EXCLUSIVE: So much for the Strictly bubble! A Density Experiment You Can Drink! We are no longer accepting comments on this article. In order for your science experiment to be safe and successful, be sure to: Get your parent’s or teacher’s permission, and their help; Follow the directions as written; The Egg Drop Challenge! She looked incredibly shocked when the watermelon exploded in her face after she dropped it on the floor. These skills empower kids to be confident in their ability to handle life’s challenges which is a life skill that cannot be overrated! Make Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag! 'I would close my eyes and run,' added another fan of the clip. COKE AND MENTOS EXPERIMENT FOR KIDS. Considering a change of direction? 'Has he not seen Billy Elliott?' That's one way to beat lockdown boredom! Viewers were quick to take to social media to comment on the clip, with many responding with a simple 'Ouch'.

Eggshell Geode Crystals. 'I'm very surprised by the response the video has had. Eight babies 'murdered' by children's nurse, 30, are named for the first time as she appears in court after... Corbyn ally MPs demand Keir Starmer APOLOGISES for Labour policy of backing second Brexit referendum... Criminal prosecutions in England and Wales plunge by almost 60% in the three months to June due to Covid... Donald Trump raged that the 'medical deep state' cost him the election by holding up the Pfizer vaccine and... Australian SAS soldiers are investigated for war crimes following rumours of murdered prisoners, children... 'There's a revolution happening': Dominic Cummings 'is looking for a way to leave No10 without losing face'... How Boris's bullish state-educated 'Scouser' Lee Cain and his 'lad gang' clashed with Carrie and her... ANDREW PIERCE: How the Carrie Symonds Crew beat the Boris bruiser in their game of chicken. The most powerful PM partner in history? List of 16 Science Experiments 1. She staggers off, holding her nose which took the brunt of the eruption, while her father, who was filming, can be heard laughing in the background. The Covid-19 death map of England and Wales: Liverpool, Leeds and Wigan are suffering the most fatalities in... England's Covid-19 outbreak was slowing BEFORE second lockdown but '100,000 people are still getting... More proof England is past the worst of the second wave? Doing simple science experiments at home or in your classroom is the easiest way to teach kids to be problem solvers and critical thinkers and help them develop a curiosity about the world around them.

The RETURN of Eat Out to Help Out? Click on the experiment image or the view experiment link below for each experiment on this page to see the materials needed and procedure. 1.

This is the moment a teenager was hit in the face by an exploding watermelon during a science experiment gone wrong.

In the clip, Ellice is holding the fruit, which has been wrapped in multiple bands, as she prepares to drop it on the stone pavement. She staggers off, holding her nose which took the brunt of the eruption, while her father, who was filming, can be heard laughing in the background, 'I texted my dad every time I refreshed the page, simply astonished by how many people had seen it and now, the fact that it's gotten over 70 million views is so crazy.'. Boris's fiancee Carrie Symonds 'isn't just an average' companion... Comedian David Baddiel deletes gay sex joke tweet accusing Boris Johnson of 'sh******' his outgoing key aide... Carrie Symonds holds the 'real power in No 10', body language experts say: 'Dishevelled' Boris Johnson... Boris Johnson's ex-wife Marina Wheeler says last couple of years 'have been very traumatic' after cancer... STEPHEN GLOVER: A successful roll-out of the vaccine is Boris Johnson's last chance to show he's up to the... Who rules the roost in No10 now? This experiment tests the electrical conductivity of several water-based liquids. Ellice said: 'I was doing a science project for my class with my teacher Mrs Ting. Published: 10:09 GMT, 6 November 2020 | Updated: 12:58 GMT, 6 November 2020. And you can bring that awesomeness into your very own home with these 20 safe DIY experiments you can do right now with ordinary household items.

This is the moment a teenager was hit in the face by an exploding watermelon during a science experiment gone wrong. Website Design By Jumping Jax Designs, Mad Scientist Baking Soda and Vinegar Art.

This is a reaction between Mentos candy and cola. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS. Ellice had spent 30 minutes wrapping 48 thick elastic bands around the watermelon to apply pressure to the fruit. Ellice then reaches down to pick it up and as she does the fruit blows up hitting her in the face. 9 Amazing Science Experiments for Older Kids and Teens. She said: 'Luckily, my nose didn't break, but my nose, lip, and face were pretty banged (red, swollen and bruised as if I had gotten into a fight and lost really badly) up for a few weeks. Ellice Nisbet, 16, from Sunnyvale, California, was in the garden of her home as she took on the watermelon challenge - where you wrap the fruit in elastic bands until the pressure becomes too much it explodes. What kids will learn about: non-Newtonian fluids. 'I dropped it and initially, nothing happened so I reached down to pick it up and try again but as I did that, it exploded in my face.

Ellice's father had suggested she drop the melon onto the stone paving to maximise the force of the explosion, but when the 16-year-old did so it failed to explode.

Science experiments you can do at home! These are the coolest science projects I found that are unique, magical and use only household items. The video has since gone viral racking up a combined 70 million views on social media so far.

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