11. The Ninth Gate. 3. Which of the following is probably the most widely used English word throughout the world? What Is a Double Genitive (And Is There Anything Wrong With It)?

(e) It can be typed using only the top row of keys on a standard keyboard.

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Anne Boleyn was accused of being a witch - what physical deformity was she said to have that backed this up? 13. 1 of 5. What does the "SD" in SD card stand for? 7. 9.

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Edit. Which item of nursery furniture was set on top of a tree? Do you consider yourself an expert in the English language? 3. Jeopardy RHYME TIME Questions. The answers are in pairs- 1 goes with 2, 3 with 4, etc. Where did the lady wearing rings on her fingers and bells on her toes ride to? (c) In his review article "Authority and American Usage," Wallace wrote, "There are lots of epithets for people like this—Grammar Nazis, Usage Nerds, Syntax Snobs, the Grammar Battalion, the Language Police. 11.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. (b) Published in 1604, Robert Cawdrey's "A Table Alphabeticall" contained roughly 2,500 words, each matched with a synonym or brief definition.

In which film does the famous Marilyn Monroe skirt blowing scene take place? Which of the following is the longest word that appears in a play by William Shakespeare? A grandstander, or one especially good at pistol target practice, Title of the following, it was Shirley Ellis’ follow-up hit to “The Nitty Gritty”:”Tony, Tony, bo Bony banana fanna fo FonyFee fy mo Mony, Tony! The 1990s “Celebrate the Century” set has the World Wide Web; the 1900s set has this W.E.B. )Billy, Billy, bo Billy…” Let’s do Billy!

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12. Which one of the following observations applies to the word typewriter? Live Game Live. (a) Originally published in 1783, Webster's "Blue-Backed Speller" went on to sell nearly 100 million copies over the next century. According to rhetorician I.A. Cradle.

English. ", 4.

)Billy, Billy, bo Billy…” (d) According to David Crystal in "English as a Global Language" (2003), "[A]bout a quarter of the world's population is already fluent or competent in English, and this figure is steadily growing—in the early 2000s that means around 1.5 billion people.". 3. Reddening of the face in the presence of someone you're crazy about.

The Office quiz: How well do you remember David Brent and his hilarious moments? 100% average accuracy. It's high time to rhyme.

Mary. Sweeney Todd. The answers are in pairs- 1 goes with 2, 3 with 4, etc. 1. 2 of 5. Finish Editing. Category: RHYME TIME. Which Italian engineer patented the radio in London in 1897? How many words are in the lexicon of Basic English? Nursery Rhymes Quiz – Pub quiz questions and answers all about nursery rhymes. Wondering how much you still need to learn?

Little Jack Horner. What is Taylor Swift's favourite number? (Pretty good! 5 Questions: Rhyme Time in the Quiz Biz. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name.

11. ... My Last Rhyme Quiz 25 questions Impossible, 25 Qns, finlady, Apr 13 02.

4 hours ago. 1. Practice. 11. The £12 M&S Percy Pig Christmas product we've all been waiting for, Strictly Come Dancing: Rylan Clark-Neal isolating for 14 days and will miss It Takes Two, It's been revealed the show's host has been in contact with someone with coronavirus, Strictly Come Dancing: Katya Jones tests positive for coronavirus as Nicola Adams leaves show, The professional dancer has tested positive for Covid-19, Aldi shoppers are going mad for bizarre Christmas decoration - but others think it's 'creepy', "Three stores I went to today were all out", What life is like living next door to the sinister Enfield Poltergeist that terrorised a family, The ghost is said to have possessed an 11-year-old girl for 11 months, Strictly Come Dancing: Katya Jones shares adorable childhood photo as fans praise her and Nicola Adams' pairing, Professional dancer Katya shared the gorgeous snap as part of an internet challenge, 'I travelled on the London Underground in the second lockdown and it certainly looked different to last time', How things have changed since the start of 2020, Croydon Council bankruptcy: What Croydon Council declaring itself bankrupt means for the people who live there, Waste, education and social care are all considered statutory services, London knife crime: Teenager dies after being stabbed outside London Underground Station in Harrow, 'It was a real shock to the system': Londoner shares urgent warning following cancer scare, 'Finding something early could save your life', The London borough with the highest number of coronavirus cases and why. 8. Take the Quiz: Rhyme Time!. KG. What are the only two double-landlocked countries in the world? The term I was raised with is SNOOT.".

Nursery Rhymes Quiz – Pub quiz questions and answers all about nursery rhymes. To download the nursery rhymes quiz as a PDF contestant question paper please click on the grey link below: Your email address will not be published. (e) The director of editorial projects for the "Oxford English Dictionary," Penny Silva, says that "English has official or special status in at least 75 countries (with a combined population of two billion people). What term is used for a word that's derived from the same root as another word? (a) retronym(b) oronym(c) paronym(d) exonym, 9. 13. In which of these periods did William Shakespeare write his plays? Play Rhyme quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. This quiz is incomplete! Can anything be learnt from the borough with the highest Covid cases? Check out our popular trivia games like … 20. Delete Quiz.

To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Solo Practice. (Pretty good! Play.

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