaps it looks familiar because you read about it on TODAY when a photo of eCreamery fans Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet went viral.

This summer's "Sometimes Flavors" include Peachy Keen, Rainbow Cereal and a dairy-free, gluten-free Cashew Chip. Florida has the taste for the tropics, as the most uniquely searched ice cream is mango.

Like the many states before it, Wyoming residents are sticking with classic vanilla as the most popular ice cream flavor. Don't be fooled by the retro color scheme and bar seating with old school soda shop seats. The "TJ's vanilla ice cream" served at this iconic landmark is based on his original recipe and even uses vanilla beans from the same place Jefferson would have sourced his (in France). You may recognize eCreamery from when it was featured on "Shark Tank." For that reason, TODAY Food spent hours looking at hundreds of ice cream establishments across the country.

Connecticut’s uniquely-searched ice cream flavor is peaches and cream, which is a blend of peaches, heavy cream and half and half. Coconut milk ice cream uses coconut milk as an alternative to dairy. For families vacationing at Carolina Beach (or even neighboring Kure Beach or Wrightsville Beach), the first stop is usually Squigley's. Located in a 1930s home that once housed WWII soldiers on leave, Squigley's is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
Boba ice cream takes the original tea-based beverage with tapioca balls boiled in honey and brown sugar, and transforms it into ice cream. Idaho is substituting the dairy option for this cherry dessert. If you've never eaten ice cream out of a Fruity Pebbles bowl are you really living? The waffle cones are consistently fresh (Higgins says they're never older than 30 minutes), but the best part of this ice cream shop might be the views of the Rocky Mountains. Jarling's Custard Cup has been around in some form since 1949. Business was so slow in the beginning that the owners played cards while waiting for customers! There are about 12 new flavors each day. And what better way to do so than with ice cream? Residents are searching for a classic: mint chocolate chip. But what its owner, Tara, is most proud of is the environment she's created for families. Mixed with marshmallows, roasted almonds and chocolate ice cream, rocky road is a true classic. It seems like the residents of Missouri are keeping things classic this summer as the state’s most uniquely searched ice cream flavor is vanilla. Popular flavors like bourbon and honey or blackberry and buttermilk are inspired by Kentucky's laid back country lifestyle. It looks like the residents of Michigan don’t mind if their tongues get a little blue this summer. Illinois is diving into a true Midwestern classic with blue moon ice cream as its most uniquely searched ice cream. Bonus: If you make your own ice cream at home, it’s a great way to finish a gallon of milk. Cowlick's also makes handmade ice cream cakes and serves frozen yogurt, soft serve, Italian ice and sorbet. Today, they don't have that problem. The frozen treat is a crowd-favorite during warmer weather, and each state seems to crave something a little different. The bright blue dessert is super sweet and packs a flavor that closely resembles Froot Loops, a childhood cereal favorite. What sets eCreamery apart from other ice cream companies is its customization. Across the country, these are the top uniquely searched ice cream flavors using Google in each state over the past 30 days. Founded in 1928, Dreyer's also introduced us to another now-classic flavor: cookies 'n cream. When the residents of Kansas are in the mood to satisfy their sweet tooth, chocolate ice cream comes out on top. It looks like North Dakota residents are trying to stay dairy-free this summer. And here's a fun fact: Dreyer's is sold under the name Edy's on the East Coast. Maine is all about fresh, fruity flavors that are in season — strawberry is the most uniquely searched ice cream in this state. All you need is heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, vanilla, salt and eggs. Incorporating a yummy dessert into your evening is one way to make dinner at home feel like a restaurant experience. There are more than 40 flavors of hard ice cream (Cowlick's Creamery serves Hershey's Ice Cream), and the sundae creations and custom shake options are endless.

Back in the day, the company thought the word Dreyer's looked too similar to another popular ice cream brand on the East Coast, Breyer's.

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