Technically, this Spicy Shrimp Udon Noodle Stir Fry dish isn’t strictly FODMAP friendly because traditional Udon noodles are made with wheat flour. Zoom in to see updated info. Vegan. While the cabbage is cooking, prepare the noodles as directed by the package instructions.

Reach out via email! Half size Japanese curry and rice.

Fresh tempura w/ Veggies, including sweet potato, eggplant pumpkin, broccoli, grean beans with vegan dashi soup.
From Shrimp Enchiladas, Creamy Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Dip and many more, visit’s Recipe Page for recipe inspiration. I've been coming here 3 years until 9/26/2016.....Never again. shrimp are room temperature and have a gross white paste texture. the.

*NEW* Homemade Udon noodles w/ crispy & fresh 3 piece up-sized shrimp tempura & wakame (seaweed). Deep fried pork or chicken katsu with rice, tofu, pickled cucumber, and radish. To this day, I continue to crave it and make it at home at least 2-3 times a month.

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Kyoto-style seared grilled mackerel with a sweet miso taste.

Comes with 1/2 Kake Udon, AnimaI-shaped Rice Ball, Edamame., & with our new Mochi-style sweet udon fries (sugar flavor). I said what about the other soup they used to make to order. Drizzled with eel sauce. Comes with Karaage Chicken (4pc), Edamame, Mochi Udon Fries, and two plain omusubis. Comes with Japanese Candy! Is udon soup broth vegetarian?

NEW. It’s pretty sad that I discovered udon noodles so late in my life.

This looks SO GOOD but I can’t eat shellfish!

What a shame ! Homemade udon noodles with six pieces of marinated chicken breast chashu-style slices, wakame (seaweed) topping, and Japanese curry soup. I love easy noodle recipes! NEW. For a strict low FODMAP diet, substitute gluten-free rice noodles for the Udon noodles and reduce the celery to less than 5cm stalk (or omit altogether). I voiced my opinion as I paid my TWELVE dollars for my six shrimp. This Spicy Shrimp Udon Noodle Stir Fry recipe is super easy to make.

*NEW* Three piece fresh breaded shrimp katsus with rice, tamago (egg), and pickled radishes.

I hope you tell me how you like it! Cook everything for 5 minutes, stirring often. To me it is not even a Japanese food but rather a mixed of Chinese food which is over rated. Marinated & diced chashu-style chicken breast slices. This aromatic shrimp noodle soup is warm, satisfying and full of flavor thanks to all of the herbs and spices. Original flavored. Love what I'm doing? Enjoyed the chioces. Eating Japanese noodles is a situation where slurping is completely acceptable and even expected to order to not seem rude. Japanese curry and rice with potato croquette topping.

I have been at this restaurant before and it was good then.

Homemade udon noodle with Curry soup & 2 shrimps and pumpkin tempura. *NEW* Tangy & crispy chicken tempura bowl served w/ three chicken breast meat tempura, rice, and a side of our Tsurumaru Original sweet sauce. *Now 8-9 pcs! The udon noodles cooked VERY quickly and were too soft, especially compared with the firm shrimp. I would love to try this with mushrooms for a veg version. *NEW* Treat your kid with this delicious meal of their choice: A: Tempura (1 Shrimp, 1 Chicken breast, 4-Cut Sweet Potato), or B: Karaage Chicken (4pc) & 1 Shrimp Katsu. When I was pregnant, I craved pho (pronounced “fuh”) all.

Japanese curry and rice with cooked beef topping. I got tired waiting and left the restaurant very upset and so hungry to eat REAL Japanese food elsewhere.

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