What are you, 12 years old? Started it on Thursday but not been able to play since Saturday. I never liked the concept of Ur or any of the Tribunal itself....But going up against the most powerful Daedric Prince who represents the very concept order and hunting/fighting against the "Spirit of Hunt" got me really excited. Like , Comment and Subscribe ! As best I can tell: GTA 5 Is A Perfect “Default” Game – Let’s say you’re an average gamer and have picked up X or Y console at some point in its lifespan. If you do, say your farewells, quit your jobs, grab those doritoes and go get it! It Was Cross-Gen, Cross-Platform In A Big Way - GTA 5 was massive when it was first released near the tail end of the PS3/360 generation. This game couldn't have come at a better time. According to Ahmad, GTA 5 outpaces the rest of publisher Take Two's catalogue by a massive margin. are done by altering the existing game files instead of adding new. The timing of all this was perfect as it got to be a massive seller on two console generations within a year of each other, and forced many players to buy two copies, at least. Everyone who legally bought skyrim had to play it via steam. I think Morrowind's emphasis on the metaphysical plot, the characters, the lore...it just does it for me. For me skyrim is a good game, nothing more. Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to roll along as one of the best-selling games of all time. /* Photo Page - LinkUnit White */ Please do not advertise your channels.7. If GTA V had basketball, alley dice, dominoes, billiards, arcade games, and a hundred other mini-games and fun things to do then I'd side with it. (Key word, "good", in case you missed it. It has a grindable, healthy online mode in GTA Online, although you can also just mess around there too if you want. No profanity please.5. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2015, 7 google_ad_width = 728; Never played an Elder Scrolls game either. I don't dig Fantasy RPG that much and never played Morrowind and Oblivion. Here’s the list of the top 20 best-selling games of all time: There are a lot of different things happening with this list, but to extract a few points: Minecraft and Tetris are above GTA 5, and yet they are available on a zillion platforms and they have never been priced anywhere close to $60. Skyrim retail version uses steamworks so every retail copy is registered on steam too. (don't hurt me), So the digital sales for the PC version were likely monstrous or retail sales undertracked for that particular version. People are going nuts for this game. google_ad_slot = "3680238731"; Angeles and Palm Springs area, just with new names. Thanks Going through the Clockwork City, fighting Dagoth Ur your friend and ally, learning about your reincarnation, the whole outsider aesthetic, Vivec himself?! The development of GTA V began shortly after the release of GTA IV, and was done Going through the Clockwork City, fighting Dagoth Ur your friend and ally, learning about your reincarnation, the whole outsider aesthetic, Vivec himself?! by Miles Taven, ... not even CoD or GTA... Game sales of Skyrim will be amazing, maybe beating FF7's 9.72M in the end. fortunately it's still possible via some editing tools. Skyrim might have outsold it in only 2 days. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Are you saying that every GTA story is the same? As Tassi put it, "Let's say you're an average gamer and have picked up X or Y console at some point in its lifespan. amazing accomplishment for an RPG. Since even Witcher 2 sold 3 times more in retail on pc. wow indeed!..my GOTY so far (only Zelda SS now has a chance to dethrone it, but I doubt it). The commands are sluggish and storywise is even more so. While this is very true, Skyrim is far deeper than GTA5, I believe he is just talking about the world itself. face it ocarina of time was the first good open world game of the sort but elder scrolls takes that to so much further that it deserves every sale and then some. The early reviews forced me to venture into the Elder Scroll's unknown territory called Skyrim. Like , Comment and Subscribe !Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcJEuAhMQWIKrXdzmsGCvg/join Support Via Paytm/Gpay • 915-861-0551Glad to be part of Hippie Tribe: Follow Hippie Central to get know real Indian Gamers :- https://www.youtube.com/c/doobielobbyBuy Gta V, RDR2 And Other Games At Cheap Price :- https://savekeys.net/Follow me on social media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.kegg/?hl=enTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kegg89Discord: https://discord.gg/znW8WvcRules:1. The pc sales were absolutely crappy and bethesda will never ever make pc focused title. According to this retail copies sold about 476k. I'm not sure but globally I think DD is 50% of the market on PC but maybe not for big games like this one : too big ? Every Western movie is different too, but there is a limit how many Westerns you can watch before it gets tiresome. Let me explain it to you, punk. And yet that is still just a quarter of what GTA 5 has sold in the 6+ gears. Idk I've always loved Morrowind as my first ES game. The sale includes major discounts on a ton of great games, including Rainbow Six Siege, Disco Elysium, Skyrim, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Grand Theft Auto V, and Terraria. U already know it's your GOTY Carl? Of course, GTA 5's story mode is plenty strong on its own, as well. My surroundings on PC : 100% box 0% DD. I have played every Half Life 1 and 2 games in Co-Op 4 times, there are only so many Co-Op Triple A co-op games and it seems they are starting to die out. According to recent sales numbers, the game has surpassed another massive milestone. That's pretty incredible, considering how long the franchise has been running. As Game Rant points out and Ahmad backs up, there are only two games that have managed to outsell Grand Theft Auto 5. Please no politics or religion.Gaming Setup: Processor ► Ryzen 7 3700x⭐ RAM ► 16 GB DDR4⚡ GPU ► Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super MOBO ► Asus Strix x470-F Case ► Corsair Spec-02Peripherals:️ Monitor ► Asus PB278Q and Asus VG248QE⌨️ Keyboard ► Redragon Mechanical Keyboard️ Mouse ► Logitech G PRO Gaming Mouse️ Microphone ► Blue Yeti Headset ► HyperX Cloud Alpha Cam ► Follow Insta Mr.Kegg#GTA5RPIndia #HardcoreGamer #27kIncoming #MarathiMulga The online component of GTA 5 is consistently updated with new content like the Doomsday Heist missions and the Diamond Casino & Resort. Almost all my friends have a copy, and when I go on XBL more then half of my friends are playing it. leave the single-player version alone. Here in Europe most people only buy MW3 and FIFA!

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