All staff and volunteers have to complete Virtus training to ensure the protection of children. William and Janis Robinson Colleen Rock Charles and Barbara Rockacy Mrs. Hazel Roeder, in memory of John H. Roeder COL Maurice A. Roesch III, USMC (RET), in memory of Mrs. Joyce B. Roesch Julia and Craig Roller The Rondon Family Mark and Nadina Ross Mr. John Rossi Dr. and Mrs. William Rowe Mr. Brian Roy Maritza Mayorga Saavedra, in memory of my parents, Luis and Ana Mayorga Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sandow Dr. and Mrs. August Sanusi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Savino Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sawyer Angela and Robert Sawyer Mrs. Maureen Scalia, in memory of Antonin Scalia Ms. Jean Scanlan, in memory of Rosemary and Charles Scanlan and Helen Gill Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schluderberg, in honor of the officers and crew of the USS ANCON, AGC4 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Schmitz Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwagerl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scott Monique Louise Simmonds, in memory of James G. Simmonds Joseph and Patricia Slipka Mrs. Patricia Slohoda, in memory of Ann and Michael Portella Michael and Holly Slon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith Phyllis and Ray Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Soika, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Solorzano, in memory of Jeannette Saylor and Andres Solorzano The Robert B. Spann Family John and Janet Stack Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stalzer, in memory of deceased members of the Barone and Stalzer Families Dr. and Mr. Jason Statuta Ms. Denise Stebbins, in memory of my husband, Philip Stebbins Dr. and Mrs. Edward Stelow Robert P. Strassheim, in memory of Carole D. Strassheim Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Strassheim  in Memory of Carole D. Strassheim Edward and Monique Strawderman Ms. Sheila Stukenborg, in memory of George Stukenborg Dr. Teresa Sullivan, in memory of Gordon H. and Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Adam Swartout Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thompson, in honor of Vyonae Thompson Thomas and Cheryl Thorpe Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Thorsen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tobey Mr. and Mrs. Eric Trebour Mr. and Mrs. Wade Tremblay Mr. John Trippel, in memory of Kay and Lou C. Trippel and in honor of the Unborn Mr. Matthew Trotta Jason and Lauren Trujillo Mr. James Tupper Cary and Laurie Turner Mr. Alexander Urpi, in memory of Pasquale and Isabella Adelfio Richard and Donna Vinal, in memory of our parents Mr. Craig Volden and Mrs. Andrea Mejia Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Walsh, in memory of Charles Walsh Mr. and Mrs. David Ward Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warner, in memory of Marguerite Warner and Marie Reagan Mr. Ben-David Warner, in memory of Dr. David B. Warner Mr. and Mrs.Peter Weicher Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wenert, in memory of Wayne Wenert Mr. and Mrs. Steve Whearty The White Family in honor of Steve and Mary Anne White Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Williams, in memory of Martha Jane Custis William M. and Barbara B. Wilson, in honor of family Mrs. Raymond P. Wirth, Jr., in memory of Mr. Raymond P. Wirth, Jr. Mary Woloski Mr. and Mrs. Scott Worsham Ms. Susanna Wu Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yannuzzi Mr. Michael Yoensky, in memory of Elizabeth Hurt Yoensky Mr. and Mrs. Randall Zackrisson Ms. Cynthia Zazakos Mr. and Dr. Daniel Zeiss Mr. Alex Zimmet, in memory of Mr. John Zulick, St. Vincent de Paul Holy Trinity Conference, Anonymous, in memory of Treasure Gallardo, Mr. Brian Darville, in memory of Lester M. Darville, Dr. and Mrs. Brett Krasner, in memory of Robert L. Laurence, Mrs. Hazel Roeder, in memory of John H. Roeder, Mrs. Patricia Slohoda, in memory of Ann and Michael Portella, Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Williams, in memory of Martha Jane Custis, 2020-09 Diocesan Article about our Dedication. The marbled floor has slight indications of the Cosmati style in reference to the Dominican church of Santa Sabina in Rome. By expressing beauty, permanence, and transcendence, a church building can teach all who see it what it means to be Catholic.

e.g. View and attend this church or view any other church locations in and around the Charlottesville, VA area. In some ways the exterior brick brings to mind the old Dominican church of the Jacobins in Toulouse, where St. Thomas Aquinas is entombed. All other trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed are registered and/or unregistered Trademarks of their respective owners.

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