Build a relationship with a new prospect (so two years from now he wants to purchase from us). Are there adjacent or related needs that arise out of solving the immediate need? You can even mention their hobbies or favorite foods for instance (yes, really) in order to appear human. Be clear about next steps and book your next meeting or phone call before ending the presentation. As a result, your introduction is the most important part of your presentation because it will directly affect whether they want to hear more about what you have to say (or not). The items on it are reminders that the producers or event managers need to cover during sales presentations. If you’re sending the file through email, include a slide with a call-to-action enticing them to contact you, and give them your contact info. increase sales by x%…) Sincere compliment. Most audiences will give you only 30-60 seconds to convince them they want to listen to you. Really, it’s all about them. At the very first meeting, you are likely to be fact-finding, exploring whether your company’s solutions are a good fit for the prospect, and discovering what challenges they feel most urgently. Structures of sales organization Structure? So, take a step back and consider which details are essential and which ones you can save for future meetings. Relatable statement; Context; Story; Fact statements; Next steps; Let me explain the point of each part of the presentation structure and I’ll also give you a quick example too. Here’s an example of the SCR structure in a story: Situation: A girl is kidnapped. Today, I’m going to show you how you can use conversion optimization to triple your sales in less than 6 months. It is basically an introduction of a service or a product to a customer who knows nothing about it, or a detailed explanation of the particular product/service to the customer(s) who have already expressed some interest in it. Stories provide context: By making the prospect the subject of a story, you help them visualize your services in the context of their business. Get insights. We look forward to our next meeting. How long should your sales deck be? Situation, Complication, Resolution is really just a way of identifying: 1. Who are your target customers, specifically? 1) Features. Resolution: policies that should be in place + how people in other areas are mitigating the effects of climate change on local resources. … Benefit: reach all the people who matter to you, A 20-slide persuasive deck Incorporable rock-solid customer testimonials, research-backed data in order to teach them something they may not have known. If you are an experienced sales professional and are facing tough big deals then this template is for you. Every audience is different. Talk about what they like, what they don’t. Technological advances have allowed your buyers to access more information than ever before. To do use, that the Situation, Complication, Resolution framework. To that end, your presentation opening needs to accomplish four things: 1. Also make sure to propose, and agree on the next steps. PPTPOP is a participant in the Envato Affiliate Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links (it doesn’t cost you anything). We’ve put together a Sales Presentation Prep List that can help you prepare your next presentation and reach your audience more effectively.

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