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Sophie’s Steakhouse, Chelsea Founded in 2002, by Rupert Power & Sophie Bathgate, Sophie’s has a straightforward premise: great food, great drinks & great fun! It is aged and butchered on the premises in a meat hanging room. The founders of Sophie’s Steakhouse, Rupert Power and Sophie Bathgate, will launch Jack Solomons Club, a speakeasy-style bar at there Soho site in December, If you already have access, please SIGN IN, to get access to MCA’s news & analysis service, Apply for a free no obligation 14-day trial >, For subscriptions enquiries, please email enquiries@mca-insight.com or call +44 (0)1293 610343. The fat is also well-rendered, harbouring pungent flavour from the dry-ageing process. This is served with a heavily smoked head of garlic, each clove adapting the texture of toffee, while peppered bone marrow gravy is essentially the most decadent peppercorn sauce – reinforced with insalubrious bone marrow that’s both unnecessary and transcendently delicious. They are an important revenue source which supports free access of our website's content, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. But these are unusual times, so please check that venues remain open.

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With more than 20 years of experience, Ang enjoys …

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by Sophie’s owners, Rupert Power and Sophie Bathgate, and they built it back to what you see today.

hޜ��N�H�_�/w/VtuU�A�"����ܬV�,�"k��j����oU;$���\ e���u���1�k2�/���7Ρ�8vD��$�A��5@0���p�ˣ�;������&p�ʛ8�Ĩ�1��N2`� “When we first opened Sophie’s Chelsea, it was a surprise hit overnight,” says Power.

Tube: Earls Court & South Kensington tube then 14, 211, 414 bus. Ad Choices, The Chelsea favourite brings its American-style steakhouse to London's West End, “great salads, great steaks, great chips, good wine”.

This highly successful steakhouse with a ‘New York warehouse feel’ opened in 2002.

And on warmer nights, the windows open and welcome visitors to the terrace.
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The atmosphere at Sophie’s is generally relaxed, bolstered by competent but casual service. Sourced from Philip Warren butchers in Cornwall, all of the beef served at Sophie’s is native breed, dry aged and butchered in house, keeping costs down. But when done well, in the right setting, there’s plenty to love. Sophie’s steakhouse in Chelsea is one of those places that’s called ‘a London institution’, but then so was Bedlam, and nobody would think of going there any more. ��G^E#,�U��� At street level is the steakhouse, a light and airy space with a chandelier bar and an open kitchen. Macellaio RC continues to prove Italian steak is some of the world’s best, Restaurant Review – Heliot Steakhouse, Hippodrome Casino, View our  Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, TheLondonEconomic.com – Open, accessible and accountable news, sport, culture and lifestyle.

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Set in the home of the old Moulin cinema, there will be an all-day restaurant, an enormous terrace and a six-seater kiosk with an inbuilt wood-fired smoker for takeaway gems, too.

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Try another? fillet steak and Chateaubriand).

Festooned with industrial Brooklyn loft-esque accents, the steakhouse is placated by a cast iron ‘infernillo’ grill, separating the dining room from the open kitchen and displaying large hunks of meat slowly cooking over the fire pit. The West London restaurant's co-founders Sophie Bathgate and Rupert Power will be giving away a complimentary breakfast to 537 diners, in exchange for a £10 donation to "My House to Your House", a challenge that will see ten friends running, swimming and cycling the 537km from London to Amsterdam. h޴��n�8���������)N|��M�Ҧ�k,hilqK� We source our meat and veg from British suppliers with whom we foster strong and long lasting relationships.

Sophie's has an approachably buzzy, accessibly upscale ambience. The all-day venue, run by Rupert Power and Sophie Bathgate (pictured) will serve steaks that are butchered and dry-aged for a month in house.

Read more, Editorial enquiries, please contact: jack@thelondoneconomic.com, Commercial enquiries, please contact: advertise@thelondoneconomic.com. \hx�YjQi�Yy��i�V�ќ�x�\��{.�&2k 盂E�S�����:7/�uU� YY[YE[�]{���hح�¯=x�o�� n�����x����������vկ�w�_˅��Gļ�qy��#�Gg��r�/W/��Ze��j�ˇc��Z莆/�ͯ����7���T!�׋��u?����w��Զ=� #�ypq�n��;ƽ�}�?5�C���~��9y~b,[�q�Gh�N�u��Y>㞞qw�{��c�=t�e��o��jO����ܲ��q�Y^m���D{_�c�~�����ܝ�����[���u�J]lRGs�O{��^j��2�����s�C|�^���&{nv�{��^j�����DズT�.���`g�]0��̥s>M�[?���k���U�8ά[���Sվ�����q{��%�n�϶��=V�[�y�m{��7������}=h��әWW��&t�{�믗�� At street level is the steakhouse, a light and airy space with a chandelier bar and an open kitchen. Bathgate—the daughter of Jeremy Mogford, who founded the Browns restaurant chain in 1973, before selling it in 1996 for £35million—even earned the praise of Jay Rayner.

Slow-cooked for five hours, the prime rib is vast at 35 ounces: plenty for two ravenous adults. We're working hard to be accurate. Sophie is Sophie Bathgate, who is co-owner of the restaurant with Rupert Power. Macellaio RC, with various outposts across London, does steak properly; as does Heliot Steakhouse at the Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square (perhaps surprisingly), although it can all be a bit TGI Friday’s.

Desserts at Sophie’s are generally classic, featuring the likes of caramelised pineapple with coconut sorbet, or American-style baked cheesecake with tart rhubarb.

Yet the comparison is an unfair one. Sea bass carpaccio, on the other hand, featured paper thin slivers of fresh raw fish with its unequivocally clean flavour, simply lashed with plenty of lime juice, completed with a fair hum of fresh chilli. The aim is to raise £53,000 for support and research charity Parkinson's UK. �|����K�M5��o`߼ A recent lunch began with a glass of juicy Italian red, quickly followed by a trio of beef rib croquettes encasing shredded short rib that’s breaded and fried: some of whose richness was spliced by mayonnaise flecked with capers, not unlike tartare sauce. What: Sophie’s Soho.

Sophie’s Steakhouse Soho can be found at 42-44 Windmill Street, London, W1D 7NB. Perfunctorily cooked to a degree of medium-rare that’s actually closer to the latter, rather than cooked to order (given the size), the beef is explicitly tender, rife with the taste of smoke which prevails from the steak’s outer char to its blushing core. �4c�n΁�"8�c� 9�� This winter, hot on the heels of the closure of the Covent Garden branch earlier this year, they open their first outpost in Soho. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. American Restaurant For the more health conscious homemade granola (£4.95) and pink grape fruit (£2.00) is available. The breakfast menu includes eggy bread (£5.00), pancakes with streaky bacon and maple syrup (£6.50) or more hearty options such as steak and eggs (£15.95), Eggs Florentine and Benedict (£5.50) and a Full English (£9.95). Inspired by the great steakhouses of New York, Sophie’s Soho pays homage to owners Sophie Bathgate and Rupert Power’s simplistic yet brilliant plan to serve fantastic steak and signature martinis. © 2020 Time Out England Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. h�2707U0P07�4Q0� Ѧ I could happily eat these beef nuggets all day long.

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%PDF-1.6 %���� Ben and Sophie Crittenden on the stresses and triumphs of opening Stark, their Michelin-starred restaurant on a shoestring.

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