We suspect that functionality will be implemented at some point given Microsoft’s cross-platform ambitions, but Sony will have a slight advantage in this area at launch.

While Sony hasn’t confirmed whether you’ll eventually be able to use picture-in-picture to do things like stream Netflix while playing a game, the fact that this feature is included in the UI at all opens up those kinds of possibilities. If this leaked info is reliable, it would be a nice quality-of-life change. Keighley took a … There's also a built-in microphone for in-game chat features, and a new version of the PS4's Share button, named the Create button, for taking screenshots, video clips and more. During system architect Mark Cerny’s “The Road to PS5” speech, we got our first look at the PS5’s specs. The PS4 used a Blu-ray disc drive for its physical media input, and the PS5 will likely do the same. In case you haven't been paying attention to console gaming since 2013: The PlayStation 4 is currently available in a Slim configuration with 1 TB of storage. Those triggers are able to provide dynamic resistance output based on what’s happening in whatever game you’re currently playing. This feature even works after powering off and turning your console back on, which is very impressive. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. There may be a new version called the PSVR2 however, which will likely only work at its full potential with the PS5.
From online walkthroughs and YouTube videos to classic print strategy guides, the act of throwing your hands in the air and seeking a solution to an in-game problem is nearly as old as video games themselves. As for storage, Sony has a custom-made 825GB SSD, which will apparently be the console's most potent weapon, according to developer testimony.

The overlap won’t last forever, but it’s not like you’ll be starved for great games to play if you stick with the PS4. Xbox Series X vs. PS5 will be a console war unlike any other. Visit our corporate site. I was surprised you didn't touch on the storage capacity issue. Both feel heavy. It doesn't draw much attention to itself.

Again, this isn’t a huge feature for those playing on 4K displays, but it is a fantastic quality of life benefit for many monitor users. Latest News. We’re waiting to see how many studios will support this feature in the long-term (and how helpful these videos will actually be), but the idea of being able to quickly find a solution to certain in-game challenges without needing to turn to a second screen or print guide is certainly appealing.

Sony has ended its DualShock line of controllers after four generations, presenting us now with the DualSense controller, a new design focused around haptic feedback. Well, Sony has essentially revived that concept with the PS5’s picture-in-picture media player that you can load while playing a game. There was a problem. The PS4, particularly the Slim variant introduced in 2016, is a shrinking violet in its standard black plastic chassis. Quick Resume is also enabled for backward compatible titles and games running on discs. Sony hasn't announced how much the PS5 will cost yet. Well, according to Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, “almost all” PS4 games will work on the PS5. Before looking to the future of games, we should look at the existing ones first. Matthew Byrd | But if you're prepared to wait for some more powerful hardware and endure a slightly smaller game library, then saving your money for the PS5 might be the smarter bet. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips.

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Interesting article. You may remember that the Xbox One actually launched with a “Snap” feature that let you use other apps while playing a game. Clicking on the USB Drive will bring up a simple “Copy to Console Storage” option where it will open up the connected USB stick and let you choose which files to bring over. ... How PS5 backwards compatibility with PS4 games works. The PS5 Digital Edition doesn't have a disc drive at all, which should mean a cheaper pricetag, but a loss in versatility compared to the normal PS5 and the PS4. PS5 is on sale now — live updates and how to buy yours, Where to buy PS5 — latest PlayStation 5 stock updates, Where to buy Xbox Series X — check stock at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more, PS5 review: The future of console gaming is here.

For comparison, we've estimated the Xbox Series X size … Sony surprised its fans recently when it revealed that the PS5 version of the Remote Play app will now allow users to stream their PS5 to their PS4, PC, and mobile devices. This feature essentially eliminates the need to reboot a previous game and load back into your save every time you switch to another title. That level of support is made possible by the console’s disc drive — which can run Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One game discs — as well as the digital Xbox and Xbox 360 emulators and the Series X’s ability to play Xbox One titles on the next-gen console natively. Are Xbox Series X Load Times Fast Enough to Beat PlayStation 5 at Launch? And then there’s the way backward compatible titles benefit from the console’s powerful SSD, which virtually eliminates load times altogether. Breaking from PlayStation tradition by introducing white as the primary color was radical enough, but the curved design is also a big difference from the straight lines of the PS4, harking back to the PS3 a generation before. ... PS5 SSD vs PS4 HDD Load Times Comparison.

© 2020 Hardcore Gamer LLC. The company has even indicated that it intends to support some version of the Smart Delivery program well into the lifespan of the Xbox Series X. Sony has explained that a big part of the reason why you can’t play PS5 games with a PS4 controller is that many PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the DualSense controller’s unique abilities. There won’t be anything wrong with the PS4, per se, but with the hardware advancements, new features and some exclusive games on the way, the reasons for holding off on a PS5 are limited to price, total game library size and any potential holes in backwards compatibility. Well, the PS5 will make that process easier than ever by allowing developers to utilize the console’s built-in Game Help system. PS5 anyone?

If you have not uploaded your save files through the cloud, you will need to go back onto your PlayStation 4 and manually upload the save files. PS5 vs. PS4 release date and price. This new graphics card enables ray-tracing, among other graphical improvements. While 4K is rightfully the resolution king at the moment (at least until 8K becomes more prolific), it’s important to remember that many PC gamers still rely on 1440p monitors as their default gaming resolution due to the friendlier price points, and, in some cases, unique performance advantages. The PS5 uses a custom version of the AMD Radeon Navi GPU: an upgrade of the AMD GCN Radeon GPU found in the PS4. Get the best PlayStation 5 deals before anyone else! The Xbox Series X offers a unique solution to that problem via Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system. We'll send you pre-order details and the best PlayStation 5 deals as soon as they're available.

More important than the number of accessories that the Xbox One supports is the way that it supports them. At a time when console game libraries are becoming more homogenous and we look towards more than just console sales to determine success in this industry, you may think that the decision to buy one console over another really just comes down to a few exclusive titles and personal preferences.

On the PlayStation 4 side of things, you will need to access a couple of menus in order to move them to your USB: And that’s it. As for PS5 games, we can look forward to titles like Horizon II: Forbidden West, Godfall, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Overall, backward compatible games are faster, sharper, and more accessible than ever before on Xbox Series X. But by around November this year, it will be forced into retirement by the PS5. Send me details about other relevant products from Toms Guide and other Future brands. On the PS4, you have to sort through a single menu to split up your games and media apps. Now you can continue playing your favorite games right where you left them off on through your PlayStation 5, most of which will now be enhanced thanks to the extra horsepower. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. That’s a big deal for those who not only own a PSVR but anyone who believes in the future of VR technology and wants to buy a next-gen console they know will support it in some form. The real comparison is in the traditionally odd sizing and form factors of each console. Sony made a big jump in interface design when moving from the PS3 to the PS4, but a leaked image from Slashleaks suggests a much smaller series of changes incoming on the PS5. Even better, those who purchase those titles for Xbox One will be able to upgrade them to the next-gen edition of the game at no extra cost. Some Activities will even track hidden objectives you may have otherwise missed through a “standard” playthrough.

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