Easy, healthy, vegetarian breakfast recipe that contains a mix of lentils, legumes and quinoa.

My personal preference among the dosa varieties is adai. Mullai, Awesome recipe. But this one sure sounds so healthy, and hearty.

Use Organic ghee for best results.

I am Mullai Madavan, who is cooking and curating content for this portal.

Quinoa – 1.5cup Flip the dosa once the side has cooked and pour oil on all sides and in the centre. Now add salt and hing or asafoetida.

Taking this recipe to the A to Z challenge this month wherein we choose to cook with key ingredients Alphabetically.

I hope you enjoy making the paniyarams. But last night, I made the batter thick. This dosa doesn’t require fermentation. Mix well and get ready to make dosa. I don’t see the soda ingredient in your recipe.

Use your wooden spatula to make a tiny hole once the batter is poured and spread. It’s really a great alternative to plain white idlis. Scoop the idlis and serve with hot chutney or podi. Idli rice – 5cups As I mentioned in my earlier feedback, I made this twice.

Your adai is nice and crisp even without fermentation.

The batter works good for dosa, making it easy to spread on the tawa. Adjust the quantity of the red chillies according to your preference. The next day rinse the rice, quinoa and urad dal. The only downside is the color of idlis and the dosas don’t keep crispy for too long. In a broad steel vessel, measure and add all the ingredients for Quinoa Adai Dosa. Tried this recipe? While there are many fans of Dosa, Adai is one of the healthiest variety of dosa one should definitely try. Thanks…. Use your wooden spatula to make a tiny hole once the batter is poured and spread.

That’s a nice idea.

The power packed adai with quinoa ,horsegram and other dals is just our kind of weekend meals.Liked the details explanation of all your recipes makes it much easier to understand.

Note – The consistency of the batter depends on you so add water accordingly.

Since Adai is thicker in comparison to a dosa, it needs few drops of oil in the centre to cook evenly. I chose my key ingredient ‘Quinoa’ to make this delicious South Indian Breakfast Recipe.

This can be eaten with a side of chutney, podi and any leftover kuzhambu or curry.

Switch off and let it rest for few seconds.

Quantity would depend on the size of the dosa.

The batter stays fresh for 3 to 4 days under refrigeration. Lovely share! Share it with us! You can soak the ingredients overnight and grind it the next morning and prepare breakfast immediately because this dosa doesn’t require fermentation.

This month it was time for Alphabet ‘Q’.

Whole dry red chillies – I have used Pandi Chillies for the spice. The next day rinse the rice, quinoa and urad dal.

Then the quinoa, this is a perfect way to use more of it for my diabetic husband. If you are satisfied with the recipe, please take a moment to LEAVE A COMMENT and a STAR rating on the blog.

It turned out great. If you like adding onions to adai batter, I would recommend removing some part of the batter in a separate vessel or container and adding onions to it.

Idlis – I am not sure if my family will agree:-) though I would love it. Here after I will never make plain white idli/dosa – I will always make like this. When you drop a dollop of the ground urad dal batter in water, it should float and thats the right conistency. I have quinoa flour and planning to try this dosa with ground lentils. Drain all the water used for soaking and add them to a mixer grinder jar. Better when served hot!

This morning I made mini idlis for my 4yr old son, they were super fluffy and tasted great ,(he eats plain mini idlis with nothing to dip) he loved it. await your reply. If you plan to ferment, please use it within 24 to 48 hours because the batter turns very sour or “khatta”.

I regularly use quinoa in place of rice with sambar, rasam ,and curries. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Adding quinoa into it makes it even more healthy.

Please also note that this is a basic batter for the Quinoa Adai Dosa. Tried it and was an instant hit. Quinoa pronounced as Keen-wa /Kin-wa is grain like seed which is packed with nutrition. They are thicker than a dosa so couple of adai’s are quite filling. This recipe is ideal for vegetarians who often look to include protein in their diet, especially plant-based protein. Mix this with the urad dal batter along with salt and cover to ferment. A protein rich filling dosa which does not require any fermentation.

First grind the urad dal with little water until fluffy. Chana Dal (Kadala Paruppu or Bengal Gram Dal), Water as required to soak + Grind + adjust batter consistency. Looks so delicious with all those sides. For non-sticky appe or paniyaram, please add couple of tbsp of rice flour and/or semolina to give it a crispy exterior and soft centre.

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