Dam is a Bonaflora 12/0 x RS/166 daughter. RS/415 is Pictured at 5 months old. Find Brahman Bulls, Cows, Calves, Heifers, Embryos and Semen listings on Ranch World Ads classifieds website. was the most superior of the red Brahmans. For Sale: 6 Beefmaster, Brahman Bulls. Juniors throughout the area, along with our children Jason, Jeffrey, Jared, and Jessica, are proud to exhibit their Smith Brahman Cattle. RS/425's dam is Jacaranda - RS/365 a red & white speckled Joker 3/107 daughter x +Pedro 111/1* x HK 714/7 X 5P/757 granddaughter. So look for us as we may be traveling to an area near you. >>Click Here to See 2008 World Brahman Congress Champions<<. The black & white speckled herd bull , FR/706 that came with the group had 1946 import bulls 7 times in his 5 generation pedigree.

Florida For years, the Smith family has been dedicated to the production of quality registered purebred Brahman cattle. Yoakum

Sire is Joker 3/107 with Imported Indu Brazil blood line’s on both side’s of his pedigree. . His sire is the pure Gyr bull Cochise Gyr. They also wanted to upgrade their herds by adding these Brahman bull's genetics. Our two oldest sons, Jason and Jeffrey, both exhibited Brahman cattle purchased from Jarreau Gray Brahmans in Livonia , Louisiana .

We were very pleased when “Nu” was named the 1994 Grand Champion Bull at the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport .

daughter. x Herdeiro 885* x 5P/757 grandson. His dam RS/308 is a RS/329 is also a granddaughter of SW/377 & Herdeiro 885* as well as 5P/757. out of RS/215 a Herderio 855* daughter x 5P/757.RS/412’s dam RS/378 is a +Busy Bee pedro 111/1* x Jumbo De Belo Vale 2644* &Avispa De negro 34/3* granddaughter. Click Here to See 2008 World Brahman Congress Champions. His dam is a black & white pinto colored Indu Brazil. To go along with our new herd sire we also purchased a small group of heifers from the Double J Ranch, owned by Johnny and Hope Jefcoat in Scott , Louisiana . They first purchased 25 bulls from the 1946 importation and paid about $1,000 to $2,500 each. Pure Gyr breeding on both side’s of there pedigree. , and eventually brought 13 of the bulls into the

387's dam was a +Pedro 111/1 daughter. This was before I purchased my Brahman herd in 1981. Thanks to Burt Clem of Clem Ranch for his purchase of this herd prospect into his herd! RS/411 is Pictured at 5 months old.

McAllan Citra, Florida. RS/415’s dam is in the background RS/272 a black Mem Bandolero Rio 4/203* daughter. If you are interested or have any questions, including up & coming calfs, please contact Roland Schultz by email or call (352) 568-3238. RS/411’s dam is a HK 714/7 - McKellar Negro 2/515 cross. Some of the 1946 bloodlines from these two herds were:  Gibinba, Aimore, Brilhante, Repucho, Barba Roxa,  Preciso, Capichaba, Canario, and Gaucho. RS/360 is a Bonaflora 12/0 daughter, her dam RS/288 is a black Avispa De Negro 34/3* daughter. Home » Brahman Cattle for Sale. Sired by SW/377 x a red & white speckled RS/166 grandaughter.

As our herd of pure bred Brahman cattle grew into a business called Smith Brahmans, we felt that it would be important to invest in top quality genetics in the early stages of our business development. His sire is JC/02 a 5P/757 son, & this calf is colored like both his parent’s. 425 is sired by JC/ 02, 02's sire is 5P/757 & his dam is a imported Brazil cow from the same ranch that +Iman 10/4* came from. Join us at these events!

In 1981, I purchased 17 cows, 10 calves and one herd bull that originated from the balance of the herd of Florida Ranch Enterprises. His sire is RS/376 a Bonaflora 12/0

Black pure Indu Brazil bull Avispa De Negro 34/3* from Mexico. Cattle-exchange.com is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. RS/410 is pictured at 5 months old. Approximately 120 Brahman Bulls were shipped into Texas

RS/422 pictured at 4 months old.

BRAHMAN BULLS FOR SALE We have breeding age Brahman bulls for sale at the ranch starting at $3,500. ,

Listing # ... For Sale: 30 Brahman, Brahman Cross Cow/Calf Pairs. The Florida Ranch Enterprises in Florida We are very proud to be a part of this unique organization as we offer high quality cattle and unique genetics with southern hospitality “Acadiana Style.” To meet the needs of cattlemen around the world we have utilized artificial insemination and embryo transfer to implement superior genetics into our breeding program.

RS/272’s dam RS/162 who Consequently, due to the outstanding and historical genetics in the group of animals I bought, I now have Brahmans in the ABBA and/or  IZBA (formerly PAZA) Associations. . Sire is RW New Hope 891/4 a pure Gyr bull, his dam is RS/344 a Bonaflora 12/0 x RS/166 daughter. 1/2 brother to RS/425 - RS/427 & RS/419 same sire. 427 is a JC/02 daughter & a 3/4 sister to RS/425. , owned by Gregorio Escagedo, had acquired these bloodlines for the most part from Eligio Garcia, and joined ABBA in 1956. Brahman Cattle for Sale. son x Avispa De Negro 34/3* Sire is CWS/210 Pure Gyr bull. Throughout the years, and still to this day, our children continue to exhibit their Smith Brahmans statewide and nationally. The Garcia’s owned land on both sides of the pleasanton, Texas. old, was sired by a black & white speckled Jumbo 2644* son who’s dam was a Mr. J Repucho Patton 2/223 daughter. Our children are either current or past members of the Louisiana Junior Brahman Association and the American Junior Brahman Association. RS/425 . RS/420's dam is a Joker 1/307 daughter x HK/714/7, Thanks to Burt Clem of Clem Ranch for his purchase of this herd prospect into his herd! Then, in 1994 we made the decision to become more involved in the Brahman business and we purchased our senior herd sire, Mr. A.H. REX Ponderosa 009 “Nu”. RS/255’s dam RS/204 was a 5P/757 daughter, RS/204’s mother was RS/16. Our goal is to become one of the leading premier Brahman Breeders of the world. Miami

Inverness RS/423 Pictured at 4 months old.

US Most were Indu Brazil and Gyr types. and Gyr types. Rio Negro RS/296 has had 4 female calve's in row 2 are JC/2 & 2 are 3/107 all 4 are the best in the herd. In 1990 Smith Brahmans began as a result of our children being involved in the Louisiana 4-H beef program. HK 714/7 x HK 722/7 x FR/706 x 5P/ 757 & RS/166 granddaughter. Texas 427's dam is a red +Pedro 111/1* daughter RS/296 x 714/7 x 5P/757. They first purchased 25 bulls from the 1946 … Smith Brahmans is owned and operated by Jeff and Tammy Smith and their four children Jason, Jeffrey, Jared and Jessica. Florida Born - 7/21/19. His sire is RS/371 a Bonaflora 12/0 son, 371’s dam is a Herdeiro 885* daughter x 5P/757 granddaughter. His Sire is a Gyr x Indu Brazil cross. Displaying 1 - 20 of 287 . from Eventually other cattle breeders began to borrow or lease the bulls from the Garcia’s. Mexico I also purchased another group of females, with calves at side, in 1982 from William Clark’s dispersal sale in RS/425's dam is Jacaranda - RS/365 a red & white speckled Joker 3/107 daughter x +Pedro 111/1* x HK 714/7 X 5P/757 granddaughter. . RS/399’s dam is a Joker 3/107 daughter x HK 714/7 x RS/166 granddaughter. These programs are based on family values, honesty and integrity, the same principles that Smith Brahmans is based on today. We are proud to say that a well built foundation in 1981 & 1982 comprised of already proven herd’s bloodlines, as well as a Brahman/ Zebu `1946’ historical one, have created our current Brahman herd. ,

420's sire is RS/387 (Anchor) a Black & White SW/377 son with a large anchor on his left hip. , Please email us or contact Jim at 979-533-1279 for an appointment. The ranch is located in Maringouin, Louisiana.

Home: 352-568-3238. Brazil Then, in 1994 we made the decision to become more involved in the Brahman business and we purchased our senior herd sire, Mr. A.H. REX Ponderosa 009 “Nu”. Mobile: 863-670-6191 The Garcia Brothers from McAllan , Texas , Esteban & Eligio Garcia, had been in the cattle business since 1740.

RS/417's dam is a HK 714/7 daughter x 5P/757 granddaughter. And each year we look forward to this prestigious show because it is an opportunity for us to meet new breeders, as well as old friends, where we can discuss what is going on in the Brahman breed. Consequently, throughout the years we have focused on collecting some of the top genetics in the industry. There were 3 cows and 1 heifer, of the Triple G herd that carried the services of a Charles Reid bull, CR Rio Arauto 49. Rio Grande Zolfo Springs 410’s dam RS/329 is a RS/166 daughter, RS/166 on the top of my web page's was sired by HK 722/7 & a granddaughter of FR/706. had her last calf at 22 yrs. Home: 352-568-3238. Listing # 32139665. Busch , We believe that our Juniors have not only achieved much success in the show ring, but that they have also learned valuable lessons that will aid them throughout their lives.

Gardens , and Kennedy Space Center just to name a few great locations Florida has to offer.

RS/427 Born - 7/22/19. In 1946 Mexico Secretary of Agriculture, Señor Maile Gomez, saw some Brazilian cattle and decided he needed to do something to improve the cattle in The Garcia’s liked Repucho’s bloodlines best and thought RS/288’s dam is RS/215 a 19 yr. old Herderio 885* daughter & her dam RS/188 was a 5P/757 daughter.

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