The label takes inspiration from the community Trey lives in as a homage to his identity and roots, while pushing impactful work through considered design. SToK offers a variety of cold brews in multi-serve and single-serve formats to satisfy those who are obsessed with a growing taste for higher quality.
Canadians can join the conversation using #StokCanada #Movember.

More info can be found at UN-SWEET Black Cold-Brew Coffee ; 48 oz. Brewed low and slow, SToK believes in time and patience, not heat.

Shop Stōk SIGN UP. We’re hyped about it. SToK is brewed using an Arabica & Robusta bean blend, sourced from Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil. Cold Brew coffee is brewed longer and no heat is used in the process, leaving that great coffee flavour while removing bitter and acidic aspects. Social connection and conversation are critical in ensuring men feel supported, and we’re lucky to be working with a brand that shares this same commitment to challenging social norms and encouraging men to embrace vulnerability.”. Fieldwork ran from 22nd April – 4th May 2020. Stok Cold Brew Canada. By working with Trey Richards and Sean MacDonald, we hope to spark a meaningful conversation surrounding men’s mental health to inspire men to open up and also take a moment to check-in with a friend. Committed to disrupting the status quo, millions have joined the movement, helping fund over 1,250 projects around the world. 405 ML. This included 809 men in the UK, 804 men in the US, 794 men in Canada and 806 men in Australia. Through retail, SToK Canada will be donating $15,000 of its proceeds from November product sales to Movember. NOT TOO SWEET Black Cold-Brew Coffee ; 48 oz. 405 mL SWEET-ISH Black Cold-Brew Coffee; 405 mL UN-SWEET Black Cold-Brew Coffee; 405 mL MOCHA Creamed Cold-Brew Coffee; 1.42 L SWEET-ISH Black Cold-Brew Coffee; 1.42 L UN-SWEET Black Cold-Brew Coffee; 1.42 L ALMOND Mocha Cold-Brew Coffee; COLD BREW 101. OUR PRODUCTS Cold Brew Coffee ; 48 oz. The videos will be shared on both brand’s social channels – @SToKColdBrewCanada and @Movember – throughout the month. TORONTO, Canada – November 2, 2020: Today, SToK Cold Brew Canada – Canada’s highest quality cold brew coffee brand – is proud to announce its partnership with Movember for the charity’s upcoming annual fundraising and awareness campaign this November.
When coffee beans are put through the water-treated cold brew process, the result is a smoother, bolder, and much less bitter tasting beverage. NO! The “SToKing the Conversation” campaign will officially kick off on November 1, 2020 coinciding with the launch of Movember’s annual campaign, and run until the end of the month. STōK Cold Brew coffees and are here to motivate and energize. Quebec: “We’re excited to be working alongside SToK Canada to continue bringing awareness to men’s mental health and the stigmas and barriers many men face when opening up,” says Todd Minerson, Country Director for Movember Canada. All ingredients for SToK are sourced globally, and SToK is a product of the USA.

For more information on SToK, visit and join the conversation @SToKcoldbrewcanada. 40 likes. Iced Coffee is traditional made by pouring hot coffee over ice, so the taste is very similar to hot coffee with slightly less bitterness. 1 1A survey carried out by the Social Research Centre (and commissioned by Movember) through an online panel with 5,737 people aged 18 or older across the UK, US, Canada and Australia (approximately 1,430 respondents in each country). Instead, the process involves significant time rather than heat to extract the coffee’s unique taste profile.

In addition to tackling key health issues faced by men, Movember is working to encourage men to stay healthy in all areas of their life, with a focus on men staying socially connected, and becoming more open to discussing their health and significant moments in their lives. Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Trey Richards is a Toronto-based comedian, co-creator of the Random Order Podcast and the founder of 4YE – a fashion label producing bespoke headwear including durags and caps. For its employee engagement component, SToK will call on its employees – its Internal Champions – to join SToK X Movember teams to help drive awareness and raise funds for the cause. Quebec: Our 1.42L bottles and aseptic 405mL single serve bottles are all widely recyclable.

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