This administration finally admitted what we’ve known all along: They think the Statue of Liberty only applies to white people.

Those already in the US could also have their applications rejected. This latest move is part of his government's efforts to curb legal immigration.

The poem that you're referring to was added later, it's not actually part of the original Statue of Liberty. ", Take a virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty:, Listen to the statue of liberty song, with lyrics from the poem "The New Colossus":, Learn more about the American Revolutionary War:, Learn more about how the French helped the United States win its independence:, Learn more about Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi:, Learn more about Gustave Eiffel:, Learn more about how the Statue of Liberty was built:, Learn more about the statue as an immigrant symbol:, Get Green Card through Family Member Application, Get Green Card through Marriage Application, Green Card for Brothers or Sisters Application, Green Card Through Employment Application, Green Card for Multinational Executives and Managers, Green Card for Domestic Employee or Unskilled Labor Application, Immigrant Visa for Outstanding Researchers/Professors, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence,,,,,,,,
Killed in 2019: Who has been brought to justice? VW says 'no forced labour' at Xinjiang plant, .css-gw44ni-IconContainer{display:inline-block;height:1em;width:1em;vertical-align:-0.125em;margin-right:0.25em;}playFauci: 'We have got to double down' to fight Covid. Have a fact check suggestion? Read about our approach to external linking. French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, who designed the colossus, shared Laboulaye’s desire to memorialize the principles of liberty. He called the island in New York Harbor where he planned to put the statue “an admirable spot where people get their first view of the New World,” the “gateway to America.”, Romanian immigrant Estelle Schwartz Belford recalled seeing the statue when she arrived in the U.S. in 1905 when she was five years old. What is the quote on the statue of liberty?

Six charts on the immigrants who call the US home, Republicans must 'accept reality', Democrats say. Log In. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments in the world and it is a very popular attraction. Visitors of the Statue of Liberty have to climb 354 stairs to get to the crown.

It also does not apply to refugees and asylum applicants.
In the interview, he added that immigrants are welcome "who can stand on their own two feet, be self-sufficient, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, again, as in the American tradition". We are not an empire.

The Statue of Liberty is the tallest statue in the United States. At the statue’s dedication ceremony in 1886, the only immigrants alluded to were “illustrious descendants of French nobility.” The poem was not read or mentioned. In a sense, he viewed his creation as something nearly opposite: as a symbol of liberty spreading outward from America.

The only thing that remains to complete that monument is to put on its pedestal the inscription written by Dante on the gate of hell: "All hope abandon ye who enter here". "They certainly are," Mr Cuccinelli responded. "It's clear the Trump Administration just wants to keep certain people out," the committee wrote, calling Mr Cuccinelli "a xenophobic, anti-immigrant fringe figure who has no business being in government". In August 2017, senior advisor Stephen Miller was asked about the poem after he promoted a skills-based immigration proposal that would evaluate prospective green card holders on their level of education, English-speaking ability and other factors.

Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said in a tweet Wednesday that the French recognized the U.S. as a nation of immigrants with the Statue of Liberty. Ken Cuccinelli, the Trump administration's acting head of Citizenship and Immigration Services, announced on Monday a new "public charge" requirement that limits legal migrants from seeking certain public benefits such as public housing or food aid, or are considered likely to do so in the future. Lady Liberty holding her torch high in the sky welcomed these new immigrants. French citizens, cities and towns donated and raised money and resources for the statue’s construction. The Statue of Liberty —Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. Get Ferry Tickets (0) Donate .

“The French people recognized the U.S. as a nation of immigrants when they gifted us the Statue of Liberty.”. There are several phrases associated with the Statue of Liberty, but the most recognizable is “Give me your tired, your poor, your …

While the statue is now associated with the promise of immigration, its French creators did not intend for it to recognize or glorify immigration. As I listen to French President Macron address Congress, I’m struck that it’s the same day that the Supreme Court will hear the Muslim travel ban case. You can see the plaque and torch in the exhibit if you visit Liberty Island in New York.

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