Those classic, and very profitable, flavors of the Pop-Tarts pastries did not do well for the cereal.
No matter your age, you probably have a favorite go-to junk food in the snack aisle. The company finally caved and rebooted the cereal in 2015 in its original fashion. Go-Gurt won’t be around forever, but ants on a log definitely will be. Billed as "The Corny Potato Chip," these extruded, ridged chips were part reconstituted potato, part reconstituted corn.

Released during the mid-1990s, 3D Doritos were red-hot among kids and adolescents. Billed as "Crackers That Crunch Like Chips!," Munch 'Ems were snack crackers produced in various flavors, including cheddar, ranch, and sour cream & onion. Crisps, while a cute idea, were not a huge success in the market. Nabisco began test-marketing these candies in 1989, before rolling them out nationally the following year. Oreo Cookies, introduced in 1912, were the biggest snack food development of the decade; they ironically were introduced to compete with rival Hydrox (1910), which many now think of as an Oreo imitator. Frito-Lay produced three different flavors of the special chip, including jalapeño cheddar, nacho cheese, and zesty ranch. > Introduced: 1991 > Discontinued: 2000 (?) The product has been absent from store shelves since the early 2000s, but you can still find the sweet treat on Amazon. While some of these products might seem like innovations, most are simply variations on existing ones, imbued with new flavorings or produced in different shapes or sizes. A snack was defined as a food typically consumed between meals. TWEET.

They made two appearances, in the mid-1980s and again in the mid-1990s. And healthy snacks are something we’re constantly on the quest for, scanning supermarket shelves for quick bites that can give us the satisfaction of their less-healthy relatives while not falling into the “junk food” category.
The treat was made of a thick layer of peanut butter and oats atop of a whole grain cookie, which was covered in milk chocolate. The round milk chocolate candy bar was filled with peanuts and caramel, much like the also popular Baby Ruth bar, which wasn't, in fact, named after baseball legend Babe Ruth. Kissables, miniature Hershey's Kisses coated in a hard candy shell, were originally made with milk chocolate, but the formula changed in 2007 and they lost the "milk chocolate" designation. The early 2000s saw people finally begin to take note of all the unpronounceable ingredients and trans fats in processed packaged snacks, so they gave them up for good and replaced them with cupcakes, fro-yo, Greek yogurt, and smoothies. This candy bar was a chocolate-coated arrangement of peanut butter and oats on top of a whole-grain cookie. The ‘50s ushered in what we can call the “modern age” of snacking, thanks to the arrival of so many processed foods during the decade.

Travel Movies Books Food Other. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. To identify the 40 most popular discontinued snacks, 24/7 Wall St. collected the names of as many as possible snacks that were sold and discontinued at some point in the United States. You probably guessed it. What's the difference? But if there’s been one snacking trend over the past couple decades, it’s been a return to natural (or at least minimally-processed) foods. While they sound delicious, they only lasted on the market for about a decade. > Introduced: 2001 > Discontinued: 2011 > Maker: Keebler (Kellogg). Pageviews of the snack makers were used as a proxy for the popularity of snacks that did not have Wikipedia pages.

> Introduced: 1971 > Discontinued: 1982 (?) > Maker: Hershey. If you thought Planters was only famous for its nut selections, think again. According to their bag (which spelled the brand name with a hyphen, as Chee-Tos), these "crunchy snacks" -- shaped like grates, with 12 squarish holes -- were made with "33% more cheese" (though what this was in comparison to wasn't specified). These packets of graham cookies with an icing pairing were a huge seller among kids for over two decades.

The Chocodile debuted in the '80s, gaining popularity as the chocolate-covered Twinkie. Hamburgers are the perfect junk food. The year the snack fell into obscurity is unidentifiable. While not the most aesthetically pleasing treat, the vanilla pudding enveloped in a sugary green crust was a hit among young children. The Jell-O name was licensed to Popsicle in 2004, and the latter company marketed Popsicle-shaped Jell-O Pops until about 2011, when they faded away again. However, they had twice as many calories as package of two Reese's Cups. Jay Leno did commercials for these chips before his "Tonight Show" days. Perhaps it was just ahead of its time?

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