Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes, German Ministry of Health and Social Security. Come potrebbe in Germania e in altri paesi europei creare un sistema di sicurezza sociale così snello ed efficace? Retiring in Germany for citizens of the European Union (EU) and Schengen member states, which includes Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, the process is more straightforward than for third-country nationals. In Slovakia the retirement age for women depends on the number of children. In contrast, when the age of retirement is decreased, changes are often brought about rapidly. If your pension or other incomes are high enough and you do not need to benefit from the Social Welfare Office, you can obtain a permanent residence permit - provided all other requirements are met. If you have been paying into the German state pension fund for the minimum qualification period, you will have also been paying towards your Pensioner’s Health Insurance (Krankenversicherung der Rentner), which covers healthcare costs for German residents in old age. To make sure your family are taken care of, you should draw up a will. Last year the government paid out 78 billion euros ($93.4 billion), about 30 percent of government expenditure, to shore up the pensions system.

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Inherited wealth and foreign pension funds aren’t treated any differently in Germany, and will be taxed at the current market rate. In response, the government implemented a law in 2013 that provided seniors with the possibility to get a grant of up to €10,000 to establish a community apartment, plus a monthly subsidy (around €200) for every tenant.
Construction companies are also responding with private senior housing projects in the pipeline, with even the publicly owned housing company, Howoge, jumping on board with several senior housing projects in Berlin. in Romania women born in January 1955 had the retirement age in January 2015 at age 60; those born in January 1958 had the retirement age in January 2019 at age 61; those born in January 1961 will retire in January 2023 at age 62; those born in January 1967 will retire in January 2030 at age 63).[4]. Getting a retirement German visa is not guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of immigration authorities, although it may be easier in certain cases, for example, if you are joining a family member living in Germany.

If you can no longer work or can only do very little work due to a disease or an accident, you can receive the so-called "reduced earnings capacity pension" ("Erwerbsminderungsrente"). Il loro numero è determinato annualmente, le detrazioni di una persona sono confrontate con la media nazionale. See also: Pensions in Germany. Employees who are covered by (and contributing to) social insurances (i.e. Non importa quale sia l'età della pensione in Germania, nel mondo intero e in Russia, in primo luogo sarebbe utile fare un esempio su come vivere dopo 60 anni.

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