Several years ago I finally undertook a long-awaited pilgrimage to that mecca of sportsdom, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum founded in Cooperstown, N.Y., by Stephen Carlton Clark. Today we’ll skip reiterating all the preliminary exposition of that previous piece (you can read it here) and just launch into another example of museum misinformation. Jackson testified under oath that he'd agreed to throw the Series: A: Twenty thousand dollars if I would take part. "A jury acquitted the Black Sox of all charges in a court of law.". The occasion seemed apt for a re-release. And that's all we need to know. Without Jackson's participation, the fix might never have come off at all. The Farmers’ Museum was also established by the Clark family foundation and is home to the infamous Cardiff Giant “petrified man,” a 19th century Historic Village, and the Lippitt Farmstead. Hasn't he suffered long enough?". Later that day, Jackson did the same. Third baseman Buck Weaver knew about the conspirators' plans and failed to report them, but he wanted nothing to do with them. Eddie Cicotte's, Lefty Williams' and Joe Jackson's written confessions were stolen from the District Attorney's office. He's either non-existent, a dry skeleton in the ground, or he's floating around the universe, enjoying the freedom that comes with being a bundle of spiritual energy. The starting pitchers, and the best players. "Let's just wait for the 12th Amendment to take place! This public service announcement doesn't provide much of a public service. Either way, he probably doesn't care a whole lot about having his plaque hanging in a small town in upstate New York. Of 253 Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate, only 14 had acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect a week after he was declared the winner. As David Fleitz writes in his fine book, "Shoeless: The Life and Times of Joe Jackson": Hey, I'm as sentimental as the next guy. Ted Williams and Bob Feller may not be long for this world, but this gives them one last accomplishment, one last great achievement that will land them in the headlines. Just short of a year later, a grand jury in Chicago began to look into the rumors surrounding the 1919 World Series. And, there were times when the fielders played the Reds just opposite of what they were supposed to do. But baseball has marked the time. Let us assume for a moment that Jackson really did try his best. This article is about the song by Murray Head. The Hall of Fame is the highest distinction baseball can offer. In that way they left gaps for the ball to fall safely. Jackson hit .545 in the three games he wanted to win. The transition periods between presidential administrations are known to be sensitive. According to Head, he wrote the song about fallen heroes. When the Black Sox scandal broke in 1919, a young fan purportedly walked up to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and said, "Say it ain't so, Joe!" The court verdict is absolutely irrelevant, and for four reasons: 1. The presenter was asking the editor of a small town newspaper outside Washington, how, in the face of conclusive evidence and proof, his readers could still show such undying support for the president they elected. There simply isn't any real doubt that he both knew about the fix and accepted a great deal of money from the fixers. This material may not be reproduced without permission.

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In the estimation of Major League Baseball, all eight of the Black Sox either conspired to throw the World Series, or at least had knowledge of the conspiracy. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Apparently, it is two select groups. The historic village features actors who present short plays and vignettes about historical events, characters, and folklore, and as toured the village’s early 19th century general store building, I heard the actor/proprietor regale everyone who entered with the same tale. "Say It Ain't So, Joe" is a song written and performed by Murray Head. So who benefits if Joe Jackson goes into the Hall of Fame? For other uses, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message,,_Joe_(song)&oldid=989338857, Articles needing additional references from January 2017, All articles needing additional references, Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1975 Reached Top Ten in Boston on AOR Charts, This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 12:21. His fans hung around the stadium chanting "Say it ain't so Joe". Cicotte lost both games that he wanted to lose (and won the game that he wanted to win), and collected $10,000 for his efforts. 3. Should the day come when Shoeless Joe is inducted into the Hall of Fame, it will be a sad day indeed. Although the pair remained on relatively friendly terms afterwards, Monroe wasn’t present at the July 1955 induction that welcomed the Yankee Clipper into baseball’s hallowed halls. Simpson case and they showed a note pinned to his gate on which was written "Say it ain't so Joe". There are two possibilities when it comes to the current whereabouts of Shoeless Joe. Agreeing to a buy a vaccine once approved is not the same as funding its research and development. The "Jeopardy" game show host's death was used in what's referred to as advertising network "arbitrage.". It wasn't until 1991, in response to the Pete Rose "situation," that the Hall ruled that players on baseball's ineligible list would not be considered for election. It's been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again.

After all, if you're going to plan such a crime, who do you need? The jury's verdict has no bearing on the issue. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. And that afternoon, White Sox owner Charles Comiskey suspended all seven conspirators for the rest of the season (Gandil was no longer with the team). Are we doing it for Joe Jackson? There was no law against such a thing, and the judge specifically instructed the jury that throwing ballgames was not, in itself, a criminal offense. And Joe Jackson was the best player on the team. The first includes a few elderly ballplayers with too much time on their hands and not enough autographs to sign. And of course, eventually Kenesaw Mountain Landis, baseball's new commissioner, permanently suspended all eight of the so-called "Black Sox" from organized baseball. In the first four games the conspirators wanted to lose, Jackson hit .250 with zero RBI. I immediately recognized a chronological problem with that account: Joe Dimaggio was inducted into the Hall of Fame on 22 July 1955, but he and Marilyn Monroe had separated, with the former filing for divorce, in October 1954. After having been acquitted of taking bribes to throw the 1919 World Series involving the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds, a young baseball fan is reported to have said to Shoeless Joe Jackson “Say It Ain’t So, Joe… ", Or as Kevin Costner says in "Field of Dreams," "Now, he did take their money, but nobody could ever prove he did a single thing to lose those games. Shortly afterwards I was watching another documentary on the O.J. There is one, and only one, sympathetic figure in this whole sordid affair. Even our team at Snopes can’t prove if people have gone back in time. A website presenting itself as an educational tool on the integrity of U.S. elections bases its extrapolations on debunked rumors and hoaxes. 1919: Say it Ain’t So The Chicago White Sox lose a best-of-nine World Series to Cincinnati under suspicious circumstances, as rumors fly of gamblers bribing crucial Sox players to throw the games. Rob Neyer is a Senior Writer for Two days later a friend, just returned from L.A., rang me to tell me they'd seen placards with that same old phrase. And there were other things, too. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, and perhaps we should forgive Jackson. A reference to the headline of a newspaper article alleging (incorrectly) that baseball player Joe Jackson had admitted to helping fix the 1919 World Series. The jury did not acquit the Black Sox of throwing games. Finally, they have a project! I don't believe that Major League Baseball or the Hall of Fame should be in the business of placating relatives of long-dead ballplayers. Shoeless Joe's not a god, nor even a ghost. Nearly all evidence that's come to light since then supports that notion. You can e-mail Rob at Are we doing it for Joe Jackson's family? "Yes, he took the money. In the field, Jackson's play was questionable, too. Daltrey's version was released as a single (apart from in the UK) and peaked at number 20 in the Netherlands, but failed to chart elsewhere. And again like so many fans before me, I ended up at the second-best-known attraction in town, the nearby Farmers’ Museum. 4. These confessions mysteriously reappeared in 1924. I cry when I watch "The Natural," and I think Iowa really is something like heaven. Whether this really happened is up for debate, but what's not ambiguous is how much scandals like these let down not just teammates and coaches, but sports fans as well.

Every fan of baseball knows the story. And on September 28, Cicotte confessed his part in the conspiracy. In 1966, Williams used his Hall of Fame induction speech as a platform to promote the long-overdue election of Negro League players. Anyone who respects the integrity of the game. If it were banned, you wouldn't be seeing this message ... "I came for the album cover and stayed for the music.". Moose should also avoiding licking vans, trucks, or people. There's a fundamental question here: Who are we doing this for? They landed on Lake Otsego in owner Dan Topping’s amphibious plane. Say it ain't so, Joe! However, none of them were officially ineligible for Baseball's Hall of Fame. White Sox pitcher Dickie Kerr, who won twice in the Series, later commented, "Our outfielders fielded base hits slow, allowing the Reds to take extra bases. Among the conspirators were Eddie Cicotte and Lefty Williams, the club's top two starting pitchers. Later, with the Sox trailing the Reds 10-1, Jackson hit a meaningless two-run double. On that day Joltin’ Joe was accompanied not by a glamorous starlet, but by a Yankees official: Joe Dimaggio, 40, befitting the superstar that he was, arrived at the ceremony with Yankees general manager George Weiss. Finally, the crowd’s patient was rewarded when the dapper Dimaggio walked to the podium, dressed in a black alpaca suit with a breast pocket handkerchief. But he still played his best, and hit .375! ", "It all happened 80 years ago, and Shoeless Joe's been dead for nearly 50 years. For the most part, these people haven't read enough to know what really happened in 1919. The evidence suggests that the conspirators tried to win three games, and they tried to lose five. His fans hung around the stadium chanting "Say it ain't so Joe". In the five games the White Sox threw, Weaver batted .333, and he's the only one of the eight Black Sox who never took a dime. It reminds us of … That piece detailed a real-life example of a docent’s offering us what was clearly egregiously bad information during a tour of a local historical site and museum. In 1919, a significant number of Chicago White Sox agreed to lose the World Series, in exchange for large sums of money to be paid by gamblers. 2. His column runs Monday through Thursday. The proprietor’s spiel was to recount a brief history of Stephen Carlton Clark’s role in the establishment of the Hall of Fame and the Farmers’ Museum, and to note that after founding the former, Clark lived in New York City and didn’t return to Cooperstown for the yearly induction ceremonies — save for one exception.

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