May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, Studio investigation of various sculptural concepts, materials and processes. Students learn to stretch paper and to handle the traditional tools and papers of this medium. Instructor may select from metal, stone, wood and linoleum, incorporating monotype, stenciling and stamping approaches in order to help students develop the knowledge of tools, materials and techniques. (Permits not required for Saturday appointments.). Prerequisite: ART 106 or 205 or an academic art course or permission of instructor.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, ART 147 — Advanced Design — 3.0 Through illustrated lectures and individual research the students are exposed to a variety of contemporary approaches and media in the visual arts.View SCC Course Learning OutcomesView SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, ART 112 — Non-Western Art — 5.0 Newport.

The developing art of Western Europe during the Middle Ages is seen in the context of its political, social, economic and religious environment.View SCC Course Learning OutcomesView SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, ART 109 — Renaissance/Baroque Art — 5.0 TEACHING SPOKANE TO MAKE AND ENJOY ART. An additional studio fee will be assessed in classes that use a large volume of these supplies or require special materials. May be repeated for a total of 9 credits.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, ART 197 — Art Mediums and Techniques — 3.0 The development of a personal approach to drawing the figure and an examination of how the figure can be handled in art is explored through such means as critiques, slide presentations and demonstrations. Stamping, frottage, embossing and traditional relief methods will be explored, as well as use of color on single and multiple plates.

The SFCC Fine Arts Gallery routinely hosts world-class exhibits and lectures on campus. Course emphasizes the formal aspects of composition and the development of an expressive approach to subjects and themes. Spokane, WA 99217-5399, Accessibility | Emergency Alert System | Equal Opportunity Institution | Online Catalog | Privacy Policy | Rule Making | Right to Know | Report a Website Problem, © 2018 - present Community Colleges of Spokane - All rights reserved. Search our site to learn more about art courses and transfer degree options. Visual arts students have a broad variety of opportunities open to them upon graduation. Click Class Search and Enroll. A recommended course for all art students.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, ART 127 — Visual Arts Special Workshops — 1.0-15.0 Credits, This course provides intensive studio experiences in specialized areas of visual arts including techniques or concepts not already covered by existing classes. Classes for Anyone Retired or Preparing to Retire. For more information on classes, click the link under the class column and it will pop up a window providing detailed information, i.e.

Explore Close . Annual Schedule. Course applies to the artist as a craftsperson in the professional field. May include papermaking, mixed media, simple book designing, weaving, ceramic arts, enameling and printing techniques. Bldg.

Through individual projects, exercises and discussion, the student learns basic art vocabulary, compositional structure, analytical skills and professional craftsmanship.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, A second-quarter design class continuing the development and exploration of the elements and principles of design with the emphasis on form and space. Use the check boxes to select courses and print your selection. For more information on classes, click the link under the class column and it will pop up a window providing detailed information, i.e. Learning to create effective art and design is challenging and rewarding. In addition to the basic slide/lecture format, there are guest speakers, films and videos, and one or two short art experiences.View SCC Course Learning OutcomesView SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, Let us help you get started: 509-533-8400, 1810 N Greene Street Home . Credits, This course is designed to explore the art from cultures outside the European tradition such as Asian, African, Mesoamerican, and groups from the North American continent. Independent research and exploration is encouraged at beginning and advanced levels. If you have not already, start using our class search tool to find the classes you need. May be repeated for a total of 18 credits.View SFCC Course Learning Outcomes, Clay forming processes, hand-building, potter's wheel and principles of glazing and firing. The civilizations of the Near East, Egypt and the classical world are introduced through illustrated lecture and individual research. 509.325.1500 | Select enroll or add to shopping cart, click next. Fine Arts Instructor (Department Chair) All events are free and open to the public, Parking permits can be obtained from the kiosk in the main parking lot or use a coin operated meter. Practice in stretching canvas, preparing the ground and mixing paint.

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