The New River's deep pools are home to walleye and catfish, and panfish species including bluegill, rock bass and redbreast sunfish are common. Occasionally, some of the fish in the offshore/reef group might swim closer to shore and be found where you would expect inshore/coastal fish. Freshwater fishes of Virginia.

It may have been in its present course for at least 65 million years. Bigmouth Chub male (top) and female (bottom). Pages 240-263 in I.J. This portion of southern West Virginia falls within the Mixed Mesophytic Forest Region. southward, displaced fishes into unfrozen tributaries. The Kanawha is a tributary of the Ohio River, which in turn is a tributary of the Mississippi River. Several research efforts have been made to understand the role of these various potential sources of bacteria.


Just below the dam the Greenbrier River joins the New River, which continues its northward course into the New River Gorge. Fishes of the main channel New River, West Virginia. (Easton et al. Dorsal fin of Kanawha Sculpin. least 57 introduced fishes persist in the New River alongside 44 native fishes Palmer, G.C., J. It then flows through Alleghany County into southwestern Virginia, passing near Galax, Virginia. The coalition ultimately chose a designation for the New River Gorge that would have a chance of success in Congress.

Internal development projects, increasing recreational activities, and expanding commercial and residential influences on the boundary continue to put pressure on a highly fragmented base resource. Statewide angling regulations are in effect, and a complete guide to the state's seasons, limits and size restrictions is available online or in print form anywhere licenses are sold. It was beautiful country with the leaves changing color. Photo by Ben A. Cantrell. Part of the Ohio River watershed, it is about 360 miles (580 km) long. forms during the Pleistocene glaciation. Other sources of pollutants within park boundaries include unlined landfills, illegal dumps, pesticide sprayed directly into the New River, agricultural runoff, road salt runoff, direct discharge of residential sewage, inadequate municipal sewage treatment facilities, recreation waste streams, and industrial discharges. the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fisheries and Wildlife A significant issue for the park is solid waste management. Plans had been proposed in the early 1960s to dam the New River in Virginia, backing up water into North Carolina for pumped storage, the production of hydroelectric power, and the regular flushing of pollution downstream. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from SUNY Geneseo in 2009.

Data from these studies suggest the presence of metals, organic contaminants and influx of raw sewage are common in many tributaries of the New River.
Cyprinids of the New World. special place. That designation passed Congress in 1978.[18]. Photo by D.J Orth. Millions of years of available passage have allowed many species of plants and animals to move in and persist in the area. Continuous forest, abandoned mine portals, rivers and streams provide habitat for a diverse variety of amphibians like hellbenders (large aquatic salamanders). The New River has long served as a migration corridor for both plants and animals. The New River Gorge and the U.S. 19 bridge crossing it are shown on the West Virginia State Quarter, minted in 2005. 1993; Easton and Orth 1994; Angermeier and Pinder 2015; Hilling The New River is spanned by the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia, which is open for BASE jumping on Bridge Day. Cyprinidae (minnows), the most species rich family of fishes in North

New River supports 46 native fishes, 8 of which are endemic species. Mayden, R.L. Soft plastic worms and lizards, crankbaits, spinners and topwater lures are all effective, and live baits can always be relied upon to catch fish. [12] The New River flows in a generally south-to-north course, at times cutting through the southwest-to-northeast-trending ridges and geological texture of the Appalachian Mountains, and flows directly through the Appalachian Plateau, contrasting with the west-to-east flow of most other major rivers to the east and northeast in Virginia and North Carolina, and on the west side of the Appalachians on the Plateau. habitat use and habitat shifts in single-species and mixed-species shoals of important refugia for fishes during this most recent ice age. was first considered a subspecies of the Orth, and N.M. Burkhead. Picture Window theme. Since 1987, the National Park Service and the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) have worked together to mitigate the most severe safety hazards identified on this inventory. original route of the ancient Teays was altered by glacial advances which Nelson, editors. Hilling, C.D., Attribution + Noncommercial, Creative Commons.

The area has active rail lines and abandoned mine operations. The New River is the oldest major stream in Murphy, and E.M. The water re-enters the river just upstream of Gauley Bridge, where the New merges with the Gauley River to form the Kanawha River. [13], The New River and the gorge area provides critical habitat for birds such as bald eagles, osprey, great blue herons, kingfishers, numerous ducks and migrating waterfowl like loons, cormorants, hooded mergansers and other migratory birds including the Cerulean warbler, a species in decline elsewhere in its range.[13]. The New River is impounded by Bluestone Dam, creating Bluestone Lake in Summers County, West Virginia.

It’s occurrence in clear mountain streams means it can be seen by the Other animals are found only in the New River area.

Near the end of the gorge the river flows by the town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. [15] Variant names of the New River include "Wood River" and "Wood's River", after Abraham Wood. Those willing to brave the colder water of spring will be rewarded with a more challenging big-water experience. two sculpins, and three darters, all groups that typically have little or no North Carolina Fish Species List. Thus isolated, these animals evolved to be adapted to the unique circumstances of New River Gorge. Continuing north, the river enters Pulaski County, Virginia, where it is impounded by Claytor Dam, creating Claytor Lake. Historic state record Walleye from the New River.

The report also found other sources of contamination in some streams. According to the Geographic Names Information System, the New River has also been known as: The New River within the New River Gorge as viewed from, Shot Tower Historical State Park, Virginia, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: New River, "A History of The Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory", "WVGES Geology: Geology of the New River Gorge", "The New River: Fact or Fiction - New River Gorge National River (U.S. National Park Service)", "New River Gorge: Natural Features & Ecosystems - New River Gorge National River (U.S. National Park Service)", West Virginia Division of Culture and History, "Climbing at New River Gorge (National Park Service)", "Size of the North Carolina State Parks System", "Directory of State Parks and Recreation Areas", Geology of the New River Gorge in West Virginia, Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, List of North Carolina State Natural Areas, C.S.S. and N.M.

There are 53 recognized genera species. This plant assemblage occurs on flat sandstone ledges along the New River and is dependent on the scouring caused by occasional flooding for its long-term integrity.

native and nonnative congeneric cyprinids.

Bethesda, Maryland. Hundreds of illegal dumps and roadside trash create both aesthetic and health and safety problems. Endemic Fishes of the New River, by Don Orth. Right-of-ways are routinely maintained with herbicides application or mechanically treated. The gorge section of New River supports the most diverse plant assemblage of any river gorge in the central and southern Appalachians. Shingleton, M.V., proportion of introduced to native fishes of any eastern USA drainage as at The Carolina section winds through scenic meadows and rugged hills, providing anglers with opportunities to tangle with a variety of fish species. [13], Also located in the gorge is the rare Appalachian Flatrock plant community which includes sedges, cedars and pines. Photo by Derek Wheaton.

Photo by Valerie F. Orth. Genetic marker-assisted restoration of the presumptive native Also, some potential development sites within the New River Gorge have been surveyed during preliminary development concept planning. [13], Approximately 65 species of mammals are known to occur in the New River Gorge area, such as beaver, mink, muskrat, river otter. The New River dissects all physiographic provinces of the Appalachian Mountains, and therefore is believed to be a corridor facilitating the movement of southern plant and animal species into West Virginia. This history explains why the number of native [1], The origins of the name are unclear. New The New River Gorge is not only quite scenic, but also offers numerous opportunities for white-water recreation such as rafting and kayaking. and

Masters thesis, West Virginia University, Morgantown. fishes know some secrets too. The first collection of rudd.

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