Illnesses like bubonic plague were isolated, and vectors of malaria and yellow fever were identified for the political purpose of public health. However, after the emergence of the medieval metaphor body politic which meant society as a whole with the ruler, in this case the king, as the head of society with the so-called Estates of the realm and the Medieval Roman Catholic Church next to the monarch with the majority of the peasant population or feudal serfs at the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid. 333-361 pp. Foucault concentrates his attention on what he calls the major political and social project, namely the Milieu (the environment within). French philosopher and social theorist Michel Foucault first discussed his thoughts on biopolitics in his lecture series "Society Must Be Defended" given at the Collège de France from 1975 to 1976. Whereas in the Middle Ages pandemics made death a permanent and perpetual part of life, this was then shifted around the end of the 18th century with the introduction of milieu into the biological sciences. Well, which one is it? UNESCO Eolss Publishers Co. Ltd , (2001) Our Fragile World: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development Vol.

[6] Biopower is literally having power over bodies; it is "an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugation of bodies and the control of populations".

55–86 2007, Security, Territory, Population, pp. [42] Primarily, this is the democratisation of Sovereignty, which is known in modern political terms as "Liberal democracy".

In Frantz Fanon and Emancipatory Social Theory (pp. David Macey. But, most importantly, interaction with the social environment and social interactions with others and the modern nation state's interest in the populations well-being and the destructive capability that the state possess in its armoury and it was with the group who called themselves the économistes[47] (Vincent de Gournay, François Quesnay, François Véron Duverger de Forbonnais, and Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot)[48][49] who continued with the rationalization of this "naturalness". Which, Foucault argues, had to be incorporated into a politics of truth. B. [43][44] Throughout its history, it was never a smooth arrangement; see Barons war. They included all devices that were used to ensure the spatial distribution of individuals bodies (their separation, their alignment, their serialization, and their surveillance)and the organization, around those individuals, of a whole field of visibility. If genocide is indeed the dream of modern power, this is not because of the recent return to the ancient right to kill; it is because power is situated and exercised at the level of life, the species, the race, and the large-scale phenomena of the population.[28]. Most of his adversaries designate his model as antisemitic. Grove press. The concept was advanced by Hannah Arendt in The Origins of Totalitarianism and Aimé Césaire in Discourse on Colonialism, in both cases to explain the origins of European fascism in the first half of the 20th century. Foucault then gives different contrasts to the then physical sciences in which the industrialisation of the population was coming to the fore through the concept of work, where Foucault then argues power starts to become a target for this milieu by the 17th century. NYU Press. It also contains an explanation of the term "Civil war" in the form of rigorous treatment of a working definition. [22] According to postcolonial theorists, present within the colonial setting are various mechanisms of power that consolidate the political authority of the colonizer; Biopolitics is thus the means by which a colonising force utilises political power to regulate and control the bodily autonomy of the colonized subject, who are oppressed and subaltern. Post-structural practices generally operate on some basic assumptions: Post-structuralists hold that the concept of "self" as a singular and coherent entity is a fictional construct. To say that power took possession of life in the nineteenth century, or to say that power at least takes life under its care in the nineteenth century, is to say that it has, thanks to the play of technologies of discipline on the one hand and technologies of regulation on the other, succeeded in covering the whole surface that lies between the organic and the biological, between body and population. Foucault argues that the previous Greco-Roman, Medieval rule of the Roman emperor, the Divine right of kings, Absolute monarchy and the popes[16] model of power and social control over the body was an individualising mode based on a singular individual, primarily the king, Holy Roman emperor, pope and Roman emperor. The goal was for African subjects to respond in exactly the same way as metropolitan citizens to market incentives and new technologies imposed by a progressive state. This series of lectures forms a trilogy with Security, Territory, Population and The Birth of Biopolitics, and it contains Foucault's first discussion of biopower. 169. Foucault then reminds us that this anatomo-biopoltics of the body (and human life) and the population correlates with the new founded knowledge of sciences and the 'new' politics of modern society, masquerading as liberal democracy, where life (biological life) itself became not only a deliberate political strategy but an economic, political and scientific problem, both for the mathematical sciences and the biological sciences–coupled together with the nation state.

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