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If your spouse dies shortly after retiring, however, you're out of luck. This benefit is payable until your spouse dies, or your last child reaches age 18 (22 if full time student), marries, dies, or is no longer disabled. Your Dependent Parents. To enter and activate the submenu links, hit the down arrow. 2. (see survivor benefits below). Social Security, All Social Security benefit claims must be made directly to the Social Security Administration. Site Index | Career Opportunities | Feedback | Contact Us | Privacy and Links Policies | Regulations | Accessibility | FOIL | Webcasts, Survivor’s Benefit for Retired New York State Employees Resources, Pensioner’s Designation of Beneficiaries form (RS6439), Post-Retirement Death Benefit Designation of Beneficiaries form (RS4471), The Survivor’s Benefit Program for Retired New York State Employees, Getting Your Affairs in Order and a Guide for Your Survivors, Getting Your Affairs in Order and A Guide for Survivors, World Trade Center Accidental Death Benefit page, Pensioner’s Designation of Beneficiaries (RS6439) form, damages or losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy of any such information, damages incurred from the viewing, distributing, or copying of such materials.
Your Children, If you are not survived by a spouse, but have children under age 18 (22 if full-time student), or over age 18 and disabled, they can receive a monthly annuity, up to 50% of your salary. If you are a NYSLRS retiree, your beneficiaries may be entitled to receive death benefits. All benefit claims should be made to the Claims Division. In order to receive any benefit, your beneficiary must apply for it. Attention A T users. (If you are not retired, please visit the Death Benefits — Members page.) Death Before Retirement, If you die while actively employed and have at least 18 months of service, your qualified survivors will be eligible for benefits. Google Translate™ cannot translate all types of documents, and it may not give you an exact translation all the time. All SERS records are maintained according to the members Social Security number. If your claim is denied, or you question the payment of any benefit, you or your representative may file a written appeal or request a hearing before the Executive Committee. All benefit claims should be made to the Claims Division.

Death After Retirement. To protect the health of our members and employees, Retirement System consultation offices are closed until further notice. When you retired, you chose a pension payment option. With the help of a trained professional When you die, your survivors should contact us as soon as possible. Learn more about income and net worth limitation, and see an example of how VA calculates the Survivors Pension benefit. We’ll mail information about death benefits, and any needed forms, to your beneficiaries. In order to receive any survivor benefit, your survivor must apply for it. 3. Veterans Crisis Line: This beneficiary cannot be changed, even if your beneficiary dies before you. If you are eligible, the amount is based on the ordinary death benefit you had before you retired and how long you have been retired. Widow's Annuity. First year of retirement: 50 percent of your ordinary death benefit; Second year of retirement: 25 percent of your ordinary death benefit; and.

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