It being wired only might be a deal-breaker for some, but if you are looking for the lowest latency possible, a wired connection is the best way to go anyway and the savings made by omitting the wireless feature more than makeup for not being able to be cable-free. All you need to do is toggle the switch next to the trigger you want to adjust and you are good to go. The 3-meter braided cable has a similar snap-lock function as what’s found in the PowerA FUSION FightPad, but it works even better. The most well known of these types of controllers are the Xbox One’s Elite and Elite V2. It essentially takes what makes the original Xbox One controller great and enhances it in most respects through its customizable features. I will reach out to PowerA for feedback regarding the jack in the near future. Thumb sticks are easy to swap out as you just pull off the magnetic face plate, pop out the old thumb stick and pop the new one in. Amazing, can't complain, I'm so happy having mappable buttons, I've used the afterglow wheel controller and thought that was the best cheap option but with this being half the price of an Elite Controller this is an absolutely incredible buy, pay half and get a wired, comfortable controller with additional parts for customization as well as easy to change mappable buttons that can be remapped on the fly, trigger locks making firing and targeting super easy and fast. I used the Fusion Pro for about 2 weeks. Specs: weight- 360g, W- 155.85mm, H- 105.86mm, D- 66.155mm, cord length- 3m, 3.5mm audio input, Contents: Fusion Pro Controller, braided USB-micro cable, Pro Pack with removable paddles, Custom protective case, Extra set of friction rings, Two extra analog sticks, user manual.
Took a chance on the Fusion by PowerA and so far Dark Souls 3 plays like a dream. At the end of the day though, the paddles are on the back of the controller and the color difference isn’t terribly noticeable, so it shouldn’t matter too much. Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2020. This page works best with JavaScript. The 4 paddles are great to use in a game like Blackout and they are very easy to program. What these switches do is lock the triggers into one of three positions. Probably an honest mistake. Also, even if there were some available, you would have to keep in mind that the metallic accents are a part of the controller, not the faceplate, so whatever you’d swap out would have to either match or complement the permanently golden hues. The black model, which we didn’t review, balances silver metallic accents with dark gray and a black frame similar to the original black Xbox 360 controllers. Any sharp edge is replaced by a smooth curve and the faceplate is made of soft matte plastic making it very comfortable to hold. I contacted PowerA customer support to see if I can get a refund or a replacement, and haven’t heard back at all. One of my favorite features of the Fusion Wired Pro Controller is that is similar to the Elites’ is the 3-way trigger lock. With the Fusion Pro Wired Controller you get: two extra thumb sticks, two extra anti-friction rings, a 9ft braided USB cable, the trigger paddle and a very nice and durable case to house everything in. Other controllers in the market like the SCUF Vantage have removable rumble modules to reduce weight and distractions. It is a bit odd to use two shades of gold that are so different. … PowerA is really killing it with its controllers, especially with its Fusion line. While they follow the controller’s design conventions, they could use a little more arc for practicality’s sake, but more on that later. The third downside (depending how you look at it) to the Fusion Pro Wired Controller is price.
The PowerA FUSION line has some incredible art on its boxes and instruction manuals. Down below is an image of the Fusion Pro Wired Controller sitting right beside the Xbox One S controller: Now I know what you are thinking: “If you’re comparing the Elite Controller to the Fusion Pro Wired Controller, why are you showing the Xbox One S Controller instead?”. We want you to be fully satisfied with PowerA products and stand behind our two year warranty. It would have been easy to just come up with a logo, put some pictures of the controller on all sides of the box, and make it whatever color matches the console’s branding, but PowerA didn’t do that. The PowerA FUSION Pro Controller takes the standard Xbox One controller design and makes it more rounded and sophisticated. Mappable buttons ftw! All you need to do is hold the program button on the back for a couple of seconds, wait for the program light on the front to flash, press whatever input you want to map, then click the paddle of your choice. Curious about the capabilities of a pro controller but not wanting to break the bank to see what they are all about? For a few examples of how to map your Pro Pack, in Dragon Ball FighterZ you can map Dragon Rush and Super Dash to the right two paddles, and both assists to the left two paddles. This has to be one of the nicest controllers that I’ve ever own. While the controller feels great in the hands and performs really well, it’s way too much for the average gamer. I went through every precaution to make sure it’s not user error. (I never had the series 1 elite, so I can't compare to that, but I would honestly say that the Fusion Pro … I mentioned in my PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad that the headphone jack for that controller was a little loose. Incredibly low-cost pro controller option. Easily customizable Pro Pack requires just the right amount of force to limit accidental inputs. - Update 3/11/2020 - It works wonderfully with Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface Laptop(plugged into Powered USB Adapter I also bought on Amazon). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PowerA FUSION Pro Wired Controller for Xbox One, One S and One X, Officially Licensed – Black with Metallic Accents at

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