There’s also at least one popular culture reference to the expression in military context. Now I’m a bit confused… What do you say? I agree that fast-moving email readers need plenty of help to give us the kinds of responses we need. The addition of “please advise” feels demanding and bratty and of course redundant. Hi, Pete. My new customer used this one recently and I couldn’t help but assume she was “standin by” with her hands on her hips and tapping her foot while she counted how many seconds before I could muster a quick reply. –Please give me your feedback on . Also, “Please clarify me with” is not correct idiomatic English, at least not in the US. Usually it comes off as subtly accusatory, in my experience. The widespread use has led to widespread reinterpretation, undoubtedly stemming from the lack of clarity in the phrase itself. Remember to relax and choose your battles. Choosing to use it daily may not be in your best interest. My boss actually taught me the other way (it is completly wrong…)

It would just be unnecessarily reviewing what you had already said wouldn’t it? How to politely ask a person(manager, boss etc. I would rather add a few words and keep my readers happy. However, you may have noticed Patrick’s view (above) that the phrase comes from the military. I am happy to say I have not seen “revert” for “reply”–and I hope I never do! But now it seems I care more about my written english than my British suppliers :p. I am glad you stopped by and left a comment. DiscoverLIA COVID-19Ludwig Initiative Against COVID-19. Filter. Microsoft’s squiggly line under “advise” is simply a flag that you may have intended the word “advice.” Of course, that is not your intention. How about taking the extra time to write something like “Please respond to this email when you have a moment.”? BOOOM!!! Neither is “If you have any questions, please advise.” Using “please advise” in those examples is a bad, unconscious verbal habit. . I am glad you found my blog! Thanks for stoppping by and commenting, Rachel. I think the sentence means “Let me know if you have questions.” I prefer that simpler way of saying it, don’t you? It will help your relationship with your supervisor to accept “Please advise” as simply the way he or she writes, not as rude and irritating behavior. Many professional writing instructors teach otherwise, but I believe maintaining a rigid, professional writing style and structure goes a long way. If everybody would try to use “proper” language for that then everybody is going to write that in a different way and the conciseness is gone. I hope you feel better now! Let’s see if you get a response to your question. Thanks for the article. The problem with “Please advise” is using it on its own, without a direct object. Take it from a guy who “accidentally” loses callously written requests. Please let me know how you would like to proceed. Bobby, I am over it. . Depending on the matter we’ll use “Please clarify” or Reference 4/CS502 – The detail references CS301 for the retaining wall’s profile, but the sheet is not included within the Bid Documents. Was I supposed to advise other people about what she had told me? I am out on a good cause to break the habit at the institution I work for. Something else I’ve noticed in my experience is that men tend to use this phrase much more than women do.

:), “Do you have any unconscious habits in your business writing? Its otherworldliness gives it an air of false sophistication that almost led me, against my better instincts, to start using it.

. By clicking "I Accept" or "X" on this banner, or using our site, you accept our cookie and privacy policy. You’ve just saved me from starting the habit of using “Please advise” without an object. However, I suspect my colleagues will think that *I* am the one who does not understand normal business communication if I write, “Please advise me of the status,” since no one ever adds the direct object to this phrase! Well, that did not sound right so I came to the internet and found this blog! –I would appreciate your advice on . I must admit that I started using this phrase to replace “Please let me know,” which I was abusing and overusing.

As a result I had a meeting with the student telling him the expectations for a student host of a seminar speaker. The, “green underline,” in Outlook is even worse! Thanks for sharing your view, Jeff. Re: Can someone please advise on how to proceed. Thank you! I write emails like I write letters unless I’m writing on my Droid phone. Great article. Hi Lynn, just found your blog when I google on when to use “advise” and “advice” and I must say this is a really interesting article. I love the desktop app, it’s always running on my Mac.

You probably will want to write something like “Please respond with an updated delivery date.” Using a complete sentence is more likely to get you the response you want. I also “put this phrase in google” (to avoid using “googled it” and offend anyone because my outlook would always mark it wrong. As for the “rest of us”…I don’t need to pretend, as I genuinely respect my business associates…and my wife – so I would say; “good manners – is good practice”. I was about to use the “please advise” phrase and before I did I decided to google it to see if it was proper since companies we deal with had used it with us before. So after writing thousands of RFI’s throughout my career, I finally wondered why is there a squiggly green line under advise and then found this blog entry. Ludwig is the best English buddy, it answers my 100 queries per day and stays cool. Hi, Dan. It is the most overused and unnecessary phrase.

Glad I just ran across this. I believe “Please advise.” is less personal and more professional, which is why it works well for the construction industry. Hi, Justin. Sorry! It would have read in a much more pleasant manner had they simply added a “me to the time frame of this project” on the end.

I think it sounds better than than switching that out with. It is terrific! I understand it is needed in a majority of other situations. Hi, Jennifer. We’re generally much less pretentious (at least in the sciences). concise. They are right – that's what this Government is determined to do … and we will consult on how best to proceed on this in the coming months. Just like Wes, when I first joined the corporate world a year ago, I adopted “Please advise” after receiving thousands of email ending in this phrase. Again I received no reply so I emailed them in case they did not see the messages. I can’t stand “Please advise” not only because it is grammatically incorrect, but also because it seems quite passive aggressive to me- almost like a backhanded attempt to politely ask for an answer to your problem. Why use some bloated sentence when two words will suffice? But, what phrase should I replace ‘Please advise’ if I really wish to get advise from my Boss? I don’t think “Please advise” is a helpful solution. I loved your “Fix my mouse now, IT slave.” You treated me to a big smile. “please advise” seems more like, “I don’t get it” or “maybe you don’t understand what I’m talking about, so I’m going to throw it back to you.”. I understand they would have received a notification regarding this extension. Hi, Adam. When else does one’s grammar get challenged on a regular basis? It looks like some people don’t realize that “I googled” is as inappropriate as “Please advise” at the bottom of an email without an object as you would expect for a transitive verb. I am embarrassed for my entire team. I still think that please advise is a good choice, but I only use it as a closing to a letter or email. Learn Ludwig. How can I gently break it to them that they are not making any sense? Now you can stop feeling “UGH”! I was interested to read your take on “Please advise.” I had not thought about the “making me feel like a moron” possibilities. I feel much better now, realizing that I am not alone!

I am smiling! Good luck with your studies. Cheers! Hi, Elizabeth. . It’s one thing if someone says, “please let me know what you think about ABC” because it’s direct and not vague. E-mail is horrible enough already; adding a potential hostility hurdle doesn’t help! Thank you so much for this. EXAMPLE: Finnally, I want to present you my congratulations for your simple manner of writting and great mastering of the English grammar. My experience matches yours. I would not use “Please clarify” unless it fits perfectly. In the construction industry and most other businesses, excluding personal pronouns is avoiding a conflict with an architect’s or engineer’s ego.

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