3 credits. 4 credits. In this course we will explore how Americans have developed technology and how that technology has influenced American society and history. Biological determinism, reproduction, mental health, nursing, women physicians, public health reformers, alternative practitioners. Ethical issues in engineering research and engineers' public responsibility/practice, using historical cases; historical development of engineering as a vocation/profession; ethical implications of advanced engineering systems such as nuclear weaponry and networked communications. This course covers the transition from classical to modern physics (relativity, quantum) and its architects (from Planck and Einstein to Heisenberg and Schrödinger); the WWII bomb projects in the US and Germany; post-war developments (solid state, particle physics). This course investigates the many ways people across the globe have sought to understand the environment and the earth from antiquity to the present. See offerings below. Introduction to intellectual/social history of European/American medicine, health care from classical antiquity through 18th century. How natural/human-induced environmental changes have, over time, altered our experiences with disease and our prospects for health. Log in with your internet ID and password to access the University of Minnesota website. Making Modern Science: The Babylonians to Newton. Understanding the origins of our own culture of Modern Science in the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century. Contact the instructor that you wish to work with directly. We'll look closely at the early intellectual influences on theory development; study the changing and dynamic relationship between science and religion; and critically analyze the application of Darwin's theory to questions of human nature and behavior. Introduction to historical relationship of human health and the environment. Women's historical roles as healers, patients, research subjects, health activists. 3 credits. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We examine controversies over life's origins, the Holocene extinction, human population growth, the Dust Bowl and soil conservation, DDT and falcon repatriation, as well as disease and responses to pandemics. Evolution; natural theology; ecosystems. 3 credits. To register for a directed study, contact the instructor you're interested in working with directly. Find our courses on Schedule Builder (https://schedulebuilder.umn.edu/options/), Program in History of Science, Technology and Medicine. How natural/human-induced environmental changes have, over time, altered our experiences with disease and our prospects for health. Technology and Medicine in Modern America. How technological differences between nations influenced their different courses of development, and why some societies seemed to advance while others did not, from prehistoric stone tool societies, through ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, the explosion of Islam, and the dynamic and often violent technologies of medieval Europe. Assignments allow students to explore individual interests. Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Rise of Modern Science. 3 or 4 credits depending on when offered. The course sections currently in your schedule will be added to your preferred list of sections in MyCollege. University of Minnesota website MyU : For student, faculty, and staff You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application. Development and changing nature of the sciences in cultural and intellectual contexts. Once these sections are successfully added, you will be redirected to MyCollege in order to complete the registration process. 514 0 obj <> endobj How have technologies of war remade the global landscape?

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